Changes to Warranting Rules

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Changes to Warranting Rules

Post by Elysia » Mon Feb 27, 2023 4:44 pm

We've changed the warranting rules so members of justice clans have a more favorable position over criminals and wanteds.

We've also re-formated the Rules post, so it's less of a lawbook and grouped better: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=300

The new additions are:

Suspected Darkfriends:
If a person is under suspicion for giving aid to the Shadow, then you are permitted to warrant that person as a “Suspected Darkfriend” out of an abundance of caution, regardless of whether the offense took place within your borders or not.
  • Most commonly, this can happen when a person attacks a criminal while the criminal is fighting Shadowspawn: e.g., a Child of Light attacking an Aes Sedai while the Aes Sedai is fighting a Dreadlord in the Blight. This is outside their clan boundaries, but the Shienaran Lancers might wish to warrant the Child of Light as a Suspected Darkfriend in this case. If there are no other suspicious incidents, then the person may request a pardon after a reasonable period of time.
Hunting without impediment:
Hunting should favor justice clans, and so criminals don’t get a free pass to flee to other nations. If you are pursuing a criminal from your homeland, neutral or allied lands, you may continue to chase that person with no repercussions if they flee into another nation (and nations may not make laws to block this serving of justice). Note that you may not initiate hunting the criminal in another nation’s territory without a treaty (you will be subject to being warranted for causing violence, if that nation deems fit). In scenarios where the criminal claims they have been unjustly attacked, the burden of proof is on the criminal (not the person trying to serve justice) to prove it.

For example:
Scenario A.) An Illian Companion is hunting a Defender of the Stone who has just raided Illian. The Defender flees to Andor, which does not have a treaty with Illian or prefers to maintain neutrality. The Companion may pursue, attack, and kill the Defender within Andor. There is no safety granted to the Defender by fleeing to another nation and trying to hide behind their laws or treaty.

Scenario B.) An Illian Companion sees a wanted Defender sitting in Caemlyn and attacks him. The Defender may justifiably seek redress with Andor for an unprovoked attack on Andoran soil.

Scenario C.) An Illian Companion is hunting a Defender of the Stone who has just raided Illian. The Defender flees to Andor. A Queen’s Guard is awake, and does not like the disturbance. They tell both the Companion and Defender to get out of Andor. This is well within their rights (and it is the Defender’s responsibility to leave Andor while being hunted by the Companion).

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