A Letter to Queen Tenobia si Bashere Kazadi

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A Letter to Queen Tenobia si Bashere Kazadi

Post by Lyam » Sat Dec 30, 2023 4:19 pm

Letter to Queen Tenobia si Bashere Kazadi, Shield of the North and Sword of the Blightborder, High Seat of House Kazadi, Lady of Shahayni, Asnelle, Kunwar, and Ganai:

Your Illumined Majesty,

I write to you with the fervor of a heart committed to the Light and the undying loyalty that binds a Knight Banneret to the throne of Saldaea. With the blessings of the Light, I embarked on the perilous mission you entrusted me with—to strike deep into the heart of the Dark Fort and cleanse it of the Shadow's vile presence. In this endeavor, I was not alone, for allies of great skill and courage joined me in the name of the Light.

In Maradon we gathered, a fellowship bound by purpose and the unyielding commitment to the Light. We were ready to ride into the heart of the Dark Fort, the fortress of the Shadow. We rode south to the portal stone in the Great Forest, a strategic asset to strike deep into the heart of the Blight without alerting Shadoweyes. The portal stone hummed with ancient power as we traversed realms unknown. Emerging on the northern fringes of the Blight, we rode towards the ominous silhouette of the Dark Fort, our destination veiled in shadows.

The initial skirmishes within the fortress were swift and brutal. Absalom, the unaffiliated warrior, engaged the Ko'bal assassins with raw ferocity, his every strike a deadly dance of unbridled strength. Battle cries echoed through the corridors, inspiring those around him with a contagious fervor.

Lord Ted, the blademaster and Lieutenant of the Shienaran Lancers, carved a path through the shadowspawn ranks with deadly precision. In a pivotal moment, he faced off against a Myrddraal, the clash of steel against Shadowspawn steel reverberating through the fortress.

Asahel, the Gaidin Warder, moved with otherworldly agility, his bond with Auriona, an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah, evident in their synchronized movements. In a breathtaking display, Asahel engaged multiple shadowspawn simultaneously, his blades dancing with the grace born of the Warder's bond.

Penzei, another Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah, wove intricate Healing threads amidst the chaos. In a critical moment, she shielded our group from a barrage of dark weaves, her mastery over the One Power saving lives in the throes of battle.

Lady Auriona, her Aes Sedai companion, stood at the forefront of the channeling onslaught. Threads of Air, Fire, and Spirit danced around her as she unleashed destructive weaves upon the shadowspawn. In a particularly intense moment, she called upon the Power to create a barrier that shielded our group from an oncoming onslaught.

Lady Tolza, an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah, displayed remarkable versatility in her use of the One Power. She alternated between offensive and defensive weaves, adapting to the shifting demands of the battlefield. In a pivotal moment, she channeled a powerful burst of Air to knock back a group of advancing Trollocs.

Master Plando, the Illuminator, proved invaluable in the labyrinthine corridors of the Dark Fort. With a deft touch, he ignited pockets of darkness, revealing hidden traps and concealed enemies. His expertise in explosives also came to the fore when he neutralized a particularly stubborn group of Trollocs.

Lona, the Tower Accepted, may have been inexperienced, but her spirit burned bright. In a daring move, she drew upon the One Power to create a blinding flash of light, disorienting a pack of Myrddraal and allowing the warriors to strike with deadly precision.

Yaerin, the Sun Captain, exhibited a fearless charge into the heart of battle. In a moment of almost madness, he engaged a group of Draghkar single-handedly, his voulge a blur as he fought off the winged creatures with unmatched determination.

Valuna, the Tower Accepted, played a crucial role in the unfolding drama within the Dark Fort. In the heat of battle, she channeled the One Power with finesse, utilizing weaves of Water and Air to complement the efforts of her fellow Aes Sedai.

Lord Finan, wielder of the ancient greatsword, Justice, led the second group, displaying strategic acumen and blademaster prowess that complemented Asahel's dance with lethal precision.

The battles within the Dark Fort were relentless, each member of our fellowship contributing their unique skills to the collective effort. Absalom's unyielding strength, Ted's mastery of the blade, Asahel's otherworldly agility, Penzei and Auriona's command over the One Power, Tolza's versatile channeling, Plando's illuminating expertise, Lona's bold use of the One Power, Yaerin's fearless charges, Valuna's precise control over the elements—every moment etched into the tapestry of our shared quest.

As the Shadowspawn leaders fell beneath our combined might, the fortress echoed with the resounding triumph of the Light. The Dark Fort had been cleansed, and the alliance of disparate warriors, the Borderguards, Aes Sedai, and adventurers stood united against the encroaching darkness.

We regrouped in Maradon, our spirits weary but unbroken. From there, our journey led us to Fal Dara, where Plando, the Illuminator, led a celebration in honor of our victory. Fireworks painted the night sky, a dazzling display that mirrored the brilliance of our triumph over the forces of the Shadow.

Amidst the revelry, my duties as Knight Banneret called. I left the celebrations with one last task—to leave a message and a reminder of our victory in front of the Ruined Keep. It was a message to the Dark One, a proclamation that the Blight would encroach upon Saldaea no more. The Light would no longer yield an inch.

In your honor,

Lyam Gallagher, Knight Banneret