A Sister's Brother

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A Sister's Brother

Post by Callesa » Thu Sep 14, 2023 7:11 pm

During one of her numerous visits to the city of Cairhien, Callesa randomly meets Divina's brother and they speak of family matters. Blain decides to be a comedian for a moment.

Main participants: Timmee, Callesa
A participant: Blain

The Bunch of Grapes
Exquisite carvings on the doors and around the tops of the walls displays the
richness of the inn. Light gilding covers the intricately carved mantle of the
large fire place that resides in the common room. Tables and benches appear
well oiled and taken care of. Serving girls wind in between the patrons serving
drinks or meals. Doors to private dining tables lie against one wall. A wide
staircase leads up into the rooms.

A ledger lies on a small stand.
[ obvious exits: W ]
Timmee the Sun Major is standing here.
The serving girl Ella makes her way from table to table.
Zera, Innkeep of the Bunch of Grapes, stands here.

You smile at him.

Timmee peers closely at you. Guard your secrets carefully...

You say 'Anything not in order, Sun?'

Timmee says 'What brings an esteemed Brown to these lowly areas?'

Timmee points in all directions, seemingly confused.

You say 'Oh, I see no lowly areas, only the City of Cairhien'

You smile at him.

Timmee says 'If anything isnt in order, It will soon be made that way.'

Timmee nods to himself, he must need reassurance.

You say 'Or do you have any reason to discourage an Aes Sedai from visiting?'

You peer closely at him, trying to figure him out.

Timmee says 'Not that I know of. But if you can get my lazy ass sister to visit me once in a while'

Timmee says 'That would be nice'

You say 'Ah yes, you're the brother of which Sister?'

Timmee says 'that miserable sow Divina'

You say 'In any case, you must understand no Sister in the White Tower is lazy or lacking in work.
Yours being surely no exception.'

Callesa smiles amusedly for a second.

Timmee says 'I believe you know of her'

You say 'Have you tried gaining her attention with some books or ancient artefacts? Might work, as your words are surely not a solid source of motivation to visit.'

You say 'And have you visited her lately? Do you write?'

Timmee says 'Well she does love things as ancient as she is'

You peer closely at him, trying to figure him out.

Mistress Zera rummages around and hands a heron-marked greatsword to Timmee.

Timmee shows a heron-marked greatsword to you.
It is a heron-marked greatsword.
It is a two-handed long blade.
It is in good condition.

You smile at him.

Timmee says 'Perhaps something like this to examine might be right up her alley'

Blain has entered the game.

Mistress Zera says 'Good to see you! Ella, be a dear and fetch something to eat and drink for Blain.'

Blain leaves west.

You say 'Perhaps. I wonder, what was she like as a child? Were you mean to her, or are you just
bitter she left for Tar Valon?'

Blain bellows 'Cooties!'

Blain has arrived from the west.

You smile at him.

Blain says 'Timmee has cooties now, for hangin out with chicks :P'

Blain snickers softly.

Blain comforts Timmee.

You say 'Ah, I see the bad manners might be a local epidemics in Cairhien.'

Timmee points in all directions, seemingly confused.

Blain says 'doh.... touched him... now I do.'

Blain ponders life, the universe, and everything.

Timmee spanks Blain over his knee. It hurts to even watch.

Blain nods at you.

You say 'I'll inform the Wisdoms, that you are all in need of some very bitter teas. Or perhaps a soap mouthwash.'

Blain says 'Just like cooties :P'

You feel the flows of saidar coursing through your body.

Blain hugs you.

Callesa smiles and slightly moves her fingers as Blain's boots fill up with Water.

Blain snaps to attention and salutes Timmee.

Timmee says 'The last time I wrote to my sister was to invite her to my wedding. It was not an amicable return, nor did she approve of my darling wife, bless her soul.'

Blain says 'love yas!'

Mistress Zera helps Blain into his private chamber.

You say 'She must have had her reasons.'

You nod to yourself. Very reassuring.

Timmee says 'The same reason all of you ladies have with anyone who can manage some semblance of self control with your one power.'

You nod at him.

You say 'Well, such woman are the safest under our guidance.'

Timmee says 'And that refuses a life of servitude to your White Tower.'

You say 'Even though I've grown a bit more lenient about those, who wouldn't have much strength in the Power anyways.'

You say 'I think I've met your wife once or twice.'

Timmee says 'Perhaps you did'

Timmee says 'She is long past the threshold of this world.'

You say 'A kind woman, and definitely no fool, as she was not showing off her abilities in front of me.'

Timmee says 'And yet I remain to burn her candle forever more.'

You say 'I am sorry for your loss. I may try to gently suggest to Divina that it might be a good moment to reach out to you. '

You say 'After all, our opportunities to be with our families are limited in time.'

You ponder life, the universe, and everything.

Timmee looks at you.

You say 'If I may ask, how did your wife die? I've heard that some of the women choosing not to join
the Tower live even longer than Aes Sedai.'

Timmee says 'That is true'

You say 'Even though there is a very tiny collection of reports on such a matter for obvious reasons.'

Timmee says 'We were in Mayene at the time, journeying to meet one of her close friends.'

Timmee says 'They tell me she fell some affliction of her heart, that came upon suddenly whilst we
were taking a walk along the cliffside there.'

You say 'I'm sorry to hear that. Too bad none of the Sisters capable of Healing was near.'

Timmee says 'I rushed her back to the city as fast as I could but the physicains tell me it was
already too late.'

Timmee says 'Our time comes upon as all. She lived a long and full life even before we met.'

You nod at him.

Timmee says 'But she is remembered and adored well in Cairhien'

You nod at him.

Timmee says 'There is a shrine errected to her eternal presence in the gardens.'

You say 'This city has a proud history of not forgetting their best. I wish the same could be said everywhere.'

You say 'I will make sure to visit it and pay my respects.'

You say 'And I will try to talk to Divina, if I get a chance.'

Timmee nods in agreement.

Timmee says 'I wish you luck with that.'

You say 'She could do with a few more ties to the today's world, or she'll get totally lost in the past.'

Timmee says 'She is always prickly at the best of times.'

You smile at him.

You say 'I think a piece of cake can help with that.'

Timmee throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

You say 'Just out of the Library, of course.'

You grin at him.

Timmee says 'Enough of the past. What brings you here today?'

Timmee says 'Something I may be of assistance with perhaps'

You say 'As usual, checking on various matters of interest. But perhaps you may assist me.'

You say 'I've already visited the archives, but perhaps you'd be interested in hunting down some
criminals for the Herald?'

Timmee says 'Say no more'

You now follow Timmee.

Timmee says 'Criminals should be disolved whenever the chance arrives'