The Turning of the Wheel ---&RPaward

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The Turning of the Wheel ---&RPaward

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In this two-part log, Jeyid hears of a group of intrepid adventurers defending Fal Dara against a Shadowspawn attack. Riding north to assist, or at least to learn of the excitement and celebrate his compatriots, Jeyid encounters Lord Dixon and learns a thrilling tale about their recent recovery of the famed Hatchet of Hawkwing. Later, inspired by this tale, Jeyid gives his first formal gleeman performance and shares a story about the Hatchet and its recovery, including an original ballad penned for this very performance.

POV: Jeyid
Main characters: Jeyid, Dixon
Attendees: Antonio, Hadis, Jaghatai, Joreer, Kalrons, Mouser, Natia, Rikkus

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The Fal Dara Master Blacksmith's
This smithy is a very simple arrangement with only a forge, anvil and a
work bench, somewhat cluttered with various pieces of iron and steel strewn
over it, all ready to be reshaped into the finest weapons. The various
precious metals in wooden crates round the walls indicate this smithy is a
place for quality weapons only. The blackened forge in the centre of the
smithy has a fire in a hearth fuelled by scorching charcoal, which is
raised off the ground in a shallow clay bowl at waist height.
[ obvious exits: W ]
West: A city lamplighter stands nearby, attending his duties.
The master blacksmith's forge is here, blasted by a fierce fire.
A master blacksmith is here, hard at work.
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently.
Lord Dixon the Lieutenant is standing here.
An elite Shienaran guard attends his duties.
An attendant runs errands for his master here.
A retired guardsman lounges around near a rack of weapons.

Jeyid flashes a playful grin.

Dixon says 'I was running around killing groups of bad people hiding out in different areas with Antonio and some others.'

Dixon says 'Bumper said that there was a Fade and a madman Blight. We decided to come up and see what was going on.'

Jeyid listens intently, nodding for Dixon to go on.

Dixon says 'Somehow I got conned into leading like always and being responsible for people's lives.'

Jeyid says 'A heavy burden of responsiblity.'

Dixon says 'At first we were chasing Axxye around the blight trying to get him to stand still for a moment. He refused and kept throwing fireballs and lighting at us.'

Jeyid winces.

Jeyid says 'Aye, that sounds like him.'

Dixon says 'Eventually the fade Zatuchly showed up and they started yelling at each other about being in each other’s way.'

Dixon says 'Was mildly entertaining and useful for me to catch them off guard.'

Dixon says 'Never get used to hearing a fade talk by the way. Its all that rasping.'

Jeyid barks out a dry laugh.

Dixon says 'Anyway, we decided to fall back after Bumper and myself were hit with multiple lighting bolts. Not fun.'

Jeyid says 'I always find it highly disconcerting, myself. But when they are coordinating poorly, I can see how it could be so comical.'

Dixon says 'Zatuchly chased after Bumper and we ended up getting him choked up around the Cul area in Blight.'

Dixon says 'I knocked him down off his shadow stallion and he fell into little pieces.'

Jeyid grins evilly.

Dixon says 'Shortly after some trolloc that Axxye was calling Honey showed up and they tried to fight us in the Orchard around Blight.'

Dixon says 'Axxye again starts yelling nonsense with the trolloc, whom none of us could understand, but again it worked against him.'

Jeyid nods in agreement.

Dixon says 'We ended up trapping him around some deadtrees and he too fell off his horse into little pieces'

Dixon says 'It's odd how that keeps happening to bad guys around us.'

Dixon says 'Bash em and they just fall apart'

Jeyid murmurs in reply, 'Ta'veren.'

Jeyid says 'It must be so.'

Dixon says 'Zatuchly was brought back from the dead by the Dark Lord i'm assuming.'

Dixon says 'He showed back up but wasn't much of a threat without having his full armor or the Hatchet.'

Dixon says 'We decided to bring the Hatchet back south instead of risking it falling back into their hands again.'

Dixon says 'And then you ran into us.'

Jeyid says 'Sometimes the Pattern demands more of individual threads, and weaves them into the grand Tapestry, causing ripples and eddies in the threads nearby.'

Jeyid nods in agreement.

Jeyid says 'I hear them calling even now. The Trollocs seek your blood, Lord Dixon.'

Dixon nods in agreement.

Dixon says 'I need to retrain before I head out'

The master of scouts bellows 'Incoming message!!'

The master of scouts bellows 'Honey was spotted Shadowing a Road'
The master of scouts bellows 'Smaxx was spotted Entering the Gap'
The master of scouts bellows 'Smaxx was spotted Shadowing a Road'
The master of scouts bellows 'Smaxx was spotted Shadowing a Road'

Jeyid says 'Thank you for sharing your story.'

Dixon says 'My pleasure.'

Dixon says 'I'm going to go train now. '

Dixon says 'Goodday Gleeman.'

Jeyid says 'Peace favor your sword, lieutenant.'

Jeyid bows before Dixon.


The Black Fox Tavern
Jeyid ease your way into this dark and cool tavern. There were several
conversations going when you entered, but every single person in the room
has now turned and looks appraisingly at you. You don't feel at all
welcome. The barkeep seems in no particular hurry to take your order, and
it's certainly not because he hasn't seen you.
A small sign hangs by the doorway.
[ obvious exits: S ]
Zone: Outer Caemlyn
Door south: door
Door down: trapdoor
A rough-hewn wooden goblet has been set aside here. [6]
A Tairen bloodstock stallion stands here, tail swaying with the breeze.
Jaghatai the Squadman is resting here.
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently.
Kalrons of Tarabon is resting here.
A Tairen bloodstock stallion stands here, tail swaying with the breeze.
Lord Joreer the Lieutenant is standing here.
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently.
Lady Natia Hirst is standing here.
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently.
Mouser Treemeister, King of the Trees is standing here.
A Domani razor stands here, eyes keen and swishing its tail.
Hadis Jack is standing here.
A sullen man is hunched over a tankard, sipping his ale.
A shapely young woman skillfully weaves amongst the chaos, taking orders.
A merchant guard eyes you warily, intent on keeping order.
A merchant guard eyes you warily, intent on keeping order.
A bartender serves customers with a greedy smile.

Jaghatai drinks mulled wine from a wooden goblet.

Jeyid says 'To begin, let me first make an entrance!'

Jeyid heads south out of the room, and performs acrobatic handsprings to leap into the room!

Jeyid does a series of back handsprings leading to the north.

Jeyid flourishes grandly.

Hadis claps approvingly.

Natia claps approvingly.

Mouser gives a round of applause.

Jeyid says 'Greetings, friends, welcome one and all.'

The door is opened from the other side.

Antonio has arrived from the south.

Antonio sits down and rests.

Jeyid says 'I am Jeyid al'Donovan, the newest member of the gleemen consortium.'

Jeyid says 'Many of you know me from my time with the Queen's Guard, where until very recently I served as a Bannerman here.'

Jeyid says 'Unfortunately, I had to retire from my time as a soldier to care for my wounded mother, but she has recovered and I have decided to pursue a new lifestyle.'

Jeyid says 'Today, I had a brief tale of excitement I wished to share, and a song I have written to bring it to life.'

Jeyid flashes a playful grin.

Jeyid says 'How many of you have heard of the Hatchet of Hawkwing?'

Hadis raises his hand.

Natia nods in agreement.

Mouser says 'Oh yeah!'

Jaghatai shakes his head.

Jeyid says 'Yes, you, Hadis! What do you know about this weapon?'

Hadis says 'it's a hatchet'

Jeyid flashes a playful grin.

Jeyid says 'Very astute!'

Jeyid says 'This is, in fact, true.'

Jeyid winks suggestively at Hadis.

Jeyid says 'Mouser?'

Jeyid says 'What do you know about the Hatchet?'

Jeyid peers closely at Mouser, trying to figure him out.

Mouser says 'I have only heard of it, never seen one!'

Mouser says 'I hope one day to be able to train with one.'

Jeyid nods in agreement.

Jaghatai says 'did Hawkwing use it to split his firewood?'

Jeyid says 'Blood and ashes, Defender, I hope he was not so uncouth! But it does seem quite sensible.'

Jeyid says 'The Hatchet of Hawkwing is a weapon of legend, you see.'

Jeyid says 'From what I have been told, this is a mystical weapon, come to us from a mirror world, a reflection of this one known in a place within Tel'aran'rhiod, the World of Dreams.'

Jeyid says 'The Hatchet belonged to Artur Paendrag Tanreall, known by legend simply as Artur Hawkwing, a great emperor who once claimed all of the lands west of the Spine of the World and claimed the title of High King.'

Jeyid says 'But did you know that this weapon might be...cursed?'

Jeyid cringes in terror.

Antonio gasps in astonishment.

Jeyid tumbles forward suddenly, springing up to Natia Sedai. 'Perhaps the White Tower knows about this legendary item, and the myths surrounding it?'

Jeyid springs over to Rikkus Gaidin, whispering conspiratorily, 'Or the Gaidin, legendary weapon masters and guardians of the ladies of the Tower?'

Natia says 'There is documentation on this legendary weapon in the library. However, even to this day stories of its location and wielders are spoken of.'

Joreer nods in agreement.

Jeyid nods seriously, a look of contemplation on his face.

Jeyid says 'But most recently, I have seen the Hatchet with my own eyes, stolen from the dead corpse of the Fade known as Zatuchly, and claimed by Lord Dixon, lieutenant of the Shienaran Lancers.'

Natia says 'The handle drips with so much bloodshed it is hard to grasp for long periods of time. The wielders tend to lay waste to those around them until they can no longer stay in control of the weapon.'

Jeyid shivers uncomfortably.

Jeyid murmurs, 'Perhaps the stories, then are true. But then, is the item cursed? Or is that the Pattern itself calls to the wielder, enslaving them to a life of glory - or carnage?'

Jeyid says 'Lord Dixon recounted to me that along with Bumper Pool, the Trolloc Dancer of the Red Eagles, and Hotoke of Arafel, and our very own Antonio Vincetti here, Corporal of the Queen's Guard, they were able to claim this hatchet from the Shadow.'

Jeyid enthusiastically cheers for Antonio.

Antonio nods in agreement.

Jeyid says 'After hearing this moving tale, and also warning him about the legends surrounding this weapon, I have composed the following ballad for you.'

Hadis looks at Antonio.

Antonio says 'Tis True'

Jeyid stops using several colored balls.

Jeyid gets a golden flute from a belt pack.

Jeyid grabs a golden flute.

Jeyid blushes for a moment. 'You will have to forgive me as I play. I am still learning, so the melody is simple.'

Jeyid closes his eyes, takes a breath, and begins to play a simple but pleasant tune with only the occasional blemish.

Jeyid plays a soothing, enchanting melody, then lowers the flute and begins to sing in a rich baritone voice.

Hadis looks at Jeyid.

Jeyid sings, 'The winds of change bring a new beginning'
Jeyid sings, 'What has been, will now be in turn'
Jeyid sings, 'I tell now the tale of the Hatchet of Hawkwing'
Jeyid sings, 'Attend to my song, and learn'
Jeyid sings, 'To gain the wisdom so you can discern'
Jeyid sings, 'Through blood, fire, and steel'
Jeyid sings, 'To understand the needs of the Pattern,'
Jeyid sings, 'And the turning of the Wheel.'

Jeyid pauses for another instrumental break, playing more of the chorus on his flute.

Jeyid sings, 'Give glory to Andor, Eagle, and Lancer'
Jeyid sings, 'May their banners always fly free'
Jeyid sings, 'When the Shadow calls, these brave men answer'
Jeyid sings, 'To meet Fade Zatuchly'
Jeyid sings, 'And wicked Darkfriend known as Axxye,'
Jeyid sings, 'Brave blades and lightning's peal'
Jeyid sings, 'The burden is heavy, of service and duty'
Jeyid sings, 'To the turning of the Wheel.'

Jeyid pauses again between stanzas, the tune turning to a more haunting melody, although ruined by a few errors as he does.

Jeyid blushes furiously.

Jeyid coughs before continuing his song.

Jeyid sings, 'And so Lord Dixon came down from the rampart,'
Jeyid sings, 'Led the charge with his band of men'
Jeyid sings, 'He bashed the dark ones, and they fell apart'
Jeyid sings, 'The sign of a ta'veren'
Jeyid sings, 'Called to influence threads in Ta'maral'ailen,'
Jeyid sings, 'The Hatchet fated to steal'
Jeyid sings, 'Now his destiny bound to the will of the Pattern'
Jeyid sings, 'And the turning of the Wheel.'

The door is opened from the other side.

Rikkus has arrived from the south.
A gray palfrey has arrived from the south.
A warhorse has arrived from the south.

Rikkus closes the door.

Rikkus sits down and rests.

Jeyid plays the refrain one more time on the flute, seemingly more confident as he does, before returning to the final refrain.

Jeyid sings, 'So heed my lesson, take care to learn'
Jeyid sings, 'Through blood, fire, and steel'
Jeyid sings, 'Give in once again to the needs of the Pattern,'
Jeyid sings, 'And the turning of the Wheel.'

Jeyid bows deeply.

Natia explodes with whistles and cheers.

Hadis claps approvingly.

Jaghatai stops resting, and clambers on his feet.

Joreer claps approvingly.

Jaghatai explodes with whistles and cheers.

Jeyid blushes and smiles.

Jeyid says 'Thank you, that ends my performance.'

Mouser explodes with whistles and cheers.

The bartender says 'All right folks, if you enjoyed the performance SAY VERY WELL DONE Jeyid.'

The bartender says 'If I nod at you it means I heard you, if not just say it again in a second.'

The audience showers Jeyid with adoration and praise as he takes roll for his show attendance.

Jeyid says 'Thank you, I will be performing again later.'

The bartender says 'Here is what you've earned.'