Dust Motes by Candlelight &- BonusRPqps

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Dust Motes by Candlelight &- BonusRPqps

Post by Chloro » Mon Mar 20, 2023 10:19 am

The double doors of the gray wing leading out onto the common halls of the tower lay closed as If asleep, no light shown from beneath, no commotion was heard through them as if no one was there. Further down in the depths of the wing voices could be heard and scribes seen scrambling carrying scrolls, maps, refreshments, and missives in mass. The only thing keeping their work secret was a weave placed on the doors blocking sound and light.

Chloro read the new report as she walked past her sisters, everyone had been woken, some out of a sound sleep at the news from both Andor and Illian, she knew more would be coming from other countries but, one at a time. Old storerooms littered in dust and cobwebs had been opened and cleaned by the maids as tables were move and political war maps began to be drawn. Chloro nearly stopped dead in her tracks seeing Kinsa, an ancient Gray that had more than earned her white streak in nothing but a night gown barking orders to younger sisters in a room setup for Illian. No one had been spared, and not a moment could be wasted. They had hours before the hall would know if other Ajahs did not already.

Carter walked two paces behind his eyes weary, Chloro and been no edge and was to engrossed in Morgase’s latest political statement to care about masking the bond. Andor had unofficially declared its status in this zealot contagion. Illian was following suit, though that was something she had anticipated, either willingly or by force the Children would make a move on Illian. Tear most likely would do the opposite as they had done for centuries before.

Andor was becoming a risk, one that could be ill afforded if other’s were called into question. Her eyes looked up as she entered the storeroom being used for Andor, two pleasantly plump grays appearing in their middle years smiled to her. Collie and Agnes, she could almost feel sorry for them, during the Dragonsworn uprising they had remained in the tower lives untouched as they had been since gaining the shawl seventy five years ago. Both had been assigned to the field, and both would be heading towards Andor as Chloro would. The map laid out held every charted town, water way, and any research they had on merchants that frequented the ports. Collie would be going to Whitebridge to scout and watch for any news coming or going through it. Agnes had been giving marching orders for Deven Ride to observe and forewarn if the Children began raising an army.

News of a Lord Gabriel in the queen’s ear had reached her however she knew little to nothing of the man other than he was high seat of a smaller house not far from where everything hand begun. Dust motes swirled as a pigeon came crashing through the narrow window into the candle lit storeroom. The poor thing was already spent and beyond healing. A small note was attached to its leg, the missive written in code from an operative in the field.

Carefully she took the missive from the already cooling birds’ body and read it carefully. Looking up she nodded to both women “Make your preparations you leave before sun up, Illian is now allowing the warranted Children to apply for pardons. Be safe both of you and may the creator see us to meet again once this is over. You are both unbonded which may be either a good or bad thing, I have had Coulin draw up a list of candidates ready for bond, you should both quickly review it before you depart. I will have a bag of crowns moved to each of your rooms.”

With a curt nod she exited the room regaining Carter who had been standing watch outside. Quickly she took a left and enter her own apartments moving to the wardrobe which as of late had worked wonders for this very situation. Opening the right side, she pulled two pairs of shoes off the lower panel and slid her finger along the edge. The panel popped up to show a false bottom, she had always been prepared to leave quickly if needed. Her work demanded it at times. Reaching in she grabbed two purses of equal weight, two hundred and fifty crowns each and handed them to Carter. “Be sure they have everything they need, neither of them has been out of the Tower in almost one hundred years. I put bonding in their ears but I do not know if it will take.” The man nodded and disappeared down the hall dodging scribes moving with urgency.

After closing the compartment and her own apartment door she moved to the bookcase in the back, law books of every nation stood at attention on each of the shelves carefully organized by date published. All except for one, a gift before she had shawled, a slim book of Shienarian Poetry. Pulling the book out, she opened to page fifty. Various letters of rights flattened from time crammed into a shelf lay before her, she selected four and put them into her belt purse. Gently she returned the book and looked to a missive she had written earlier folded neatly on the table. It was not yet time to send it, though the time would come, and quickly. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes taking solace in the water wheel exercise she had taught to so many novices. Her mind wandered from nation to nation wondering which would be next to declare its position.

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