Updated Master Requirements and Remort QPS

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Updated Master Requirements and Remort QPS

Post by Korsik » Tue Apr 23, 2024 2:10 pm

Updated Master requirements. Characters will now need the equivalent of 250 qps from scalp turn-ins in order to receive a master quest. This means if you turned in heads under an old system we will count it as a 10 qps turn in. No change to process, all characters reaching 1,000 qps should mail staff for their Master quest request and audit. Specialty and roleplaying clans will be excluded, Illuminators, Gleeman, Wisdoms, and KMG. Aes Sedai will have a separate set of requirements that will be announced on the Aes Sedai Forums.

Existing Masters will be audited for this requirement. To be clear, you will not lose your master status. We will however be flagging characters that do not meet the 250 qps from scalp minimum in a way that they will be unable to earn qps through Heralds, CTF cities, Dailies, Local Smobs, Nelso, and the Weary Merchant. You will receive a mail from me with the remaining scalps needed to clear this flag.

Rank 8 requirements will now include 750 qps from scalp turn-ins. You will not lose R8 status but you will be auditted and flagged as mentioned above.

Dark Side Remorts will no longer earn qps through PVE activities. There will also be a minimum standard of 75% of qps earned from PVP scalps or TP turn ins in order to rank. No change to existing ranks.

If you have any questions on how this impacts your characters, please reach out to Staff.

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