Fade updates to Dark Point costs and regen

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Fade updates to Dark Point costs and regen

Post by Aureus » Sun Jan 01, 2023 12:05 am

The following are live to how fade skills interact with Dark Points, and how fade regen functions:

Adjustments to DP costs:
  • Target swapping will require "Fading" DPs instead of 50 flat DPs
  • Berserk attack requires you have at least 1 DP, and each attack will consume 1 DP
Adjustments to the weird mount/sneak DP cost setup and sneak-flee:
  • Typing "sneak" will no longer cost 10 DPs when mounted, so you can easily turn it on/off without the weird mounted/on foot setup.
  • A successful flee-sneak costs 5 DPs when it goes off. If you can't afford it, sneak will turn off. If the flee fails or the sneak fails, you don't spend DPs. I think this is what the "sneak" cost was trying to actually achieve, so we just tied it directly to that.
Adjustments to fade and no-quit:
  • You will lose 25 DPs (the base cost of a fade, before horse and any followers) if you fail a fade WHILE you have no quit. You will not lose any DPs if you don't have no quit, as a courtesy/convenience. Not losing DP on failing is clearly a bug relative to how every other SP/DP-costing skill works, but we left the ability to fail them without no quit to help you still get around outside combat.
Nighttime regen bonus:
  • Your regen bonus will be changed from "outdoors during night" to "in a room that is dark, or in a perma-dark room regardless of whether it is light or dark". These are the same conditions for the fade skill working, so brings consistency to your skills. This should help you, and your enemies, tell whether you are benefiting from the regen bonus or not. The outdoors at night thing was really weird -- why wouldn't you get a bonus when lurking in a darkened cave? We think this makes it much easier for you to tell if you have the bonus or not, via the dark room indicator on prompt + knowledge of perma-dark rooms.
    • This also adds a bit of minor utility to Darken, since you can give yourself the regen bonus by darkening a room at night if there are lanterns in it. Darken is still not great, let's face it, but at least this adds some small amount of utility, along with the somewhat recently reduced costs and increased effects vs mobs.
  • Because this significantly expands the places you can get a regen bonus, it no longer stacks with tinful regen. Tinful regen, because it is stronger, takes precedence.
  • Tinful regen no longer applies to moves. It is HP only. We don't want to double dip with vials.

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