A Broken Heart

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A Broken Heart

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Fri Nov 17, 2023 2:02 pm

She strode through the hallways wondering what news her Eyes and Ears would bring today. It was a dull task usually, but the gathering of Tinkers brought in a new flood of reports. Did they really find the Song and what would it mean if they did? She thought to herself. It was not really her concern today and she was sure a Brown would give a long-winded response if asked. These Tinkers, however, seemed to attract a lot of unsavory types and the list of wanted criminals in the city was on the rise. She would parse through the day's reports and see if they offered any additional information on the various pardon requests.

The cold wind blowing through the garden caused her to pause. Her right arm ached slightly, the cold a stiff reminder of her old injury. It was going to snow again, she thought, before pushing down memories of how she obtained the injury and her lost sisters.

A sudden movement caught her eye and a large black rat emerged from the shrubbery. It looked directly in her eye and squeaked loudly at her. The rat disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

A shiver ran up her spine. It had been years since she had been contacted, in fact since the day of her injury. After her sisters Berylla and Birlen had fallen, she tried to move on with her life and forget the Oath she had sworn. She knew what she needed to do but did not know what to expect. The fact that he was coming now after all this time worried her.

She rushed off to her apartments. If he was kept waiting she would likely be punished; she feared punishment already for not contacting the others or reforming the heart. She opened the door, stepped through, and quickly closed it behind her. She embraced the source and began to….


He picked up the severed head, opened a gateway, and was soon standing on the slopes of Shayol Ghul. His eyes burned with anger--these so-called Aes Sedai knew so little and offered nothing. He turned and looked at the myrddraal with their fists of trollocs.

“Go to the Cold Rocks Hold and recover the stone,” He barked before pausing to give a description of the object. He then finished coldly, “Kill everything in your path.”

He casually tossed the severed head over the horde and shot a weave of air in its direction. The head exploded, showering the horde in brains and blood. The trollocs roared in approval and began their march south.

He turned his attention to the next task: finding the spider and focusing her efforts on a new crop of darkfriends. She had surfaced again he was sure; the large gathering had the marks of her handywork. A needless exercise, he thought, for she needed to be focused in a meaningful way. He would wait for her and catch her in what she believed to be her domain.

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A Flurry of Letters

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Tue Nov 28, 2023 10:44 am

Verin Mathwin stood composed but frustrated above her desk, surrounded by the collection of books that seemed to never end. The cryptic reports about the mysterious rock at Tarwin's Gap had filled her days and nights with a sense of urgency. As a seasoned scholar and Aes Sedai, Verin couldn't fathom why the scholars of the world hadn't immediately dispatched a set of troops to investigate this anomaly. Well, the scholars at least. The potential implications of the strange occurrence were vast and unknown, and Verin sensed that time was of the essence.

Closing her eyes for a moment to collect her thoughts, Verin began to strategize. She needed to take matters into her own hands and ensure that the matter was not overlooked or dismissed. The importance of this discovery, or whatever it might be, could be pivotal for the world's future.

Verin decided to send messages to leaders across various nations, appealing to their sense of curiosity, the pursuit of knowledge, and the collective interest in the safety and stability of the world. Her first missive was to the Amyrlin Seat, herself, in the White Tower, urging the Aes Sedai to lend their support and resources to investigate the rock. Verin knew that the Aes Sedai's influence could be crucial in gathering the necessary information and keeping the situation under control. At the very least a handful of Gaidin could make the venture safe.

Next, Verin sent messages to the rulers of Cairhien, Tear, and Illian, emphasizing the potential threat this mysterious rock posed to the delicate balance of power in the region. She stressed the importance of collaboration and unity in the face of the unknown. A separate letter went to the Queen of Andor, seeking her support in mobilizing the military and scholarly resources of Andor.

Verin was meticulous in her choice of words, blending logic with a sense of urgency. She knew that appealing to the rulers' desire for knowledge, power, and security would be the key to building a coalition. Verin's experience had taught her that shared concerns often bridged political gaps, and this situation required a united effort.

As the messages were dispatched, Verin felt a mix of apprehension and determination. The rock at Tarwin's Gap held secrets that could alter the course of history, and she was determined to unravel them. The success of her efforts would depend not only on the strength of her arguments but also on the willingness of leaders to set aside their differences and face the unknown together.

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Bolder than Ever

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Tue Nov 28, 2023 5:22 pm

Verin Mathwin ran into Aelrena Sedai within the Tower on her way to the stables and they had a quick conversation about what was ahead. Then she went back the city collecting the goods necessary for travel. It would take a couple days to be ready to travel, in the meantime, she would see who she must.

30m (give or take) before something happens.

After the surprise attack at the gap, Verin pored through her notes, the latest additions to the rock's vocabulary both intriguing and confounding. Perhaps the ancient Tinker woman at the gathering would be able to shed some light upon the markings should someone bring her a rubbing.

She remembered the ancient tinker in the camp she had interviewed who had mentioned a rubbing of the rock. She hoped someone would see if the song was known. The new words confounded her. ANOTHER? FIRE? She thought kindly on the response she had received from Cairhien, and the escort from the Baroness.

Would the Light rise to the occassion?

Do you know what's going on with the rock? What's your theory? Put together your defense and argument of what it is and submit it. December 8th we'll take a look and award the top 3 and best RPish explanations. Bonus points if you combine what you think into a roleplay post and share your story.

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