Patience with Sword Forms ---&RPaward

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Patience with Sword Forms ---&RPaward

Post by Artorias » Sun Nov 19, 2023 1:42 pm

Ely edit Nov 27 2023:

1-6 qps, depending on length and quality.

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Total: 3 qps, Patience also awarded.


I am very new to doing actual roleplay interactions so I'm not sure how this is, but here you go.

Patience has arrived from the south.

Patience says 'good day master coulin'

Patience says 'may i watch the warders train. i mean stay here a while please Coulin ?'

Artorias smiles at her.

Artorias says 'Hello Accepted, come to watch the students train as well?'

Patience blushes.

Patience says 'well i do like to spend time in this area from time to time....'

Artorias nods in agreement.

Patience says 'which one of the students spars with you?'

Artorias says 'I find myself drawn here as well from time to time. Tho for completely different reasons I assume.'

Artorias shakes his head slightly.

Artorias says 'None of them yet Accepted.'

Patience says 'oh you are a budding aspirant.'

Artorias nods at her.

Patience says 'do you know any sword forms?'

Artorias says 'I know a couple but I am no Blademaster.'

Patience says 'my father dreamt of learning sword forms and wielding a sword with a heron '

Patience perks up and begins watching.

Artorias idly touches the heron-marked longsword on his waist without thinking.

Patience gasps in astonishment.

Artorias says 'It was a dream for me as well.'

Artorias says 'I grew up in a very different enviroment then most others tho.'

Artorias says 'My village was in the Blight itself.'

Artorias says 'Tho only on the very fringes.'

Patience longs to see some of the bladeforms and stairs off into the distance absentmindedly dreaming off men working out.

Artorias says 'If you like Accepted, I could show you a few forms. Tho I am by no regard a master in my opinion.'

Patience looks up surprised

Patience says 'oh i was daydreaming'

Patience says 'please do'

Patience says 'do you wear your tunic when doing them ?'

Artorias chuckles politely.

Artorias stops using a black, silver-embroidered cape.

Artorias stops using an ornate chainmail shirt chased with gold.

Artorias stops using a gold-chased morion with an engraved silver comb.

Patience says 'i find many of the students gets a little hot when working on their forms'

Artorias stops using a pair of polished, gold-plated vambraces.

Artorias stops using a sturdy pair of full leather gauntlets.

Artorias stops using a backpack.

Artorias puts a sturdy pair of full leather gauntlets in a backpack.
Artorias puts a pair of polished, gold-plated vambraces in a backpack.
Artorias puts a gold-chased morion with an engraved silver comb in a backpack.
Artorias puts an ornate chainmail shirt chased with gold in a backpack.
Artorias puts a black, silver-embroidered cape in a backpack.

Patience looks up a little more interested now

Artorias sets the backpack full of his upper armor down and walks a little further away from the Accepted.

Artorias slightly embarassed and not quite sure why he is indulging her daydreams, he sets about getting in stance.

The day has begun.

Ylsa has arrived from the south.

Ylsa tries to mix in the crowd.

Patience nudges Ylsa suggestively with her elbow.

Ylsa curiously observes the young man all this fuss is probably about

Ylsa looks at Artorias.

Patience speaks slowly 'He took off his shirt too!'

Ylsa whispers and he has an onyx shield...

Ylsa'eyes shine like Tar Valon marks

Ylsa's eyes finally get through all the muscle and gold to the heron marked sword

Artorias slowly starts with The Rose Unfolds, building up speed slowly and transitioning into Hummingbird kisses the Honeyrose.

Patience says 'Ylsa did you see that one?'

Patience says 'he did Hummingbird kisses the Honey Rose'

Ylsa watches the art, trying hard not to look as mesmerised as the novices and Accepteds. Not sure she succeeds

Ylsa nods at Patience.

Artorias moves into Kingfisher Circles the Pond, the heron on his blade catches the light and shines brightly.

Ylsa observes Artorias, breathless.

Artorias goes into Cat Dances on the Wall only to change into Cat Crosses the Courtyard.

Patience is mesmerized by the muscles and moves.

Ryne has arrived from the south, riding a gray palfrey.

Artorias is getting lost in the many movements that has saved his life countless times.

Ylsa barely whispers : "Cat like movements, indeed"

Patience nods at Ylsa.

Ryne looks at Artorias.

Ryne nods in agreement.

Artorias starts to pick up speed with Striking the Spark, only take a big lunge forward with The Boar Rushes Down the Mountain.

Ryne says 'The workings of a Blademaster indeed.'

Patience says 'he took off his armor too'

Patience giggles.

Ylsa looks around quickly, probably to check for any Aes Sedai present

Patience says 'look at the MUSCLES!!! and scars'

Artorias lost in the dance he doesn't hear the women giggling about him.

Ryne nods in agreement.

Ryne says 'Impressive work.'

Artorias moves from one stance to another, Wind and Rain becomes The Wind Blows over the Wall which becomes Plucking the Low-hanging Apple.

Ylsa follows the beautiful and deadly movements with her sight.

Ryne leaves south riding a gray palfrey.

Patience says 'artorias are you getting tired'

Artorias seemingly out of nowhere moves into Storm shakes the Branch, moving ever closer to Accepted Patience.

A puppy now follows Patience.

Artorias comes a stop with his sword a few feet from Accepted Patience, Folding the Fan and sheathing his sword.

Artorias says 'A little.'

Artorias says 'It is good to practice the forms from time to time.'

Ylsa nods in agreement.

Artorias says 'Tho it always makes me think of days gone past.'

Patience says 'i have a cloth if you need some help'

Ylsa says 'Your art makes me think of days to come. There will be many battles to apply all this.'

Artorias chuckles politely.

Artorias says 'I am quite ok Accepted. I don't need your cloth.'

Ylsa says 'May i offer you a refreshment?'

Artorias says 'Thank you tho.'

Ylsa gives you a mug of ale.

Artorias thanks Ylsa heartily.

Patience seems a little disappointed

Ylsa says 'Have a great day, both of you.'

Ylsa comforts Patience.

Patience says 'i trust your application goes well'

Artorias drinks the stout ale.

Artorias drinks the stout ale.

Artorias gives a mug of ale to Ylsa.

Artorias says 'As well as I can hope.'

Patience says 'and i look forward to seeing you here in future OFTEN'

Artorias have a good day as well Mistress Ylsa.

Ylsa says 'May Light shine on Tar Valon. I must return to my trades.'

Artorias says 'You have a good day as well Mistress Ylsa.'

Ylsa quickly rushes away, before she starts blushing.

Ylsa bows deeply.

Ylsa leaves south.

Artorias gets a silver Kandori wristcuff from a backpack.

Artorias says 'Here Accepted.'

Artorias says 'For wasting your time with my forms.'

Artorias gives a silver Kandori wristcuff to Patience.

Patience says 'i enjoyed watching you'

Patience thanks Artorias heartily.

The White Tower is bathed in a reddish orange light as the sun sets.

Patience stops using a ridged steel bracer.

Patience puts a silver Kandori wristcuff on around her left wrist.

Artorias walks away and puts his armor back on. A slight blush to his cheeks, hoping his Morion will hide it.

Artorias wears a black, silver-embroidered cape around his body.
Artorias puts a sturdy pair of full leather gauntlets on his hands.
Artorias wears a pair of polished, gold-plated vambraces on his arms.
Artorias wears a gold-chased morion with an engraved silver comb on his head.
Artorias wears an ornate chainmail shirt chased with gold on his body.
Artorias wears a backpack on his back.

Patience pats a puppy on its head.

Patience leaves south.
A puppy leaves south.

Artorias turns around after donning his armor only to see the Accepted's back as she departs, puppy in tow.

Artorias says 'Farewell Accepted'