Novice Yve's brief lesson on BLind

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Novice Yve's brief lesson on BLind

Post by Alison » Mon Nov 20, 2023 1:30 am

Alison says 'Tell me, child. What was more important than a summons by an aes sedai?'

A tinker happily continues on their journey.

Yve says 'I'm sorry friend, I have not.'

Therotin says 'I would stay here for the evening, I think. Then I'll find my way to Caemlyn. I can't miss it, I'm sure.'

Amilesa beams a smile at Therotin.

Tower Square
This side of the square is the southern section of the Tower Square.
In the center is the walled off White Tower. To the south a large
boulevard opens up leading to the Southharbor. To the north you see
the southern gate of the Tower grounds. The square continues east
and west.
A large banner rests here, depicting a map of Tar Valon.
[ obvious exits: N E S W ]
A pair of oily gloves is abandoned here.
A blunt dagger lies here red with rust.
A tarnished silver key has been dropped here.
A thin sheet of paper lies crumpled on the ground.
A marble bench, flecked with gold and bronze, adorns the floor.
An oil lamp, set in a steel cage, hangs from a high wooden pole.
An elaborately sculpted marble fountain splashes merrily.
A stout wooden barrel stands nearby.
A hunter from Illian searches for the fabled Horn of Valere.
|1|.A gray palfrey prances skittishly nearby.
Therotin of Andor is standing here, riding a |2|.gray palfrey.
Amilesa the Tower Accepted is standing here, riding an |3|.Illianer steed.
Evee the Journey Accepted is standing here, riding a |4|.Domani razor.
Yve the Wearied Novice is standing here.
A pale destrier stands here, adorned with the white flame of Tar Valon.
Lady Chloro Arovni, Aes Sedai is standing here.
Kenzie of Murandy is standing here, riding a |5|.warhorse.
A brightly dressed man with a ready smile stands here.

Therotin beams a smile at Amilesa.

Therotin stops following Amilesa.

Yve says 'I'm sorry, Aes Sedai, I needed to grab some water and provisions.'

A warhorse flickers its ears.

Therotin says 'May I ask your name by the way'

A hunter for the horn leaves west.

Yve starts following Alison.

open doubledoors

The Hall of the Tower
[ obvious exits: N ]
Alyssa, official scribe of the Hall of Sitters, stands patiently nearby.
Yve has arrived from the north.

* !HP!:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Full >

Alison says 'The reason i called you, is to find out about Yve.'

* !HP!:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >

* !HP!:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
Yve shuffles a little on her feet.

* !HP!:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
Yve nods in agreement.

Alison says 'Tell me the briefest information about Yve you can think off.'

* !HP!:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >

* !HP!:Healthy SP:Bursting MV:Fresh >
Yve says 'The briefest... of course.'

Yve says 'I come from a line of women who have had the gift in one way or another.'

Yve says 'Mostly I grew up in Illian, my father was a Taraboner. '

Alison nods in agreement.

Yve says 'My very great grandmother was an accepted who absconded the tower, many generations ago'

Alison says 'Why did she do that?'

Yve says 'our family have continued quiet service of a sort until now.'

Yve says 'I think it was some political thing she became enmeshed in.'

Yve says 'Treatment at the hands of one or two members.'

Yve says 'She eloped with a Tower guard.'

Alison says 'When did this happen?'

Yve says 'some hundereds of years ago now.'

Alison nods in agreement.

Yve says 'something the midwife said made them do it, they said.'

Alison says 'So now you are here. I hope you don't have the same notions as your great grandma'

Yve says 'When I came of age and started to show signs of the power I was sent to Andor to live with a wisdom for a while.'

Alison frowns.

Alison says 'How did that go?'

Yve says 'I do not.'

Yve says 'the tower of now seems not like the one she desribes in her diary.'

Yve says 'It went well, for all that I preferred the gathering of herbs to the using.'

Alison says 'I have been around few hundred years. It has changed.'

Alison says 'Did you have aspirations to become a wisdom?'

Yve says 'I did consider it, but I think the focus on healing and local... concerns... made me think further a field'

Yve says 'Especially once I'd met one or two Aes Sedai.'

It is 8 o'clock pm, on the 4th day of the month of Aine, year 1543.
According to legend and prophecy, this is the First Turn of the Wheel.
The Shadow grows stronger as Lisennet and Sarras are raised as dreadlords.

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Alison nods in agreement.

Alison says 'Ah you are here'

Yve smiles happily.

Alison says 'Good.'

Alison says 'Now you are in the tower as well. Hopefully this generation of yve will do better?'

Yve says 'It is my intention.'

Alison says 'What have you learnt about the one power that you can teach me.'

Yve says 'I would be shocked if I could teach you a single thing, Alison Sedai.'

Yve blushes.

Alison says 'What is the one weave you use the most?'

Alison smiles happily.

Yve says 'Honestly I blind everything that looks at me funny.'

Alison says 'Lets go with that weave then.'

Alison says 'Name five creatures you have blinded'

Yve says 'I used to use spikes of ice to attack things, but have learned new and also more subtle methods now.'

Yve says 'well, spiders, trees, smugglers thieves and bandits... '

Yve says 'I travelled a little before I joined the tower, so have faced a number of foes. '

Alison says 'of those that you mentioned. Which was the one that failed the blind weave the most?'

Yve says 'I took some instruction from Vhalerie on the methods to effectively blind groups of foes.'

Yve says 'there are certain smuggler foes that are harder than others. Though I believe now that I have more experience with it I would do better.'

Alison says 'It was mentioned that its called a status weave and your level helps with blind.'

Alison says 'What do you understand about my statement?'

Yve says 'It applies a negative, lasting condition to the foe, and your chance of success depends on your level of experience.'

Alison says 'Elaborate. Apply logic to your analysis'

Yve says 'First principles I suppose should be that there are at least two opponents, facing each other.'

Yve says 'they will use any means at their disposal to harm one another.'

Yve says 'Use of the one power if available is favourable as it offers a huge advantage over those without it.'

Alison says 'Interesting.'

Yve says 'so applying a negative condition to your foe to impair their progress can only help yours'

Yve says 'especially with a status like blindness which can hamper them in many ways'

Alison says 'Do you think a negative condition cannot be a favour to the person who it was weaved upon?'

Yve says 'Perhaps if one is imbued with power based fear, then maybe you would not be able to bring yourself to start a fight you would lose?'

Yve says 'but that is maybe a little obtuse.'

Alison says 'Pertaining to blind?'

Alison says 'Lets say you and i are sparring'

Yve says 'There I think you have me stumped for now.'

Alison says 'And you get a blind off on Alison sedai.'

Alison says 'By that logic you are the winner, right?'

Yve pantomime sending a weave at you.

Yve says 'maybe, but only if I actually gain from it, I think'

Alison says 'Ah, there it is.'

Yve says 'Well, the blindness will help, in theory, with whatever your next move is.'

Alison says 'When you blind me the false bias will apply to you instantly. And you will assume you are the winner.'

Alison says 'Yet, i guarentee you if you blind me. You will not find me'

Alison says 'i once sparred an aes sedai.'

Alison says 'She did the blinding. I got away far from the fight.'

Alison says 'While blind.'

Alison says 'So in that case, the blind was a false bias for you and a positive for me.'

Yve says 'Running while blind is quite the acquired skill.'

Alison says 'Yet its aquired'

Alison says 'I can blind myself. And practice to run.'

Alison says 'zone knowledge helps'

Yve says 'For you, being blind led to an obvious choice to withdraw, meaning victory was impossible.'

Alison says 'Till i quaff and come back'

Alison says 'Which then applies to me the abillity to not be blinded again.'

Alison says 'For a period of time.'

Yve says 'net result, blind no longer a viable play for a time.'

Alison nods in agreement.

Yve says 'might cause wasted attacks'

Alison says 'See its possible to learn new things daily.'

Yve says 'Oh I know that. I feel recently as though I've woken up again and things seem, easier? More obvious maybe?'

Alison says 'Id like you to study more up on the blind weave and get the opinions of other accepted and novices.'

Alison says 'Then when we meet again, we discus it?'

Yve says 'Yes, Alison Sedai.'

Alison says 'Any questions you have about the White Ajah?'

Yve says 'I don't know that I do, at this time.'

Alison says 'Well it was good to meet you. Let us have another interaction in the future.'

Yve says 'Thank you for your time, Alison Sedai. It's been educational.'

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