The practice of Faith

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The practice of Faith

Post by Serge » Sun Feb 11, 2024 1:48 am

Outside the village, the denizens of Alindaer began a prayer. A rustic man in a billowing scarlet robe bearing a golden dragon spoke loudly with authority, embracing all who would heed his sermon. While he spoke, others in the same scarlet robes passed out large amounts of food, grown from the successful crops south of Deven Ride. Potatoes, carrots, wheat, berries, and much more were given freely to those who asked, and those who were in need. The attack of the Aes Sedai had left many wavering in their faith of the Shining Walls, seeking something or someone to provide them the comfort that the arrogant Aes Sedai did not.

Serge unclasped his hands and raised them to the sky, 'Lord Dragon and Creator bless us, and bless this bountiful harvest we have procured for another village in need. Through our unwavering faith is it we who are blessed with the guidance of the Creator and the Lord Dragon. When He is Reborn, He will guide us through this strife, and the world will be whole once more.'

Smilingly kindly to the crowd, the man lowered his arms clasped his hands once more. The other men in robes began passing out a books on the prophecy of the Dragon, outlawed in most countries by a draconian law. While most would likely come out of this with nothing more than a full belly, others would begin to process their faith in the Lord Dragon. Either way, the man had done his job.