New Lights Overhead

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New Lights Overhead

Post by plando » Thu Feb 15, 2024 5:21 pm

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, all aspiring craftsmen and craftswomen of the Light!

Under the blessing of the Creator and the watchful eyes of the Pattern, the prestigious Guild of Illuminators is opening its guarded gates for the first time in many moons. I am personally seeking a single dedicated soul with a fiery passion for light and art, someone who dreams of painting the night sky with the colors of the rainbow. Someone who fears not of worldly travel, preferably someone with a little bit of an edge, and for goodness sakes if I don't get some help keeping Teben in line I'll never make it to retirement.

  • Unyielding courage to dance with the flames and familiarity with the concept of "STOP. DROP. ROLL".
  • The ability to sense when we may or may not have started a small fire on some major structure in a nearby town or village and the uncanny ability to exit before authorities can pinpoint the origin of such fires.
  • A steady hand to handle the delicate arts of creation.
  • An insatiable curiosity for the secrets of chemistry and alchemy.
  • A heart as pure as the Light, for only the true of spirit may join our ranks and learn the mysteries held close by our Guild.
  • Must be able to keep the deepest secrets, for our art is our bond and our trust is absolute only punished by death if ever revealed even in the next life.
  • Previous experience with craft or artisanship preferred, though not required. Your passion and dedication weigh more than your past.
What can the Illuminator Guild offer you, you might ask?

An apprenticeship under the guidance of a Master Illuminator (a rare honor and sometimes dangerous position, but a position none the less).
Knowledge of the secret arts of fireworks, unparalleled across the lands and fabled for years to come.
Membership in a Guild revered and marveled at by kings, queens, and common folk alike.
A chance to illuminate the night skies on the grandest of occasions, spreading awe and wonder.
A path to mastering an art that balances on the edge of beauty and danger, all while bringing smiles to the faces of many(except a few local business or property owners, there are mishaps from time to time).

To Apply:

Present yourself at the gates of Tanchico and seek out an Illuminator there in town that will instruct you further. You may also find me along your travels and speak to me directly, that is if I can be found. You may send a letter describing your intent, and what makes you unique, and a good choice to be considered as my personal protégé.

Let it be known that only the most daring, creative, and disciplined will be considered. Do you have what it takes to harness the power of light and oust the shadows from their hiding place, to become a beacon of hope and light in the dark? The Pattern weaves as the Pattern wills, but perhaps this is the thread you are meant to follow.

By the seal and signature of Plando Amoran, High Council, under the watchful gaze of the Creator and the Light.

May the Light illuminate your path to my doorstep. I will be expecting you.