In the Fortress of Light.

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In the Fortress of Light.

Post by Elysia » Mon Mar 20, 2023 6:46 pm

'Any reports from our eyes and ears?' Pedron Niall, the Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light, asked his Intelligence Officer, Omerna.

Omerna pulled some papers from a stack, presenting some information that the people living in the Great Forest were emerging from the trees more often. Old news, Niall knew, but he pretended to be interested. The ploy of having Omerna be the Intelligence Officer worked better if the man believed it himself. Not much later, once Omerna had left the room, Niall's secretary came in. Sebban Balwer was a dry, stick of a man with a pinched face with beady eyes and constantly dry-washing his hands. His information was far more interesting and he was the true Spymaster of Niall.

'My Lord, it would seem the White Tower has angered Andor once again, as they did with the Dragonsworn. A group consisting of the lapdog Draz, the witches Relena, Naji and one of the Accepted attacked our forces that were holding Baerlon until reinforcements arrived. Among them was also the Lancer, Maximus.'

Niall frowned. This was either very bold, or very stupid. Given that the lapdog had been involved in the previous incident and his witch, likely very stupid. But this was an opportunity he could not pass up. There was pressure to be exerted, minds to be swayed, a tactical advantage to be used.

'Send Lord Captain Valda's legion to Baerlon. Make sure he brings young Damodred, for diplomacy purposes.'

Balwer's eyes twinkled as he saw the Lord Captain Commander's plan. Anyone foolish enough to attack Morgase's son, in Andor no less... Sebban bowed and Niall half expected to hear a creaking sound. Balwer said 'A cunning plan, sir'.

Niall smiled kindly, but the smile left his eyes untouched. He added 'Have our forces north of Tar Valon send a force towards Tarwin's Gap. Time to show Shienar that they are not the only ones sworn to oppose the Shadow.'

Balwer nodded as he made notes. The orders would have to be written, by the secretary, of course.

'Finally, it is time we rally the common folk of Andor. Few truly trust Aes Sedai and we must seize the moment.'