LORD Reil Finds An Apprentice ---&RPaward

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LORD Reil Finds An Apprentice ---&RPaward

Post by reil » Sun Jan 22, 2023 2:16 pm

Ely edit Feb 10 2023:

1-6 qps, depending on length and quality.

Rplizer +1 qps : x
Extra meticulous edit +1 qps : o
Length bonus +1-2 qps : o
Part of a series +1 qps: o

Summary: +1 qps : x

Total: 3 qps, Jeb also awarded.


Hearing tales of a retired lumberjack ,who has taken to trying to chop down trollocs, seeking apprenticeship to the Gaidin, Reil Gaidin had been attempting to wake up and find the lumberjack. After several days of trying, the stars aligned and this immersive log picks up after Reil sends out the call for Jeb to drop what he is doing and come to Tar Valon. QPs please.

POV: Reil
Participants: Reil, Jeb!


Jeb has arrived from the east.

Jeb sprints into the room, sweating a lot

Jeb says 'I ran here from Fal Dara.'

Reil says 'Good work, you could have ridden a horse though.'

Jeb frowns.

Jeb says 'I should have.'

Reil says 'If you are going to be my apprentice, I think you need to learn to work smarter rather than work harder.'

Jeb kneels solemnly.

In preparation for battle, Jeb does some deep knee bends.

Reil says 'It seems you have been fighting around the northlands and attempting to lead battles.'

Jeb nods in agreement.

The sun casts a golden glow over the city.

Jeb says 'Attempting is the word.'

Jeb nods in agreement.

Reil nods in agreement.

Jeb says 'Yes.'

Reil says 'It's the critical word. Some often attempt nothing and are out of ideas. '

Jeb says 'I have committed to being present in order to find martial work in Tar Valon'

Jeb says 'in the hopes of becoming a Gaidin.'

Reil nods in agreement.

Reil says 'There is more to being a Gaidin than battle however. '

Jeb wipes some of the grime off his armor, that is otherwise clean.

The gleeman leaves south.

Jeb says 'I keep myself in order in most ways.'

The day has begun.

Jeb says 'And if the Gaidin need firewood I am well versed in the work of lumberjacks.'

Reil says 'You must be willing to lay your life on the line for your allies and especially the members of the Tower. That will be your charge. '

The gleeman has arrived from the south.

Reil nods in agreement.

Jeb stretches a scar covered arm out and itches his neck.

Reil says 'There are always blighted trees to chop down. We do spend a fair amount of our time on envoy missions to Fal Dara to push back the Blight.'

Reil says 'The best defense is a good offense and all that.'

Jeb says 'I am willing to lay my life down for allies and those of the White Tower who put their lives in my charge. I can prove this.'

Reil nods in agreement.

Reil says 'And prove it you must.'

Reil says 'Here is what you are going to do to prove your worth.'

Reil says 'I want 10 heads of lurks, trollocs that are masters in their clans, or dreadlords. This has to come with accounts of the action that led to severing of said heads.'

Jeb says 'Yes.'

Jeb says 'Do I need to be a part of it?'

Reil says 'You can get these in single combat, but if there are other members of the Light in the fight, I prefer accounts where you are leading them.'

The snow lightens up a bit. You are fully immersed.

Jeb considers this.

Jeb says 'Yes, I can do that.'

Reil tells Jeb 'one second looking for the other reqs'

Jeb starts looking through and reoragnizing his backpack.

Reil says 'I expect there will be lots of interaction with ladies of the Tower or other Gaidin. I would like one instance of your interaction with an Aes Sedai, an Accepted, a Novice, and a current Gaidin Warder.'

The River Lady has arrived at the docks.

The gleeman leaves east.

Reil says 'In your case, I think I will say you must pick LORD Deimon's brains for his battle strategies and know-how so that you can improve yourself. That will be your final report. (4 RP logs, one with each of the ones I named.)'

Jeb says 'I will do this.'

Reil says 'I need at least one log of you leading a Gaidin to battle. One of your 10 heads accounts can serve as this. '

Jeb says 'I will see what he knows.'

Reil says 'I also need two accounts of you leading AS/Accepted into combat. Your 10 head accounts can serve as this.'

The gleeman has arrived from the east.

Jeb nods in agreement.

Jeb says 'I haven't seen many Accepteds up north lately, but I have seen some Aes Sedai.'

Jeb says 'I will ask more if I see them so that I have more opportunities. '

The loud peals of a handbell echo through the streets.

Reil says 'To summarize -- 10 master/remort scalps, no repeats, can only be acquired from solo battles with accounts or group battles you lead in, also with accoounts. No repeats. One account has to be leading a current Gaidin, two accounts have to be leading AS/Accepted. If you are leading all three in one session, that counts as one log for each category.'

Jeb cups a handful of water from the fountain and drinks.

Reil nods in agreement.

Jeb says 'I don't have any additional questions'

Jeb says 'if I do I will let you know if I do.'

Reil nods in agreement.

Jeb says 'I will let you know.'

Jeb looks at his feet.

Jeb nods in agreement.

Reil says 'Change your title to indicate that you are my apprentice.'

Reil nods at him.

Jeb says 'thank you for the opportunity to work toward a gaidin job reil gaidin'

Reil says 'It is not simply a job, it is a calling, you would do well to remember that, apprentice. I have high hopes for you.'