Happy Holidaze!

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Happy Holidaze!

Post by Korsik » Wed Nov 23, 2022 8:45 am

Happy Holidaze! Elysia recently brought back the trinket loader for groups of 4 or more smobbing, we have taken that loader and are amping it up to 11 for the Holidaze. Think something akin to oilskin bag load level of goodness; shocklances, warhammers, herons, tainted mauls, triple bladed daggers. We will start with 1 loader in the wild, meaning 1 in the 20 smobs below will have a chance to load additional items on death.

Disgraced Arafellin Officer
Lord Meneril
Burly dragonsworn
Hulking mercenary commander
Replicating Maiden
Forest Dweller Leader
Forest Brigand Leader
Commander Aliya
Plains Mistress
Demented Dreadlord
Deranged Whitecloak Captain

On full clear of these smob, keep an eye out for messaging;

A large package spills open dumping shiny items on the ground.

This means you found the loader and have won a great prize! Once found, the loader will move to another smob and the hunt begins again. As we get deeper into the Holidaze, more loaders will be added to increase chances of a group finding a nice prize!

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