Raek Battles a Defender (Story)

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Raek Battles a Defender (Story)

Post by Aldwyn » Fri Feb 09, 2024 12:35 am

*Posted by Raek in our old clan forum*


Disclaimer: OK, I got in a battle against a defender, and think I it was the best I've fought so far. So, I thought I'd make an RP story out of it. Please remeber, I'm a science teacher, not an English teacher, and this is a pretty new experience for me. Thanks for reading!

“It’s quiet today,” Raek mumbled to Havien after settling down at the market square. “Not much going on around Mayene.”

“That is true,” Havien trailed off. “However, there have been more strangers than normal throughout the city today. I’ve been a little wary of a few.”

“I’ll keep diligent,” Raek responded.

Raek and Havien saluted each other, and Raek continued to make his rounds. While delivering some horses to the stable, he was approached by a mysterious stranger, who was shrouded in a dark cloak.

“Greetings, guardsman,” the stranger said hoarsely. “There is trouble north of your city.”

“What trouble is this?” responded Raek.

“I found the gear of a guardsman lying on the ground,” whispered the stranger. “There were signs of struggle around the gear, including splashes of blood.”

“Did you see anyone?” asked Raek, clearly alarmed.

“I did not,” said the stranger, “but I’d be careful when travelling.”

Raek immediately rode to the north gate, and exited the city with haste. It wasn’t long before he encountered the very gear the stranger alluded too. It was hastily scattered along the ground. There were clear signs of battle, but no people or corpses in sight. Raek, clearly concerned about the potential danger one his brothers or sisters was in, left that area, searching for any clues he could find.

Raek rode straight to the stonework in the swamp, located between Tear and Mayene. Considering there has been a rash of murders in the area by thieves and criminals, Raek urged his horse toward his comrades at the stoneworks to see if they saw any suspicious characters around. As he neared the patrol, he could hear shouts and orders being given. However, it was clear the patrol was not in control of the situation. Raek arrived moments too late to a grim scene. There were the bodies of three of his brothers on the ground, lifeless. The only member of the patrol left was a guard member of elite status, but he was injured, beaten and bloody. You could tell from his composure, in in his state, that he was the one in charge of the group. His head was on a swivel, as he searched for an enemy he could not find. Raek quickly surveyed the scene, but could not discover the source of this dreadful act against the great city of Mayene. Raek began to feel himself get more frantic, unable to secure the area. He then thought back to all his training and missions. He knew his leaders have prepared him for this, and it was his job to take control of this situation.

Raek calmed himself down, and looked closer at his surroundings to try to identify this threat. It was then he caught something out of the corner of his eye. There was definitely a lifeform looking to conceal himself from view. Raek’s eyes squinted as he tried to look closer. The strike was quick! A man equipped in Tairen armor attempted to strike at the Elite Winged Guardsman with his dagger. Luckliy, Raek was quicker. He intercepted the attack, and struck quickly with his axe. After exchanging a few blows, the Tairen Defender fled to the shadows.

The Winger, the last of his patrol, and Raek Rathmor, the newly promoted squadman, stood back to back, eying the scene. “Who was that? Did you get a look at him?” asked Raek.

“It happened quick,” responded the Winger. “but I know who that was. His name is Kothran, and he’s a Defender from Tear. He’s deadly with a dagger, and knows this area well.”

“We must pay extra attention to our surroundings then, as tiring as it may be,” responded Raek. “Don’t let your guard down.”

Kothran snuck back into the area, but Raek was ready this time. He struck first, and delivered a devastating blast with his bronze axe. His brother in arms quickly engaged as well. Raek landed a debilitating bash, and struck again. Kothran was battered, but refused to be beaten. He again disappeared into the shadows.

“Chase him, and finish him off!” exclaimed the Winger.

“He’s faster than I am,” admitted Raek, tiredly. “And having to be constantly alert is making me weary. Besides that, I can’t leave you here alone. You’re badly wounded. If he sneaks back while I’m hunting him, he’ll kill you!”

“Then it’s a death that will be met with honor!” exclaimed the Winger.

Raek pondered this. His heart told him not to leave this man’s side. This man had lost so much already, and cannot defend himself. However, this threat needed to be removed. The Tarein needed to die. Raek didn’t have long to think. He caught a glimpse of Kothran about to make his move again. Raek again sprung into action. He delivered several hard blows, and was able to knock Kothran to the ground. The defender fled again, having failed with his stab. This time, Raek sprung after him. He caught up to him quickly, delivering another blow. Again, Kothran fled. Raek was determined to not let him get away this time. He could not let him escape. After several bouts of this action, Raek delivered a slash with his axe that met its mark, and critically wounded Kothran. Before Raek could deliver the final, and decisive blow, Kothran again managed to flee from the battle.

Raek watched as Kothran fled again, this time toward Tear. He wanted to continue the chase, but had run himself near haggard. Chasing an opponent that’s able to run through the shadows is tiring, and Raek had been trying to notice everything, while chasing at the same time. Kothran had gotten away, but had also failed to finish the job against the Mayene patrol. While Raek wished he’d finished the dirty Tairen off, he had a satisfied look on his face. He had managed to protect the life of his brother, and drive the threat away from Mayene.

Raek returned to the last Winger. They looked at each other, stood up as straight as possible and saluted. With a gliimmer of a smile, and a nod of the head, Raek returned to Mayene.