Far to the south of Andor.

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Far to the south of Andor.

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A warm glow emanated from the huge mirrored golden stand-lamps and chandeliers, lighting the Conference Room where the Council of Nine had convened. Gregorin den Lushenos, the Speaker of the Council, had outlined the latest reports from Baerlon before yielding the floor to his fellow Councilmembers. While Illian do be having a tumultuous relationship with the Children of the Light at best, the implications of the events at Baerlon did be concerning.

'I did be thinking the Aes Sedai were bound by the Oaths,' one of the members said. A number of the others nodded their agreement.

'Of course, we do no be knowing whether they channeled. Even a woman do be able to murder a man without the use of the One Power,' Lord Narettin offered.

Narettin did be seeming like a sensible man, Gregorin thought. Not quite as rash as some of the others did be.

'On the other hand, if the White Tower now do be fighting humans if they do no be darkfriends, then that do be changing a lot.'

Lord Brend spoke up, saying 'We all do be knowing that Tear do no be having any love for Aes Sedai, but the Aes Sedai do be wanting into that Great Hold in the Stone. I do be a military man, I do be having to consider that Tar Valon do be valuing Tear over Illian.'

A few of the members shifted in their seats.

Lord Brend suggested 'There do be an increase of Aes Sedai in Illian. Aside from the one who do be advisor to the King, there be a Red who do be prowling around northern Illian. We should show Tar Valon we do no be fearing them by ousting this woman.'

The others nodded in agreement. Gregorin asked 'Do we be having a consensus? All in favor do be raising their hand.' A few hands went up, followed by Lord Brend and finally Gregorin himself. 'We do be having a consensus, the Red Sister will be escorted to the border of Illian.'


Rich, plush fabrics covered the furniture in the High Lady's room in the Stone of Tear, with a thick carpet covering the hard stone floor and wall hangings depicting the Fingers of the Dragon and horses out in pasture along the walls. A few of the High Lords and High Ladies had convened in High Lady Anaiyella's quarters to discuss the latest news from Andor. Most of them looked disinterested, but High Lord Samon knew better.

'Any news on developments regarding the First?' one of them asked.

Samon smiled internally. No one was going to admit out loud the sought after development was an assassination.

'She's alive and well,' someone broke the news.

The High Lady Anaiyella glanced at Samon and shifted in her seat, before saying dryly 'The same cannot be said of those Whitecloaks in Baerlon. A pigeon arrived, apparently two Aes Sedai and a warder killed anyone who was not an Andoran.'

Samon observed the reactions of the others through half-closed eyes. One of the High Lords smirked. One of the High Ladies grasped her necklace. Samon chuckled lightly. He was only going to plant a seed of doubt. 'This is why we are cautious with those women.'

'It's harder to kill a few of those zealots than it is to make the Stone fall,' the High Lady said. Samon smiled. You could always count on that woman to mention how strong the Stone was. Now the concepts of being cautious around these so-called Aes Sedai and the falling of the Stone were connected.

Samon made a dismissive sound. 'You never neglect to mention how strong the Stone is, Estanda.'

Estanda became defensive. 'The Stone is strong. It has never fallen.'

'Yet it is prophesied to fall, one day. And given no regular army has been able to defeat it...' High Lord Simaan made a face. This was not something the High Lords liked being reminded of.

Anaiyella stepped in smoothly. 'Be at ease, Estanda. I doubt we have to worry about the Great Holding being pillaged by the White Tower. They wouldn't be that bold.'

The High Lord Simaan frowned for a moment and said 'Perhaps it is not so much the Stone we have to worry about, but our strained history with the Tower. If they are now attacking humans, perhaps that signals they are no longer neutral? What implications would that have for our conflict with Illian? Or our plans for Mayene, for that matter. Can we trust Tar Valon to stay out of our conflicts as we did before?'

Samon smiled. It was always better if someone else came up with the idea. His ploy had worked, the seed was planted.