An awkward meeting in the woods.

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An awkward meeting in the woods.

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An apprently innocent, chance meeting of a novice and a Child of Light.

Setting: The near edge of the woods SE of Tar Valon.
POV - Yve
Participants - Yve and Loret.

(Yve is enjoying her limited freedom to spend some time away from the bustle of the city and the tower.)

Loret has arrived from the east, riding a warhorse.

You shiver.

Loret rears a large destrier in a piroette at the sight of the young tower girl.

You get ready to flee.

Loret calms her horse, her gaze finding Yve's.

You look at her.

A pillar of light envelopes Loret, atop a large destrier. Empowered by holy retribution
and a thirst for answers, this Hand of the Light travels the land uprooting dark friends
and extinguishing all that oppose the light.

Loret allows a sinister smile to flit across her jowls from atop the large steed.

Loret says 'young girl.'

You say 'y-yes...'

Loret speaks softly, much softer and soothing than her looks may assume.

Loret says 'are you of the White Tower?'

You look down at your dress nervously, and then quickly back at Loret.

Loret stares just over the gnarled treetops and past the Shining Walls to the west, the
tower looming overhead.

Loret says 'from in there?'

Loret points up through the hole in the boughs, the White Tower looming in the distance.

You nod in agreement.

You say 'I suppose it is obvious that I am.'

Loret smiles again, this time softer.

Loret says 'I see.'

Loret looks you over from head to toe, still seated neatly atop the large steed.

You say 'I'm ready to defend myself, should the need arise, a cry out and many would
come to defend me.'

Loret says 'that dress, my that's a pretty dress.'

Loret says 'a novice?'

You nod in agreement.

Loret looks at you.

Loret says 'well you're a very pretty girl. Where are you from in this world?'

Loret hops down from her large mount as it paws restlessly with the ground of the old
forest floor below.

Loret stops riding a warhorse.

You say 'That's none of your concern. But I've seen your type before, not far from home.'

Loret says 'oh..'

Loret says 'stories.'

Loret says 'a gleeman these days, a dime a dozen I'm sure.'

Loret says 'do you know who I am?'

You say 'More than stories... I've seen... things.'

Loret turns her gaze on you, a smile still flitting across her face.

You say 'You are a Child of Light, and the fact that you're talking instead of trying to
kill me is the only reason I'm still stood here.'

Loret laughs a bit, covering her mouth as if in awe.

Loret says 'kill you?'

Loret says 'what makes you think I want to kill you girl.'

Loret says 'in fact, I'd much rather the opposite.'

A warhorse pricks its ears forward and looks alert.

You say 'Like I say, I've seen things. Is it not your mission to find and destroy those
who would use the one power?'

Loret says 'my mission is to root out and destroy dark friends.'

Loret says 'you're too pretty to be a dark friend, don't you think?'

You say 'That IS a noble cause.'

Loret pauses for a moment, a sharp looking ruby red nail tapping the bottom of her lip.

You say 'One shared by the Tower.'

Loret says 'well.'

You say 'I wouldn't comment on my looks... I don't think anyone has called me pretty for a

Your cheeks are burning.

Loret gets a staff of sungwood from a small purse.

Loret gives you a staff of sungwood.

Loret slips what looks like a gold ring adorned with a serpent into a pocket.

Loret says 'I think you lack confidence girl.'

You say 'It has been my habit to run from such meetings in the past.'

Loret says 'you will need that whatever your calling is in life, whether it here with
those old witches or abroad doing something different all together.'

Loret says 'even a bar maid has charisma. I think you'll be just fine. It takes time.'

You say 'I thank you for the gift, and I will surely try to bash some wrongdoer's heads
with it.'

You say 'When they let me off the island, that is.'

Loret says 'I believe it once belonged to a more powerful witch, one I distrust in

Loret says 'someone I have stronger feelings about.'

You say 'Not romantic feelings, I imagine.'

Loret chuckles politely.

Loret says 'well, studies can grow long and laborious here.'

Loret says 'the romance is escaping, leaving this place one day.'

Loret says 'in some form or another.'

Loret says 'you don't have any friends in that giant tower of yours?'

Loret taps her lip again in deep anticipation.

You say 'I almost left it once already, at the blade of a darkfriend.'

Loret says 'perhaps you just need a friend. One that walks in the Light.'

Loret says 'someone you can talk to about the other .. well.'

Loret says 'mean girls.'

Loret locks eyes with you intently.

You say 'Friends come with time, there are some who I am starting to know well.'

Loret says 'I know those accepteds can be bullies.'

Loret steps towards you slowly, placing a lithe hand softly on your shoulder.

You stand a little more confidently.

Loret lets out a little giggle.

Your cheeks are burning.

Loret says 'I think you're already shaping up... friend.'

Loret says 'do you come outside these walls often?'

Loret says 'I pass through here now and again, more often than one would think.'

You say 'Not often, it's true. I'm unused to such restrictions.'

Loret pulls a tiny beautiful envelope from deep inside her cloak.

Loret holds the envelope up to what is left of the falling light, a crimson crook
imprinted into a wax sigil of ruby red.

Loret says 'whenever the other girls are mean to you, or you just want.. to talk.. '

Loret says 'give this tiny envelope to one of older men who congregate outside of the bar
just outside of the merchant's square.'

You arch an eyebrow.

Loret says 'they'll know how to find me, and we'll meet again for something fun.'

You say 'How do you define fun though? I mean, how can I be sure of my safety?'

Loret squeezes your shoulders lightly before turning and climbing atop her horse just as
she had arrived.

Loret says 'well, you're safe now aren't you?'

Loret chuckles politely.

You say 'True, but...'

You say 'There's always a but.'

Loret says 'until next time, don't be late!'

You say 'Until then, I suppose.'

Loret clicks her horse into a stride as she dashes south and into the deeper woods.

Loret leaves south.

(Yve hurries back inside the walls of Tar Valon.)