Talk of travel, trollocs, and taxes. --&RPaward

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Talk of travel, trollocs, and taxes. --&RPaward

Post by Ylsa » Tue Nov 21, 2023 4:56 am

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Total: 5 qps, Arturius also awarded.


Ylsa meets Arturius at the Tower Square at the end of a long day of trading. After talking there and observing the life around, they move to a nearby tavern to continue a discussion about absolutely everything over some wine and beer.

PoV: Ylsa
Main characters: Arturius and Ylsa
side: many passerbyes, mostly mobs.

Tower Square
This side of the square is the southern section of the Tower Square.
In the center is the walled off White Tower. To the south a large
boulevard opens up leading to the Southharbor. To the north you see
the southern gate of the Tower grounds. The square continues east
and west.
A large banner rests here, depicting a map of Tar Valon.
[ obvious exits: N E S W ]
A marble bench, flecked with gold and bronze, adorns the floor.
An oil lamp, set in a steel cage, hangs from a high wooden pole.
An elaborately sculpted marble fountain splashes merrily.
A stout wooden barrel stands nearby.
Arturius of the Perfumed Quarter is standing here.
A draft horse is here.

Arturius is in excellent condition.

Arturius is using:
<held> a dented tankard
<worn on head> a full metal helmet and visor
<worn around neck> a torc of gleaming steel
<worn around neck> a torc of gleaming steel
<worn about body> an earthen brown mantle
<slung on back> a backpack
<worn on hands> a pair of heavy metal gauntlets
<worn around wrist> a sungwood bracelet
<worn around wrist> a sungwood bracelet
<wielded two-handed> a pair of gold-hilted hooked swords
<worn on legs> a pair of ebony-steel plate greaves
<worn on feet> a pair of thick metal boots

Arturius says ''lo!'

Arturius of the Perfumed Quarter is a human.

Arturius looks at you.

Ylsa says 'Good evening'

Arturius says 'How ye be doin' tonight?'

Ylsa says 'Quite well, just running some errands... a merchant's life is rarely relaxing.'

Ylsa smile at Arturius.

The fountain splashes merrily, light sparkling beautifully on the surface of the water.

Ylsa says'And how about you?'

Arturius says 'I cannot complain. Maybe the bloody snow. Bit too cold for me own taste, but I do be havin' a mug of beer here, aye.'

Arturius stops using a dented tankard.

Arturius sips from his tankard.

Ylsa nods in agreement.

Arturius sits down on a bench.
Arturius swings a pair of gold-hilted hooked swords smoothly, Folding the Fan.

Ylsa says 'Some hot spiced wine wouldn't be bad in this weather'

Arturius grabs a dented tankard.

The sun sets, washing the city in fiery colors.

Arturius says 'Aye, that do be soundin' like a treat.'

Arturius says 'I do be wonderin' what do be going on in Caemlyn.'

The Caemlyn city alarm sounds loudly in the distance.

Arturius says 'Shadowspawn maybe?'

Thin fog leaves the mouths of eveyone present as they speak.

Ylsa says 'I was just there, seemed pretty calm. Things change quickly'

Arturius says 'Aye, that do be true.'

The Caemlyn city alarm sounds loudly in the distance.

Arturius says ''specially in this turning of the Wheel.'

Ylsa chuckles politely.

The night has begun.

Arturius says 'Some do be sayin' the end do be nigh.'

The fountain splashes merrily, light sparkling beautifully on the surface of the water.

Ylsa says 'Can you compare against the other turnings?'

Ylsa peers closely at Arturius, trying to figure him out.

Arturius says 'Nay'

The TarlomensGate closes quietly.

A Tower Guard has arrived from the west.

Arturius says 'Nay, but a guess I suppose'

Ylsa says 'The end may be nigh, but that is not a reason to act like fools, if you ask me.'

Arturius says 'If this did be the golden age, with golden spokes and rivers of beer as I did be understandin' it did be a utopia of sorts...'

A city lamplighter has arrived from the west.

A city lamplighter lights a streetlamp.
A city lamplighter leaves east.

Ylsa says 'A river of beer! You have strange ideas of golden ages.'

A Tower Guard leaves west.

Arturius says 'Then there would no be dreadlords running amok nor lurks prowling the night'

Arturius says 'Armies of trollocs far in the south...'

Ylsa says 'I dream of living in the times of Hawkwing, when a merchant could safely cross the
continent, never bothered!'

Ylsa says 'But every golden age comes to an end, I certainly wouldn't want to live that end.'

Arturius pauses, thinking of Ylsa's comment for a moment.

A Tower Guard has arrived from the west.

Ylsa nods at Arturius.

Arturius says 'Well, if you ever do be wantin' an escort or a guard or some such, I do be wantin' to extend my sword as services.'

Ylsa nods in agreement.

Ylsa says 'I will keep you on mind. Is guarding merchants your main profession?'

Arturius says 'I have been travelin' these lands, far and wide, to and fro, and do be knowin' a lot of the lay of it'

Arturius says 'Nay, I am but a sword for hire'

Arturius says 'I do be guessin' you could say it do be my main profession. But my services do be for whoever be payin' the gold coins that do be fundin' my steak and ale.'

Arturius says 'Of course I do not be one of those cut throat turn coat mercenaries'

Ylsa says 'Well, if you care so much about protecting us from the end, represented by trollocs, perhaps you should get hired in the north. THe armies are always looking for more swords.'

Ylsa smiles at Arturius.

A local woman has arrived from the east.

A smartly dressed man has arrived from the west.

Arturius says 'If you do be givin' me a job and do be payin' me and do be treatin' me well enough for this ragged man, I will be seein' to it that the job do be finished. '

Arturius says 'Aye, I thought about it. But it do not be for me, I think.'

Arturius says 'Too cold.'

Ylsa says 'Well, I am not sure I can offer your services, unless I have something bigger to transport. I usually have to rely just on my own dagger and not being too noticeable. You know, the Kandori taxes aren't exactly low!'

Arturius grins evilly.

A local woman leaves east.

Ylsa says 'But it may come time for your services. May I recommend you to a friend or two?'

A Tower Guard leaves west.
A smartly dressed man leaves west.

Arturius says 'Aye, of course.'

Brendec has arrived from the south, riding a wild stallion.

Brendec calls for the TarlomensGate to be opened.
The TarlomensGate is opened from the other side.

Brendec leaves north riding a wild stallion.

Ylsa says 'Tell me, where have you recently traveled? What news in the world? One merchant cannot cover it all.'

The TarlomensGate closes quietly.

Ylsa says 'And let me buy you a beer!'

The Tremalking Splice
The room is dim and filled with pungent tabac smoke. Off in the dark
corners, a group of people can be seen squatting down on the ground.
Only muttering and repeated clattering of dice emanate out from the
corner, otherwise everyone in here seems to keep to themselves. Those
sitting at tables in the center and others at the bar seem intent on
drinking as much as possible.
A small sign hangs from the wall.
[ obvious exits: N ]4598
Door north: Woodendoor
A long wooden table offers room for patrons.
A man gambles away his purse.
A gleeman is here, playing a lute.
A sullen man is hunched over a tankard, sipping his ale.
A bartender serves customers with a greedy smile.
A merchant guard eyes you warily, intent on keeping order.
A merchant guard eyes you warily, intent on keeping order.

Ylsa looks at the menu.

Arturius has arrived from the north.

A Tower Guard has arrived from the north.
Arturius closes the woodendoor.

Ylsa buys some drinks.

Ylsa gives a dented tankard to Arturius.

Ylsa sips from a cup.
It tastes like hot, bitter tea.

Ylsa says 'No mulled wine here. What tavern is this'

Ylsa mutters in disgust.

Arturius sits at a rickety wooden table, next to some men playing cards.

Arturius says 'Blood and ashes, I did be forgeting my money.'

Ylsa glances at the card players and sits at the table too.

Ylsa says 'I did not.'

Arturius says 'The bartender do be havin' goblets of mulled wine.'

Ylsa grin at Arturius.

Ylsa says 'Not that I carry a lot.'

Ylsa looks at the menu more carefully.

Ylsa buys a goblet
A bartender tells you 'Just yell for me when you need another.'
You now have a wooden goblet.
A bartender puts some coins in a small purse.

Ylsa sips from her goblet
It tastes like mulled wine.

Ylsa says 'Why did he not tell me earlier?'

Arturius says 'Well, you do be a merchant. If you did no have much money I would be thinkin' ye would be not a good one.'

Arturius throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Ylsa says 'I do not look THAT young.'

Ylsa nod in agreement.

Arturius says 'Anyway, back to what I was sayin'... I do be stayin' in Tar Valon most recently. I do confess I have been sleepin' for a spell.'

Ylsa arches an eyebrow.

Arturius says 'I was an orphan in Illian, and had to do a thing or two to survive.'

Ylsa nods in agreement.

Ylsa says 'A beautiful city... as long as you have coins.'

Arturius says 'I do be likin' the water, the sea. It do be callin' out to me. I did travel to Tear, but did no like it. Something about the smell. Rotten fish!'

Ylsa nods in agreement.

Ylsa says 'Tear requires some stomach in the hot days.'

Arturius nods in agreement.

Arturius says 'And when the rainy season do be comin', the streets of the Chalme do be impossible to

Ylsa falls down laughing.

Arturius says 'Ye best bet is not to be wearin' yer fine boots them days...'

Arturius chuckles politely.

Ylsa says 'Very true... but sometimes you can navigate by the smell! At least to know whether you're
getting near the river or away from it.'

Arturius says 'The Tairens do be wearin' wooden shoes o'er their own.'

Ylsa nods in agreement.

Ylsa says 'Yep, not a very profitable trade, truth be told. Zero interest in the other cities, even
though Tanchico is just as far from clean as Tear these days.'

Arturius says 'I suppose that do be the best way to avoid the mud. But what I do no understand is that they do no keep their own shoes. Many a man do be goin' into the shop in one pair, takin' 'em off and do be leavin' with someone else's!'

Ylsa nods in agreement.

Arturius says 'Aye, but Tanchico do be havin' charm, and a lot less stuffy noblemen'

Ylsa says 'Yes, I cannot understand how their shoe makers stay in business.'

Ylsa nods at Arturius.

Ylsa says 'Unless you also count the Seanchan ones.'

Arturius says 'The Seanchan always do be good for a brawl.'

Ylsa nods at Artorius.

Arturius says 'Ye don't see many of them 'round nowadays, it seems'

Ylsa says 'And they have coin. They just tend to have a bit different ideas about payments and prices .'

Arturius says 'Do it be true that they do be descendants of Hawkwing?'

Ylsa says'The less, the better, if you ask me. If the end is nigh, as you said, we don't need that sort of trouble.'

Ylsa shrugs.

Ylsa says 'What does it matter really?'

Arturius shrugs helplessly.

Ylsa says 'They have a Hawkwing descendant down in Mayene, does it really make a difference compared
to all the other nobles?'

Ylsa sips from her goblet.

Arturius says 'It do be just an idle thought. They do be certainly followin' in his footsteps. Tryin' to conquer the whole world, and they do be makin' sure you can sell yer wares, aye?'

Arturius says 'I heard they take oaths serious in their people. Did ye ever run into one? Did yehave to swear somethin' to 'em?'

Ylsa says 'Well, gold is gold, but I somehow struggle dealing with people, who do that much kneeling, let alone keeping women collared.'

Ylsa shivers.

Ylsa says "I have... encountered them.'

Ylsa says 'I though I could just swear for business purposes. Light, I was wrong.'

Ylsa says 'I nearly didn't get out of their hands.'

Ylsa pales.

Ylsa says 'They are thorough. Too much.'

Ylsa says 'You know, I think good government is about balance.'

Ylsa says 'Be too lenient or lazy, and the country will crumble under your hands.'

Arturius says 'Aye, Murandy do be a mess.'

* HP:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >

Arturius chuckles politely.

Ylsa says 'Be too thorough, too strict, and we may not even need Tarmon Gaidon to suffer.'

Arturius says 'I do be havin' a theory on that. Ye let the smallest group of folks that can be handlin' the problem have at it.'

Ylsa sips from a goblet
It tastes like mulled wine.

Ylsa says 'TARMON GAIDON??!!'

Ylsa falls down laughing.

Arturius says 'Oh, nay'

Arturius says 'I do be talkin' about governance and such'

Ylsa says 'No, my friend, I believe the smallest group will be the whole world at that point.'

Ylsa says 'Ah, governance'

Ylsa says 'Well, but then we are all stuck following the small group, in good and in bad times. '

Arturius says 'Some man in a tower in a city, should no be decidin' how much grain the common farmer do be plantin''

Arturius says 'Unless that man do be a farmer, most of those types do be too high in the clouds, both literally and figuratively, to be knowin' what be happenin' at ground zero'

A bartender tells you 'Just yell for me when you need another.'
You now have a choice steak.
A bartender puts some coins in a small purse.

Ylsa gives a choice steak to Arturius.

Arturius eats a choice steak.

Arturius says 'MMm'

Arturius says 'That do be a good steak. Kudos to the cook!'

Arturius winks at a bartender.

Ylsa nods in agreement.

Arturius takes a knife and fork and cuts off a piece of the steak.

Ylsa says 'But the man or woman in the tower or castle still should have some idea about that farmer. Such as whether the farm isn't being burned down by seanchan or trollocs.'

Ylsa eats her steak, one small cut after another

Arturius says 'Aye, and that do be why the military, the defense of the country, that do be important and at the highest level of governance'

Ylsa arches an eyebrow.

Arturius says 'Organization in battle'

Arturius says 'Or in general'

Arturius says 'I should be sayin';'

Ylsa says 'Oh, I hope you don't mean for some of those empty helmets to govern! In battle, sure, but
not in economy!'

Ylsa says 'Some of the captains can't even write their own name!'

Arturius grins evilly.

Ylsa says 'And generals clearly think money just appears out of thin air, like some Gleeman trick!'

Ylsa drinks the mulled wine.

Arturius says 'If only'

Arturius drinks dark beer from a dented tankard.

Ylsa says 'Do you have any idea how many trips from suppliers, to sellers, and crafters, and artisans I need to make, so that a Kandori Horse actually buys a warhorse?'

Ylsa mutters in disgust.

Ylsa says 'The Generals don't!'

Arturius says 'But you do be gettin' them the horses, aye?'

Ylsa says 'Yes, fortunately Queen Ethenielle is the one governing us, not the generals.'

Arturius says 'Do she be takin' petitioners from time to time? If ye think ye could save the cost and be providin' more or better horses, it might be worth the chance!'

Ylsa nods at Arturius.

Ylsa says 'I am pretty sure some of the brothers and sisters in the Guild are already planning that.'

Arturius nods in agreement.

Ylsa says 'But I am not a horse merchant, that trade is not close to my heart.'

Arturius says 'They do be smelly'

Arturius says 'Some of them do be temperamental too'

Tar Valon lays still and silent in the darkness of the night.

Ylsa says 'Yes, and risky. A golden chain never dies on the road, an obsidian pendant doesn't eat.'

Ylsa says 'And I have never seen anyone hurt by a jeweled wristcuff!'

Arturius says 'Aye, while those might be taken by highwaymen, so do be horses'

Ylsa says 'Yes, which leads us back to the dreams of days of the Hawkwing, when highwayman were just a tale to scare naughty children.'

Ylsa says 'My duties are calling me back. It was good to meet you, Arturius.'

Arturius says 'Aye, and ye as well. You do be careful on the road!'

Ylsa says 'May the Light protect you on your travels. '

Ylsa is already standing.

The woodendoor is closed.

Arturius says 'And also ye!'

Ylsa opens woodendoor

Arturius drinks dark beer from a dented tankard.

Ylsa feels sober again.
Ylsa bows deeply.