Elmitsu Makes a New Friend IV & V

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Elmitsu Makes a New Friend IV & V

Post by Elmitsu » Sat Feb 10, 2024 1:01 pm

Elmitsu Makes a New Friend IV: Guild Secrets

Characters: Elmitsu, Plando

Summary: Accepted Elmitsu meets an Illuminator and welcomes him to Tar Valon (she came for dinner, but she stayed for the show).


Elmitsu smiles sweetly as she trots into the Square, spying the pair of illuminators.

Plando blinks his eyes innocently.

Elmitsu says, pitching her voice, "The Light keep you, sirs. Welcome to Tar Valon!"

Plando pauses from fiddling with something that looks dangerous.

Plando says 'ahh, here here.'

Plando says 'light uhh.'

Plando hisses under his breath as something appears to pinch one of his exposed fingers.

Plando says 'yes.. light bless ye, here in this square.'

Plando smacks a bronze cube aggressively.

Elmitsu's eyes are drawn to whatever artifact occupies Plando's attention. She drifts forward as if drawn by an invisible string.

A bronze cube begins to click and make noises.

Elmitsu says 'May I ask what you're working on?'

Plando says 'this?'

Elmitsu says 'Yes . . . it made a little -click.-'

Plando says 'this is a .. device for lighting fires on a whim.'

Elmitsu replicates the clicking sound as best she's able.

Plando brandishes a strange brass cube.

Elmitsu says 'How clever?'

Plando clicks the bronze button on the top of the cube.

Elmitsu says 'Is it a . . . ter'angreal?'

A tiny click can be heard from the cube

A brilliant little flame ignites from the cube dancing lazily on the wind.

Elmitsu blinks her eyes like a doll every time the cube clicks.

Elmitsu repeats, "How perfectly clever . . ."

Plando says 'no no, it's made with metal, springs, sprockets.'

Plando says 'and hundreds of hours of getting things wrong before getting them right.'

Plando chuckles beneath an old white mustache.

Elmitsu mutters the word, "sprockets," under her breath as if she were auditioning it for

Plando says 'it runs off of fuel, much like a lantern's kerosene.'

Elmitsu says 'Getting things wrong is the first step toward getting them right, after all.'

The sun sets, washing the city in fiery colors.

Plando says 'but, it's not staying lit for very long.'

Plando says 'so it seems, we're well on our way in that department.'

Plando frowns.

Elmitsu says 'Do you need help, sir?'

Plando says 'I'm afraid it's riddled with guild secrets and math.'

Plando says 'I think it's the fuel.'

Plando says 'I need a higher quality oil I think to run it in the wind.'

Plando says 'it's just not strong enough.'

Elmitsu bats her large eyes winningly, "Do you think the Illuminators guild will return soon to Tar Valon with a show? I should like to see that."

Plando says 'I believe something could be managed.'

Plando says 'these days, it's all paperwork and management.'

Plando scowls darkly.

Elmitsu comforts Plando.

Plando says 'I miss the days of just rolling into town and lighting things on fire.'

Elmitsu says 'I would be happy to help you however I can!'

Elmitsu says 'I can spread the word, at least . . . I'm good at that.'

Plando day dreams for a moment, the nostalgia washing over him.

Plando says 'I always carry a little something on me though..'

Elmitsu looks wistful too, as if she were somehow caught up in Plando's fancy.

Plando reaches deep into a charred bag slung about his shoulder.

Plando produces three pearly white orbs of shiny porcelain adorned with canary yellow swirls of

Plando says 'From the Isles of Jafar..'

Elmitsu watches Plando eagerly, the force of her attention winnowed to a point as she
ignores nearly everything else happening around her.

Plando rolls the three balls around in his open palm briefly.

Plando lazily lets the porcelain balls fall onto the exposed hard cobblestone floors below.

Elmitsu's large eyes are somehow made even larger as she watches the Illuminator ply his

A resounding shatter of the orbs meeting the paved stones below breaks the night’s silence.

Swirling plumes of bright sunflower colored smoke erupt from the shattered orbs.

Elmitsu might as well be suspended from a hook, so entranced is she in the little pageant
unfolding before her.

Bolts of fizzling light shoot out from the smoking orbs.

Dancing and flitting about your feet they whiz around the square.

As quickly as they had arrived they disappear with loud popping noises.

Plando chuckles beneath an old white mustache.

Elmitsu claps her hands together in delight as the orbs begin spitting smoke and
prismatic light. She steps back only to prevent her banded hem from catching an errant ember.

Plando produces a tiny glass vial with wings shaped like a butterfly from the same bag.

Plando eyes the glass ornament carefully as he inspects a silvery flecked fuse in the lantern light.

Elmitsu gasps with pleasure, "I cannot believe . . . those do not use the One Power! They
are so beautiful and almost have a mind of their own."

Plando carefully places the silvery flecked fuse, sporting a grin on his face.

Plando says 'guild secrets.. guild secrets!~'

Plando chuckles beneath an old white mustache.

Plando carefully pours a pungent smelling powder into the top of the brilliant glass vial.

Plando holds the winged glass vial up to the stars before depressing the bronze cube in his good

Elmitsu's mouth is slightly agape, so absorbed is she in Plando's every movement.

A tiny flame erupts from the cube giving life to the silvery flecked fuse

A fizzling noise hisses as it climbs the length of the long fuse

It starts to rain.

The fuse disappears into the bottom of the winged glass vial and all is quiet for a moment.

Plando tosses the vial haphazardly in the air overhead.

Elmitsu holds a hand to her chest in pantomimed shock and anticipation.

The winged vial erupts with a loud screech propelling it into the air.

A brilliant sapphire tail of sparks propels the tiny vial towards the top of the Tower.

Pausing for a moment at the top it bursts left to right into a wash of sparkling light.

The White Tower glimmers, awash in a brilliant display of ocean blue lights.

The stars twinkle above as if applauding the show below.

Soft white ash envelopes the blueish sparks as they begin to fade and fall.

Elmitsu claps her hands together once more, the enthusiasm genuine if the force of her declamation is any indication, "How marvelous, sir! Beautiful."

The smell of sulphur cascades below floating on the harbor winds.

Plando grins evilly.

Elmitsu adds, as an aside, "And my favorite color! How did you know? Or did you?"

Plando says 'guild secrets.'

Plando winks suggestively at Elmitsu.

Elmitsu studies Plando as if searching for guild secrets.

Plando folds into a deep bow.

Plando says 'this concludes my event, thank you'

An avid Illuminator gets out a ledger and a fine quill.

An avid Illuminator says 'Fine patrons of the Guild, if you enjoyed my mentor's performance, SAY VERY WELL DONE ILLUMINATOR Plando.'

An avid Illuminator says 'If I nod at you it means I heard you, if not just say it again in a second.''

Plando chuckles beneath an old white mustache.

Elmitsu claps again, her delight nearly so palpable as whatever ash the firework display emitted.

Plando says 'Perhaps I should take to the road again.. A hiatus from paper work sounds quite nice.'


An avid Illuminator nods at Elmitsu.
An avid Illuminator makes a note in his ledger.

Plando thanks Elmitsu heartily.

Plando bows before the tiny crowd.

Elmitsu says 'Truly though. That was a delight, sir.'

The night sky returns to its former self stars twinkling above

Plando grins evilly.

Elmitsu says 'I am only an Accepted, but you do have a new friend in Tar Valon.'

Plando says 'well, every journey begins with the first step.'

Plando says 'it seems you have several so you're quite well on your way.'

Elmitsu smiles again, and the expression echoes in her eyes and body language.

Elmitsu says 'If you ever need an assistant when you're performing here, just ask for Elmitsu.'

A Tower Guard has arrived from the west.

Plando says 'well. '

Plando says 'I suppose we can work something out.'

Elmitsu introduces herself by crossing her ankles and curtseying demurely for the Illuminator.

Plando reaches into a charred saddle bag, something that appears to be the source of endless

Plando rummages for a moment before producing a wad of sparklers, wrapped in a blood red crimson

The rain stops.

Plando gives you a wad of sparklers wrapped in a red ribbon.

Plando says 'you can start with sparklers perhaps.'

Plando chuckles beneath an old white mustache.

Elmitsu accepts the proffered gift as if she has just been handed real cuendillar.

Plando says 'if you don't burn anything down in a week's time, we'll move on to more fun things.'

Plando says 'it's best practice to properly douse them when finished.'

Plando says 'a bucket will do, or a nearby fountain.'

Elmitsu looks between the ribbon-wrapped package in her hands and the Illuminator, "Oh, how wonderful!"

Plando grimaces, thinking of a time they weren't properly doused.

Plando says 'usually I have nicer things..'

Plando says 'perhaps I'll go get them.'

Plando nods in agreement.

Plando leaves south riding a gray palfrey. vv
An avid Illuminator leaves south. vv

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Re: Elmitsu Makes a New Friend IV & V

Post by Elmitsu » Sat Feb 10, 2024 1:03 pm

Elmitsu Makes a New Friend V: Poisonous Mushrooms of the Haddon Mirk

Characters: Elmitsu, Zeo

Summary: Accepted Elmitsu intercepts a visitor to the White Tower library and offers her assistance.


Zeo says 'I am looking for a book on... '

Zeo says 'Perhaps something to do with poisonus plants?'

Elmitsu beckons Zeo to follow her.

Zeo starts following Elmitsu.

Elmitsu says 'I am happy to show you the correct depository.'

[To the Fourth Depository!]

The Fourth Depository
A prodigious collection of low, wheeled book carts nearly block one of the
passages between the bookcases which stand in the center of this long, oval
chamber. The carts seem to stocked with titles that pertain to the subject
of botany. The books that line the shelves nearby are studies and drawings
of herbs, trees, and other plants. A few open books on stands have both
sketches of plants, as well as an assortment of pressed flowers and leaves.
A Brown Sister is here, frowning pensively.

Zeo has arrived from the south.

Elmitsu runs her hands along the spines of several dusty volumes as she continues speaking to Zeo, "I think this would be a great place to start. You might ask a librarian if you need additional help."

Elmitsu gestures demurely to the pensive Brown Sister.

Zeo nods regally.

Elmitsu indicates herself with a spindly finger, "I'm Elmitsu. Are you visiting Tar Valon long?"

Zeo begins to browse the books, tapping the spines with her fingers.

Zeo says 'Well...'

Zeo says 'It rather depends on how my research goes, I suppose.'

A Brown Sister leaves north. ^^

Elmitsu lights up as if she were a lantern, "Are you Saldaean by chance?"

Zeo says 'I am Lady Zeo ti'nela Sandorin Paendrag Paeron'

Zeo says 'You may call me Zeo, as you appear to be an initiate here'

Elmitsu chews on her lip, "Your name sounds familiar to me, but I am not as cultured as an Aes Sedai. I hope you will forgive me if I am being imprudent."

Zeo smiles happily.

Zeo says 'I am from Mayene'

Elmitsu 's face blossoms with recognition, rather like an astute flower.

Elmitsu says 'I -knew- your name sounded familiar!'

Zeo says 'I am related to Berry... that is the First, though somewhat distantly.'

Elmitsu says 'Well, you are very welcome here.'

Elmitsu says 'Would you like to speak to Chloro Sedai during your visit? I believe she has been handling the Tower's recent negotiations with Mayene.'

Zeo smiles as she withdraws a book entiled Deadly Mushrooms of Hadon Mirk.

Zeo says 'I would not wish to trouble an Aes Sedai, partiularly if it might make negoations more difficulty'

Elmitsu confides to Zeo as if the pair were in fact old friends, "I have a special memory of this depository because this is where I first bonded with Aelrena Seadi."

Zeo says 'There is some trouble between the Tower and Mayene then? When I left home we were firm allies.'

Elmitsu elaborates, "I do not presume to understand the finer points, but I am certain it will be resolved soon!"

Zeo presses her lips together slightly at such over familiarity but apparently decides to let it go.

Zeo says 'Let us hope'

Elmitsu says 'Even old friends disagree sometimes.'

Zeo says 'It is not good for Mayene to be at odds with the Tower'

Zeo says 'Unless of course it is a blind of some sort'

Zeo pauses in her consideration of mushrooms to ponder the political implications.

Elmitsu says 'I think the opposite must be true too! The White Tower should be a source of strength to the world.'

Elmitsu cranes her neck to see if she can identify the book in Zeo's care.

Elmitsu says 'May I ask why you are studying poisonous plants?'

Zeo smiles grimly.

Zeo says 'Perhaps I'm just curious?'

Zeo's eyes flick over a passage on decocting death cap toxin.

Elmitsu splits the difference between a giggle and a grin, "I'm curious about -everything-, but only rarely does it drive me to the library. Unless I am on penance."

Zeo says 'Is that were you were coming from when you ran across me?'

Zeo says 'A penance?'

Elmitsu says 'Not today!'

Elmitsu smiles sweetly.

Zeo says 'I dont suppose they lend these out do they.'

Zeo nods at the horrfied look on the face of the nearby Brown Sister.

Elmitsu says 'We can go to the reading room if you like.'

Zeo says 'I guess not...'

Zeo nods in agreement.

Elmitsu says 'You may be allowed to take materials with you if you file a formal petition.'

Zeo says 'That would be welcome '

[To the Reading Room!]

A Large Reading Room
The large, ovular reading room of the library extends to the south, dotted
with scroll-covered and book-covered desks. The desks are a dark wood,
which matches the furnishings of the walls and shelves. Rows of pictures
hang in dusty frames along the walls. The entirity of the northern wall is
a large, heavily-leaded arched window that overlooks the Tower grounds, one
of the few windows in the building, as light degrades the quality of ink.

Zeo has arrived from the south.

Zeo says 'I dont think that will be necessary. '

Elmitsu gestures around the reading room's various features, "-This- chair is my favorite, but you can use it today."

Zeo takes a seat with the poise of a monarch mounting a throne.

Elmitsu does not, perhaps, demonstrate as much poise as Zeo as she flanks the woman in another chair, but her attempt at such is admirable.

Zeo says 'Have you been here long... Elmitsu was it?'

Zeo takes a sheet of paper and begins to copy various passages in a neat copperplate hand.

Elmitsu nods with enough force that her teeth nearly clack, "I have been here for a number of years. I think the Aes Sedai found me willful when I was younger."

Elmitsu continues with a smile that teeters between sly and sweet, "But they know how to break one of such bad habits."

The master of scouts narrates 'Wukong was spotted Road to Tarwins Gap'

Zeo cuts her eyes to the nearby Aes Sedai.

Zeo's small mouth curves up slightly.

Zeo says 'I get the impression they have not entirely succeeded.'

Zeo sprinkles fine sand over her copywork to dry it and takes another page from the stack.

Elmitsu considers this as one might a particularly obscure piece of art.

Elmitsu admits, finally, "Not entirely. It's part of my . . . charm."

Elmitsu says this last a little baldly.

Zeo smiles in spite of herself.

Zeo turns to a page about snow morel.

Zeo says 'In Haddon Mirk?'

Zeo says 'Maybe... ah yes in the foothills of the Spine I suppose'

Elmitsu says 'Lots of nasty and exciting things grow down there!'

Zeo produces a credible copy of the charcoal illustraion.

Zeo says 'Exciting?'

Zeo says 'I've never been up that far myself'

Elmitsu watches Zeo produce the facsimiles with measured interest, "You are very good at that."

Zeo says 'My tutors say it is overrun with scorpions and giant ants.'

Zeo holds the drawing up to the light.

Elmitsu says 'Giant ants are exciting -if- you can run fast enough.'

Zeo says 'It is important for a young Lady to be able to draw and paint'

Zeo says 'Who'd have thought there were practical applications'

Elmitsu agrees appreciatively, "You are very mannered. I hope I am not too coarse. I came from a farm in the borderlands, but I like that everyone is the same here."

Zeo says 'I had heard that Aes Sedai come from all walks of life.'

Zeo says 'I cannot say I really believed it'

Zeo says 'I have seen several at court and they all have such poise'

Elmitsu says 'It's a required class. You should see how many books I can balance on my head!'

Elmitsu smiles so gamely that it may be impossible to tell whether she is joking or not.

Zeo glances at the stern faced Librarian.

Zeo says 'Perhaps some other time'

Zeo's lips quirk slightly.

Elmitsu says 'Have you made arrangements for your stay while you're here? I bet I could get you a nice suite in the visitors' quarters.'

Zeo says 'I have rooms at the Woman of Tanchico, they are very fine, even if the rest of the inn is thronged with merchants and the like.'

Zeo's voice has a touch of aristocratic disdain.

Elmitsu says 'That is a very suitable inn, though I am sure our accommodations are finer.'

Elmitsu says, with a touch more insight than she has previously demonstrated, "But I understand you may not wish to owe the White Tower a favor."

Zeo says 'They do say never to fall into an Aes Sedai's debt'

Zeo says 'One never knows when it might come back to haunt you'

Zeo grins evilly.

Elmitsu 's smile is nearly wolfish now, "Luckily, I am only Accepted."

Zeo says 'You aren't going to demand my first born son for showing me this book are you?'

Elmitsu says 'No, but . . .'

Elmitsu says 'Can we be friends?'

Elmitsu tries not to look too hopeful.

Zeo giggles slightly inspite of herself.

Zeo extends a soft manicured hand.

Zeo says 'It is a deal'

Elmitsu takes Zeo's hand in her own; the Accepted's manicure is not nearly so fine, but her nails are neat and trim.

Elmitsu says 'Oh, I just -knew- there was a reason I came to the library today!'

Zeo says 'Perhaps it is a penance you didn't know you were begining'

Zeo winks suggestively at Elmitsu.

Elmitsu says 'I only get in trouble because I have so much fun
getting out of it.'

A tactician's clerk narrates 'Tarel has slain a fierce trolloc!'

Elmitsu wags her eyebrows, but only when the librarian isn't looking.

Elmitsu says 'Do you need anything to eat? I can show you the kitchens.'

Zeo says 'I'm afraid I must return to my lodging for a few minutes, pehaps some other time though'

Zeo smiles happily.

Zeo tucks her notes on mushrooms into a engraved letter case and carefully closes the book.

Elmitsu says 'I am really glad I met you, Lady Zeo ti'nela Sandorin Paendrag Paeron.'

Zeo says 'And I am glad to meet you Accepted Elmitsu from a Farm in The Borderlands'

Elmitsu says 'We are already fast friends, I think.'

Zeo smiles happily.

Elmitsu rises from the chair next to Zeo.

Zeo says 'Then my trip has been doubly productive'

Zeo stands, gently smoothing her skirts as she does so.

Elmitsu says 'If you require anything else during your stay in Tar Valon, you need only ask for Elmitsu.'

Elmitsu squeezes Zeo's hand impulsively again before departing.

Zeo says 'Thank you for your help, as well as your friendship'

Zeo waves.

Elmitsu says 'The Light keep you.'

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