Roll with this massive amount of changes!

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Roll with this massive amount of changes!

Post by Elysia » Fri Mar 29, 2024 7:50 am

New features!

Everyone loves a bit of fun, so we're presenting the following:

Verin Sedai can now assist in the crafting of angreal.
Exclusively available to rank 8 Aes Sedai, this feature requires an investment in both burnt out angreal, other materials and player scalps, since it is potentially so unbalancing, so we need a limiter to prevent it from going out of whack. It's also once per boot, at a randomized point during boot, so certain players can't camp it.
'Request assistance in making an angreal' is the syntax.

Guard mobs can now distinguish if Shadowspawn are in the area and will offer respite to human wanteds.
Obviously, it's been a long standing issue that guard mobs will attack human wanteds while there are Shadowspawn about. This doesn't make sense, if a trolloc just passed you, why would you whack the lone human in your city who may have done something illegal?
Now, in order to achieve this without coding, we were forced to add a lot of mobol, which may be noticeable ingame. The intent is to fix this with coding in the future, but the time for the implementation of that particular change is unknown and depends wholly on Flash.
Note that this also means that aggro from mobs has slowed down, which may make DS raiding a bit easier. This is something that may need action later, to re-balance things.
Ask Feneon about the details or contact him if you come across any issues.

Gating will now leave a mark that is traceable.
In the interest of making it easier to find groups that are speed-moving across the map without leaving any trace, we have put in tons of invisible mobs in smob zones that will now alert the other side if a Gate opens in their room.
Very useful, particularly for DS, is that they can request 'any new disturbances' at Jerioz, so he can direct them to the zone where a Gate was formed.
Exclusively available to rank 7+ trollocs and rank 5+ remorts.

Yellow Ajah can now use a specific Healing weave only available to them.

Our long standing immortal wish to get a way to have mud tell time on the 24h live clock has come true, which is going to be the start of many future balance changes.

Upping hunters has been on our agenda, they can now climb a tree and enter Pravus that way.

Usually our features are put in in smaller batches, but a team of us has been working on these for a while.

Please send all love to Elysia and all hate to Vampa.

P.s. if you made it this far: April Fools!

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