Horse naming after purchase.

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Voices of the Wheel
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Horse naming after purchase.

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:15 pm

You can already name horses when you buy one, but once stabled that was impossible, until now.

For a small fee (1-3 gcs) LS can re-name their warhorse, bloodstock or Domani razor in Four Kings at the stables of the Dancing Cartman inn.
For a small fee (1-3 gcs) SS can re-name their warhorse, bloodstock, Domani razor or, if clanned there, their torm or armored stallions in Falme, east of the stables.

Lead your current warhorse etc. to the room and:

Where x is: warhorse, bloodstock, razor, armored, torm.

Be sure to remove any horse eq and have sufficient cash in your inventory, else your current horse will be purged and you will not get the named horse in return.

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Re: Horse naming after purchase.

Post by Elysia » Fri Jun 10, 2022 8:15 pm

I've made an upgrade to this, which works at any of the "a groom" mobs:

Inner City Horses
Ivy clambers up the high walls that border the stableyard, sprouting from
the gaps between the smooth-worn cobbles. A row of hitching posts
extends from the stable doors to the street, and water drains from an iron
pump into a long trough. A few cast-off horseshoes are scattered about.
[ obvious exits: S W ]
An old wooden trough stands here, half filled with water.
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently.
A young man grooms a fine horse here. <--- That'd be this guy, that also holds a bunch of RP ranks related mobol.
Elytest of Andor is standing here.
A young stablehand is nearby, quietly mucking out an empty stall.

* HP:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
Elytest says 'name warhorse Tali'

* HP:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
A groom bows before Elytest.
A groom says 'As you wish.'

* HP:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
A warhorse now follows Elytest.
A warhorse nickers softly and nuzzles elytest.

* HP:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
l tali
White as driven snow, eighteen hands tall at the shoulders, and clad in steel
armour, this is a horse of war. Trained for battle since birth, it is
invaluable for any warrior in the field. This stallion looks strong enough
to fight all day and ride all night for a week without pause.
A small sign on a chain around its neck says 'My name is tali'.

A warhorse is in excellent condition.

Can't do anything about capitalization of letters, sorry.

His help file has also been updated to include:

say help commands

* HP:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
A groom tells you 'The following commands are available to you:'

* HP:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
A groom tells you 'If you have a warhorse, razor or bloodstock, SAY NAME WARHORSE name.'

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