From one Healer to Another ---&RPaward

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From one Healer to Another ---&RPaward

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Ely edit Nov 10 2023:

1-6 qps, depending on length and quality.

Rplizer +1 qps : x
Extra meticulous edit +1 qps : x
Length bonus +1-2 qps : o
Part of a series +1 qps: o

Summary: +1 qps : o

Total: 3 qps, Etain also awarded


Tower Square
This side of the square is the southern section of the Tower Square.
In the center is the walled off White Tower. To the south a large
boulevard opens up leading to the Southharbor. To the north you see
the southern gate of the Tower grounds. The square continues east
and west.
A large banner rests here, depicting a map of Tar Valon.
[ obvious exits: N E S W ]
Zone: Tar Valon
Door north: TarlomensGate
A marble bench, flecked with gold and bronze, adorns the floor.
An oil lamp, set in a steel cage, hangs from a high wooden pole.
An elaborately sculpted marble fountain splashes merrily.
A stout wooden barrel stands nearby.
A Tairen bloodstock stallion stands here, tail swaying with the breeze, being ridden by you.
Mavrik Tumir {Apprentice to Jeb Gaidin} is standing here.
Etain of Murandy is standing here.
A Tower Guard watches for signs of trouble.
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently.

Etain says 'Hello there.'

Frederica says 'Good day Etain Sedai.'

Etain says 'How goes it?'

Frederica says 'It goes well, Aes Sedai. Actually, would you have time to speak?'

Frederica says 'Perhaps there is a better spot for us to converse? It seems the city is busy this afternoon.'

Etain nods in agreement.


Tarlomen's Gate
Wide enough for fifteen men abreast, the gates allowing access to the Tower
grounds are iron bound. The gilded Flames of Tar Valon set high up in the
thick timber have been polished to a shine that a Tinker would find
satisfactory. A cool river breeze wafts through the gate, making the trees
and bushes in the grounds to the north rustle and sway. The pale shaft of
the White Tower lies to the north, reaching a hundred spans into the air.
[ obvious exits: N S ]
Zone: White Tower Ground Floor
Door south: TarlomensGate
Etain of Murandy is standing here.
A guard stands here monitoring the people entering the Tower grounds.
A middle-aged officer is here controlling his subordinates.
A guard stands here monitoring the people entering the Tower grounds.
A guard stands here monitoring the people entering the Tower grounds.

Etain ponders life, the universe, and everything.

Etain says 'Would you be more comfortable in the Tower, or in one of the city's inns?'

Frederica says 'I can adapt quickly to either. Whichever you would prefer Aes Sedai.'

Etain nods in agreement.

Etain says 'The Yellow solarium, then.'


Solarium of the Yellow Ajah
Tall, arched windows offer a view of the island of Tar Valon and the
confluence of the river Erinin beyond Southharbor, as the river starts on
its journey to Tear. Pots and plants dot the balcony outside the windows.
Chairs have been drawn up near the windows and vases containing bouquets of
of yellow flowers have been placed nearby. Several desks and clusters of
chairs have been distributed around the room, allowing for informal
discussion of Yellow Sisters' research and studies.
[ obvious exits: N ]
Zone: White Tower Upper Floors
Door north: door
Sumptuously upholstered, a gold brocade chaise lounge with gilded legs rests nearby.
A large desk made of fine, thick wood stands across the room from here.
A chair made of red oak rests next to the table. [2]
Etain of Murandy is standing here.
A Yellow Sister glides past.
A silver-haired Aes Sedai sits here, reading.
Corele Hovian stands here with concern in her eyes.

Frederica bows her head in respect to the Aes Sedai.

Etain gestures at the door with her hand.

The door silently swings shut and lock with a soft *click*.

Etain says 'Please, make yourself at home.'

Etain says 'How can I be of assistance?'

Frederica looks about noticing the cleanliness of the room and the lavish furnishings. “Thank you Etain Sedai, I think the Yellow Ajah and I follow a similar path, just using different methods."

Etain nods.

Frederica says 'I am a field medic in Shienar, mainly stationed in Fal Dara. I am sure the Aes Sedai know the blight stirs ever stronger of late. My methods are simple. Horsehair stitching, pain tonics, and bandages of ripped cloth. '

Frederica says, 'In your experience, how do you handle such a high volume of patients as the northern field tents do?'

Etain smiles faintly.

Etain says 'With strenuous efforts. Yellow sisters are not as common as they once were. There was a time when junior Accepted would have filled the breach, but there are not as many of them as there used to be, either.'

Frederica nods and reaches over putting a fair hand on Etain's shoulder, "We all feel the strain, not as many Wisdoms, readers, and healers walk about either."

Etain nods in agreement.

Frederica says 'In another life, perhaps I would have come to the tower to learn the healing arts, but with so few of us about, some things must be cast away for the good of the many. I have seen you weave the power to heal men up north.'

Etain grimaces very slightly.

Etain says 'I wish that there was more that I could do. My Talents are not as strong as most, and I myself am physically weaker. Outside of a fortified city, I become a liability very quickly.'

Etain says 'Gaidin are not as common as they used to be, either. Not to mention that I've never been able to hold on to one.'

Etain smiles wryly.

Frederica says 'We all have our talents; I have seen you bring the nearly fatally wounded back from the brink. A gift I think that you wield deftly. Most tonics and cures cannot do that, you are also kind and compassionate while doing it.'

Etain says 'I rather envy people who have no special talents or abilities, but who are dedicated and compassionate enough to go where they are needed and do the job the hard way.'

Etain smiles at you.

Frederica pulls up her leather medic bag and opens it in full view of the Aes Sedai. A flask of water, chloral hydrate, numbing balm, thick syrup for poisons, yellow tonic of energy, red tonic for courage and strong brown tea for when the medic needs a pick me up. "This is what I carry with me, I am curious to know what an Aes Sedai carries?"

Etain raises an eyebrow. 'Impressive, I commend your level of preparation. I can't speak for most Aes Sedai, but I carry whatever I have available.'

Etain says 'Which, I confess, isn't often much. I tend to spend little time in the Tower, and to use whatever resources I can acquire independently.'

Frederica nods and smiles warmly, her eyes gleaming at the chance of learning more about the craft. “I think if you stay ready, you seldom have to get ready."

Etain nods at you.

Frederica says 'Do you have any advice for one just starting into the craft? I only have a year or two under my belt.'

Etain tugs thoughtfully on a loose strand of flame-red hair.

Etain says 'From my perspective, patience is crucial. Supporting the army up north is often a matter of long stretches of inactivity, broken by sudden burst of frantic activity.'

Etain says 'Staying focused can be difficult, but it is highly important.'

Frederica nods understanding the message, "I often find I must stop and reassess the situation at times, the wheel truly does turn very fast in the north."

Frederica looks at the sun through the window and then to the Aes Sedai. "I fear I have taken up to much of your time Etain Sedai.."

Etain smiles.

Etain says 'Not at all, it is a pleasure to speak to you.'

Frederica says, 'Also with you Etain Sedai, I hope we can speak again in future, it is nice to have someone with more experience to discuss things with.'

Etain nods in agreement.

Frederica smiles and nods to Etain Sedai offering for her to go first.

Etain stops resting, and clambers on her feet.

Frederica says 'Next time we will pick a Tavern and I’ll show you a liquor that has relaxing properties.'

Etain nods in agreement.

Etain says 'Absolutely.'

Etain says 'Shall I escort you back to the square?'

Frederica says 'If you could please.'

Etain nods in agreement.