The Pigeon Fly’s by Night &-BonusRPqps

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The Pigeon Fly’s by Night &-BonusRPqps

Post by Chloro » Sun Mar 19, 2023 9:05 pm

Her breath turned to mist as she walked in the woods just west of Alindaer, her journey out of the city was less than fortune. One could say it was almost harder to leave Tar’Valon unseen in the night than it was during mid-day. She could count on most guards barely noticing a woman in tattered clothes, yet the bridge guards on this side had nearly seen through her disguise. She would have to find out which ship captain was berating his sleeping deck hands that drew the guards attention away.

A smile graced her face as she moved towards Silver, her trusted mount, left by Carter earlier in the day. That detail had been difficult to iron out, yet successful in the end. After hugging the animal’s neck, she mounted into her gray saddle and turned west towards this night’s destination.


A cold breeze swayed the branches over head as she rode through the snow, Silver’s hooves rising and falling with a soft crunch as she moved through the frozen Caralain Grass. Saidar masking her scent, she knew the dogs would cause to much commotion and this was after all a discreet visit. The smell of root vegetable stew and sounds of fiddle music started to become more apparent as she moved closer to the Tuatha’an camp. Though they did not believe in violence, some among them believed in securing peace even if only through aiding in non-violent ways.

After circling the camp once she drew up the rein’s at a garishly colored yellow and purple wagon, pots and pans clattering gently in the breeze, candle light could be seen glowing in the window. Chloro dismounted, her frayed brown cloak swaying as it settled from the quick movement. Her eyes darted in the darkness looking for any that might observe her and make note of it. Finding none she moved to the back of the wagon, her stout worn boots making a soft click as she stepped up on the first stair. With a gentle knock she waited, the sound of cooing coming from inside the wagon.

Light poured out into the frigid darkness as an older woman in her sixties peered out at the Aes Sedai in beggars’ clothes standing before her door. “You could have sent word you were coming Sedai, you nearly missed another sister here hours ago.”

Chloro stopped for a moment at the mention of another being near here, then mentally brushed it off, she did not have time for it now. “Time escapes in this matter, the wheel I feel has begun to turn faster, thought I cannot say if it is turning towards the light or dark. Your services are needed, and your silence is demanded Zorka. Without it I cannot guarantee your safety.” With a quick graceful motion Chloro raised her hand to her chest and pulled several letters from the bosom of her faded blue dress. “These must go out within the hour.” Reaching forward she offered the letters to the woman, her eyes internally cringing at the clash of purple and yellow that made up Zorka’s skirt.

Zorka looked at the letters, each one had the Aes Sedai’s personal seal on it, a falcon diving for a mouse beneath a waning crescent moon. Softly the old woman spoke “Let us see: Illian, Fal Dara, Chachin, Tar Valon, and Tanchio.” The woman paused as she read the last destination, “what would an Aes Sedai have to do with Whitebridge?” Shaking her head, she put her hands up realizing her tone, “I do not pry, the workings of you people would make sailor’s blush. The letters will cost a pretty penny to send, I have only just trained new ones.”

Chloro nodded looking to a dozen pigeon crates along the back wall, most cooing in their sleep. Deftly her left hand removed and offered a weighted purse of gold crowns to the tinker. “As a side note, should any of them not return or any missives be sent back, they must be sent to one Aes Sedai in particular. Anyia Sedai, no other woman wearing the serpent ring can see any of this.”

Giving a last look at Zorka she placed on final letter on her bed and nodded before dipping out into the night, returning to silver. The horse as grazing on a few blades of frozen grass, “forgive me my friend, I fear this is the just the beginning of our work tonight.” In a swift deft motion she mounted her chestnut mare, trained as a warhorse but of Tear stock the animal was prized to her. Gripping the reins, she wheeled her trusty mount heading towards Alindaer pushing the animal. Pigeon call could be heard as a flock of them rose behind her each bird heading in a different direction. Snow crunched loudly in the same direction as a wagon could be barely seen heading south west at speeds most tinkers did not even dream of.

Her mind settled as she felt the bond checking on Carter, he had his own mission tonight, though the grumblings of him not being there to protect her nearly drove what little of her patience was left from existence. They could not stay home long, if what she knew was true, the dark may be afoot. Stupidity did not survive among the Grays, they knew what existed among their order as much as the Blue’s, even if they did not publicly declare it. This upheaval was too much of a lamb to slaughter for the darker side of things not to rear its ugly head.

As if by mental que, sheep bleated in the distance, Alindear appeared on the horizon as the sun began to rise in the east. Time, there was never enough time when one lived so long yet others so little. Perhaps this is why sisters gained the white streak, loss of sleep and mental strain.

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