Felyrin and Theresa Catch up in Whitebridge ---&RPaward

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Felyrin and Theresa Catch up in Whitebridge ---&RPaward

Post by Felyrin » Thu Nov 02, 2023 8:34 pm

Ely edit Nov 13 2023:

1-6 qps, depending on length and quality.

Rplizer +1 qps : x
Extra meticulous edit +1 qps : o
Length bonus +1-2 qps : o
Part of a series +1 qps: o

Summary: +1 qps : o

Total: 2 qps, Theresa also awarded


A Peaceful Bedroom
This small room has a cozy, comforting feeling. Unadorned save for
avendesora leaves carved on the mantle and doorway, the room is warm and
clean. There is a small fire burning beneath a kettle in the fireplace at
all times. A shelf of neatly labeled jars, clean cloths and dishes stands
against the wall. Bolstered high with pillows, the bed is the focal point
of the room, with a high back and slightly slanted foot. Across from the
bed is a bank of windows to let light stream in, bathing everything in a
healthful glow. Several chairs are gathered around the fireplace.
[ obvious exits: E ]
Zone: Whitebridge
A mangy cat scurries around trying not to get stepped on.
A gray palfrey prances skittishly nearby.
A wisdom stands here ready to help.
Meraneve Hellamen stands here, ready to assist with bringing a child into the world.

Theresa has arrived from the east.

Felyrin says 'Theresa!!'

l theresa
A somewhat slender woman stands here. Dark brown hair reaches just below her shoulders in a ponytail. Her young face is covered with freckles with
cookie crumbs being noticeable on her chin.

Theresa is in excellent condition.

A mangy cat sniffs the ground...
Theresa says 'Good day Felyrin.'

Felyrin says 'It's been so long!'

A mangy cat leaves east.

l felyrin

Although short in stature this woman stands proud. Her hair is loose about
her shoulders, intertwined with colored ribbons and bells that jingle as
she moves. The swooping hawk sewn into her cloak signifies that she may be

Felyrin has a few scratches.

Theresa nods slowly causing a crumb to fall off her chin, "Yes, it has. How have you been friend?"

Felyrin smiles brightly.

Theresa wipes the remnants of cookie from her shirt.

Felyrin says 'I have been well. Traveling the land, gathering herbs, learning the craft, helping out where I can in my small way.'

Theresa says 'In what ways have you been helping out?'

Felyrin says 'Oh, you know, passing out a few helpful herbs here and there, some potions that I've mixed, and helping take care of the various bandit and
marauder where necessary.'

Felyrin says 'There do seem to be a number of them around Andor.'

Felyrin says 'I think they might be in league. Roland, Ragnor, Orma...'

Felyrin thinks really hard.

Theresa chuckles a bit, "You were always a much better fighter than I."

Theresa says 'Do not think I have done much fighting at all, I have ran a few times.'

Felyrin says 'I don't konw about that.... you know I'm not much of a fighter!'

Theresa says 'Has Elder Wisdom Vhalerie given you any tasks?'

Felyrin nods her head, bells in her hair jingling.

Felyrin says 'She has.'

Theresa says 'Were you able to complete?'

Felyrin says 'I believe one of them you were present for.'

The apprentice realizes that Theresa is a jerk!

Theresa says 'I forget pretty much anything from the previous day after I sleep.'

Theresa says 'I blame these allergies.'

Felyrin says 'When we were here together in Whitebridge. I believe that was the same day we had our bake-off!'

Felyrin says 'Sorry to say my baking skills still must be no match for yours.'

Felyrin eyes your chins.

Theresa peers at Felyrin.

Felyrin is just too cute.

Theresa says 'Yours was much better and you know it....'

Theresa says 'One day, you will lose and it will be GLORIOUS!'

Felyrin laughs, her smile lighting up the room.

Felyrin says 'I'm sure you're just being modest. You were probably preoccupied with the troubles in Maerone.'

Theresa says 'Yes...yes that was it....'

Felyrin says 'Speaking of which... I saw some more refugees when I was there last.'

Theresa says 'Please do not remind me.....'

Felyrin looks down as a sad look crosses her pleasant features.

Theresa says 'I am going to have to get after these men folk and queens and kings and everyone.'

Felyrin shakes her head sadly, bells in her hair jingling softly.

Theresa clinches her fist thinking of all the tomfoolery.

Felyrin says 'Those in such places of power and influence and it seems they do nothing!'

Theresa says 'Eventually something extremely bad will happen and everyone will be like, "Oh no, why did this happen?".'

Theresa says 'It all about crowns to them.'

Felyrin says 'I made sure to bring with me all the food and bed rolls that I could carry when I was there recently, and distributed them to those in need.'

Theresa says 'Andor is happy to make Cairhien dependent on grain imports.'

Felyrin says 'I almost took a dagger in my back as well!'

Theresa moves in for a slow hug.

Theresa says 'I can always depend on you.'

A mangy cat has arrived from the east.

Theresa says 'Yeah, I enjoy having to constantly try and notice any odd movements in that place.'

Felyrin smiles at you kindly.

Felyrin says 'I can't imagine living in such conditions.'

Theresa says 'One day it will change.'

Felyrin says 'It's a world away when staying in fine, warm accommodations in this country.'

Theresa nods slowly reassuring herself.

Felyrin comforts her.

Felyrin says 'You are doing great work.'

Felyrin says 'If you didn't help push for help who would??'

A mangy cat sniffs the ground...

Theresa says 'Thank you again friend. Just knowing some people actually makes it still worth it.'

A gray palfrey cocks its head up sharply.

Felyrin says 'Perhaps for the time being we should move to a more uplifting topic...'

Theresa leans close to the palfrey whispering, "Who is a good horsie, you are!"

A mangy cat sniffs the ground...

Felyrin says 'I recently acquired a useful item!'

l in pack
backpack (used) :
two gold crowns
eight copper pennys
[3] a strange fruit
a thin vial of yellow fluid
[2] a plate of yellow peppers and pork
a packet of soap
a package of dried rations
[3] a cup of thick syrup
a smooth metallic disc
a mixing flask
[2] a torch
a stable ticket
a coach ticket

Felyrin gets a mixing flask from a backpack.

Felyrin shows a mixing flask to Theresa.

Felyrin says 'What do you think?'

Theresa's eyebrows arch a bit.

Theresa says 'Well, it is useful.'

Theresa stops using a backpack.

Theresa says 'Mine will help me mix these.'

A mangy cat sniffs the ground...

Theresa shows a backpack to you.
It is a backpack.
Inside, you see:
[7] a sprig of green nightsbane - 1, Strength
a wood carving of a bear
[11] a gray fennel plant - 1, Strength 2, Tinful
[10] a few stalks of yellow broomweed - 0, No Potions
[16] a blue pouch of flatwort tea - 3, Refresh 2, Tinful
[9] a dose of chopped white sheepstongue root - 1, Forkroot 2, Cure Blind
a soft leather pouch
[13] a section of red and yellow sunburst root - 1, Cure Fear
[12] a packet of dried brown forkroot - 3, Forkroot
[10] a white healall root - 1, Cure Blind
[5] a few pink foxgloves - 0, No Potions
[9] a pouch of black sleepwell root powder - 1, Forkroot 1, Cure Blind
[9] a handful of dark blue juniper berries - 1, Cure Fear
[9] a black belladonna berry - 2, Cure Fear 1, Forkroot
[19] a piece of white willow bark - 1, Strength 1, Tinful
a mixing flask
[23] some fuzzy green dogwort leaves - 1, Cure Fear
a leather water flask
[21] a small pile of blue goatflower petals - 3, Strength 1, Tinful 2, Cure Poison
[22] a sack of green ivy - 1, Refresh
a black stable ticket
[2] a mutton shank
[4] a clump of tabac - 0, No Potions
[19] a vial of powdered red gheandin blossom - 2, Cure Poison
[17] some brown kaf beans - 2, Refresh 1, Cure Poison
[3] a thin vial of yellow fluid
[2] a cup of thready brown tea
a piece of sandstone
[7] a bag of tremalking black - 0, No Potions

Theresa wears a backpack on her back.

Felyrin gasps in astonishment.

Felyrin says 'I gave my last batch of herbs to my mentor, but that there is truly impressive!'

Felyrin says 'I was pretty proud of myself after mixing one of my first potions.'

get vial pack

Felyrin gets a thin vial of yellow fluid from a backpack.

show vial theresa
Felyrin shows a thin vial of yellow fluid to Theresa.

Theresa says 'Very nice! I knew you would come along quickly.'

Theresa says 'Maaaaaaaaaaybe not as quickly as I but you know.'

Felyrin says 'I was hoping you could inspect it to make sure I did it correctly.'

Theresa says 'of course.'

Felyrin carefully hands over the thin yellow vial.

Felyrin gives a thin vial of yellow fluid to Theresa.

Theresa holds the vial in front her eyes.

The Starling arrives at the docks.

Felyrin bites her lip nervously as she wrings her hands.

Theresa says 'Yes, yes.'

Felyrin emote: Felyrin bites her lip nervously as she wrings her hands.

Theresa removes the top and takes a sniff of the concoction.

Theresa coughs a bit.

Felyrin cringes in terror.

Theresa says 'Boy, these things are always strong.'

Theresa tips the vial down putting a bit of the fluid on her tongue.

Theresa smacks her lips together getting a full taste.

Theresa replaces the top and hands it back to you.

Felyrin crosses her fingers.

Theresa says 'That seems just about as right as you can do. Nice job.'

Felyrin breathes out a long sigh of relief and gulps in some air, apparently having held her breath the entire time.

Felyrin says 'I am so glad that I was able to mix it to your satisfaction. Hopefully I can keep perfecting my craft.'

Theresa says 'Do not be glad for me, just be glad for the person that drinks it.'

Felyrin chuckles politely.

Felyrin says 'I wonder if anything can be done for the flavor.'

Theresa says 'Trial and error.'

Felyrin says 'I'll have to think on it. I tried some of those other portions for curing poisons and strengthening the nerves, but they tasted so horrible
I'm not sure anything could be done.'

Theresa chuckles a bit.

l in pack
backpack (used) :
two gold crowns
eight copper pennys
[3] a strange fruit
[2] a plate of yellow peppers and pork
a packet of soap
a package of dried rations
[3] a cup of thick syrup
a smooth metallic disc
[2] a torch
a stable ticket
a coach ticket

Felyrin nearly retches at the memory.

get cup pack
Felyrin gets a cup of thick syrup from a backpack.

quaff cup
Felyrin quaff a cup of thick syrup which dissolves.
It tastes strange, but seems to do nothing.

Theresa says 'Well sweet girl, I need to go rest inside a bit.'

Felyrin pales

Felyrin nods her head, bells in her hair jingling.

Felyrin says 'I'm so glad we could see each other.'

Theresa says 'Always a pleasure.'

Theresa hugs Felyrin.

Theresa leaves east.

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