Help Save Maerone

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Help Save Maerone

Post by Theresa » Mon Apr 10, 2023 4:50 pm

In our day-to-day lives, hunger is often hard to see, but that does not mean it is not there. Sadly, this hunger has hit especially hard in Maerone
With the increased hardship children and families have faced since the wars decimated Cairhien, it was estimated that as many as 1 in 3 children in this area was food insecure — meaning that they did not always know how they would get their next meal.

What does this mean for you?

A monthly gift is the most effective and efficient way to partner in the fight against hunger. Each crown of your gift will provide 1 month of food and life essentials for vulnerable children and families.

Based on our program model that leverages the food and essential items our corporate partners donate; we can stretch our operating budget and the impact of your crown.

5 crowns can feed a child for a month. Here are just a list of some of the children you can sponsor:
• Yason – Age 7
o Loves playing games
o Protective of his sister Alisson
• Alisson – Age 5
o Loves dolls
o Annoyed by her brother Yason
• Denish – Age 6
o Extremely good gardner
o Lost his parents during the war

20 crowns can feed an entire family for a month.

Sponsoring a child is a unique and personal way to fight childhood hunger and make the world a better place, one child at a time.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” ― Theresa

Your child will receive:
• nutritious food
• educational resources to further successful learning outcomes
• encouraging letters you send
Your child’s community will benefit through activities that could include:
• sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition training
• increased access to safe, clean water
• school and community gardens
• village savings & loan groups for parents
• and other programs to make a difference in the lives of children and their families

Every child in our sponsorship program has a unique story. As a sponsor, you will get to know your child through annual updates and if you correspond with your child, you will receive individual replies. When a child knows they have someone on their side, they dream big!
If you sponsor a younger child, you will receive personal reply by pigeon from a special person in his or her life – typically, a parent, teacher or caregiver.

Theresa Aidillinen

**In tiny print you see, “All donations are nonrefundable and the charity accepts no liability to your sponsored child/family if eaten by trollocs or stabbed by Greymen.**