A Youngling, in the Meeting Room?

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A Youngling, in the Meeting Room?

Post by Chloro » Fri Jul 21, 2023 10:28 pm

Youngling Dornel seeks out the guidance and knowledge of Chloro Sedai as he continues his training. (ooc I had fun with this one, we so rarely get to see the Gaidin Rp!)

Participants: Chloro, Dornel.

Meeting Room of the Gray Ajah
Large, leaded glass windows surround the room on all sides, save the
southern where a large doorway leads out into a antechamber. The room
itself is dominated by a large wooden table around which sits at least
fifty matching chairs, something close to a record for the White Tower. In
the middle of the table are an assortment of unused parchments, quill pens
and stoppered ink jars. A small stand off to one side of the room holds a
large number of glass cups and a large pitcher of chilled water. An
inscription in fine lettering is etched upon the windows.
[ obvious exits: E ]
Zone: White Tower Upper Floors
Door east: door
A large round table built from black oak dominates the center of the room.
A young Tower Guard is on duty here.
Dornel {Apprentice to Rikkus Gaidin} is standing here.
A silver-haired Aes Sedai sits here, reading.
A Gray Sister walks here, considering her options.
Annoura Larisen is here, weighing your words.

Dornel bows deeply to all in attendance.

Dornel relaxes slightly, though still focused, and ready.

Chloro gracefully moves to the large round table that dominates the room and takes her high-backed chair in the southwest corner. "Please sit youngling. It is rare to have one of your kind within these halls."

Dornel says 'Thank you for meeting with me Chloro Sedai.'

Dornel takes a seat.

Chloro says 'Oh I do believe it is my pleasure, a good sign the light burns bright with so many apprentices of late.'

Dornel says 'I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the White Tower and the possibility to defend Aes Sedai against any threat.'

Chloro looks at Dornel with cool gray eyes smiling warmly. "Ah but the life of a Gaidin is that and so much more. How can I aid you in this?

Dornel says 'I have met quite a few apprentices lately as well, and they all seem very eager and willing to lay down their life in the defense of all within the White tower.'

Dornel says 'I've been set a few tasks, by my mentor Rikkus Gaidin. As have others wishing to join the fabled ranks of the Gaidin. I find myself lacking in a few of these tasks. As I've been mainly in battle of late finishing others.'

Chloro says 'Remember as you move forward Dornel, there is a balance to everything. Pursue one side of the scale too far and the other side will never come within reach.'

Dornel says 'Which is why I'm very grateful that you have asked me to meet with you Chloro Sedai. I am in need of some merits within the tower. I have gained favor with Tolza Sedai. I seek to build more relationships and serve as best as I can in any need that arises.'

Dornel nods in earnest understanding.

Chloro contemplates the boys’ words for a moment before nodding and smiling warmly. "I find that in my many years, actions speak far louder than words. As Gaidin, that should be a tenant of your training. It is not easy to be steel against steel to match an Aes Sedai power against power."

Dornel says 'I will be the first to admit my heart lies to defend the light against the darkness that is every ready to take what we hold dear. But I also understand that with this comes a balance, and I'm more than willing to put forth the effort to obtain that balance to the scale Chloro Sedai.'

Chloro chuckles at one attempting to balance the scales, as she so often did. "tell me boy, what are your aspirations of bonding, all younglings dream of this or that. Tell me yours."

Dornel says 'I will do whatever is needed of me, to protect and serve the White Tower. Should it mean refraining from battle and serving closer to my future home. I look forward to that and all it entails.'

Dornel says 'I only wish to serve, whatever is required of me. Like I said, I have a soldier’s background, and desires to defend the weak. But my desire is to serve, first and foremost. Whatever it is the Tower needs.'

Chloro smiles, her eyes sparkling at hearing the word "battle". "That is very pretty but it did not answer my question. No Aes Sedai is immune to battle, though your concept of battle must be broadened."

Dornel ponders this for a moment.

Chloro says 'For instance, what do you think the life of a Gaidin bonded to a Gray sister would be?'

Dornel says 'In what way do you mean?'

Dornel says 'It all depends really, I'm sure, I have heard of a few Gray that long for battle. I would think generally thought of a more diplomatic and service approach in duty.'

Dornel says 'From what I understand the Gray Ajah serves for diplomacy, law, perhaps being a mediator at times.'

Chloro chuckles and pulls a vial of green liquid from her purse holding it up so the light of the sun from the window reflects in it. "This was meant for a cup of tea in Maradon. Sand viper poison kills in a mere 30 seconds. I had presided over a court case that the noble did not like the outcome of. It is no less dangerous than a trolloc, or fade, and far more deadly. Carter earned his keep that day. We all do battle child, just on different fields."

Dornel says 'I am thankful Carter Gaidin was vigilant in his protection. There are far more dangers than just that of a weapon. Weapons come in many forms.'

Chloro says 'The Yellow dealing with a deranged patient capable of harm, the White tenuously weave a shield in place while being attacked, the Blue chased by a white cloak pursing her causes, the Gray facing a dagger in the back, the Brown experimenting with things from the age of legends. No less dangerous than a Green sister riding to battle.'

Chloro says 'Your "concept" of battle must expand.'

Dornel says 'I'd be a shield to the dangers of the world, and that does not just include battle. Taking on being a Gaidin, there are many paths that it could lead. Many dangers that I will be the shield against.'

Dornel nods in understanding and contemplates what has been said.

Chloro smiles and looks the youngling directly in the eyes." Gaidin also serve one more purpose. In the many lifetimes a Sedai lives. They are what tie us to the world, a grounding rod to remind us of the fact that we are not immortal, or impervious to wounds."

Dornel says 'A very wise and interesting way to broaden the term of battle, I thank you for taking the time to meet with me. Helping me in understanding all the dangers that I must be vigilant against.'

Chloro says 'Now, some advice for you, and you alone.'

Dornel listens intently.

Chloro says 'Just as an Aes Sedai chooses her Ajah, should you make it far enough, the right to be bonded comes, but the choice to bond lies with both parties. You have the right to say no. It is a near lifetime commitment. Do not make it hastily.'

Dornel nods in understanding and contemplation.

Chloro says 'Now, do you have any questions for me?'

Chloro says 'You may speak freely.'

Dornel ponders this for a moment.

Dornel says 'What more could I be doing to assist any Aes Sedai I see available? I have tried to make myself available to any that I've seen. I would much like to learn more from different perspectives and different Ajahs.'

Chloro smiles warmly, her gray eyes sparkling. " If you seek, you need only ask. You are a citizen of Tar Valon now; it is time to put the common folk mindset behind. If you seek to learn, you need only ask."

Chloro says 'Though perhaps as you see to join them, asking bonded Gaidin their perspective might yield more fruit.'

Dornel says 'I am doing my best to do just that, though I haven't met with many yet. I'm thankful for your time in speaking with me, and learning.'

Chloro says 'My door is always open Youngling. I can say that for myself and other sisters, aiding and working well with our initiates speak volumes. They are the future of the tower after all.'

Dornel ponders his questions, slightly embarrassed at his next.

Dornel says 'How does it feel...to be bonded to a Aes Sedai? What am I to expect?'

Chloro looks to the corner where Carter’s mallet used to rest. "Some things child, you must wait to find out yourself. It is different for each person. There is no tie stronger, no bond more unbreakable. I will pray to the creator you are ready when the time comes."

Dornel says 'I look forward to that time, should I be worthy of it.'

Chloro says 'Most in your training do, for now though, I release you back to your mentors. Do not be a stranger youngling.'

Chloro gestures with her hand.

The door smoothly swings open.

Dornel stands up and readies himself to leave.

Chloro says 'Oh and youngling...'

Chloro says 'My sisters and I will be watching...'

Dornel says 'I thank you Chloro Sedai, for meeting with me. It was very informative, an honor.'

Dornel bows before you.

Chloro nods waving the youngling out.

Dornel leaves east. >>