A Sandstorm on the Aryth Desert

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A Sandstorm on the Aryth Desert

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Sun Sep 18, 2022 7:31 pm

You’ve probably seen a lot of adjustments and are wondering what’s going on behind the scenes…Well, we’ve got some good news and some bad news! The good news is we haven’t tried this before and it has a lot of potential for fun. The bad news is we haven’t tried this before and it will include tying together a lot of patchwork elements of the game to create more cohesion out of the past to try and build out an endgame that people can join in on. If you’re not entirely fond of the current changes you’ve seen, keep with us, we’re hoping to find something for you!

This upcoming global story arc will be time-bound in sections and events will take place which can be uncovered in-game or discovered through RP means (e.g. we may offer the best story around RP lounge gets to have the list of choices given to their characters as if they discovered something in the game).

We’ve often had live events that just end in a conclusion with no real impact and so we’re looking to try out putting pieces together and then offering those who make discoveries or quest lines a choice on how it will impact the game. But, this won’t be just limited to single individuals. Clans will have a voice too. We’ll be using some mechanics from the treasury and adding more options to ways you can force engagements with the world.

Want to add a new patrol to your territory and expand your domain? Great, pay for it, lets's see what happens because of it and maybe leave something in the game that has an impact.

Because WoTMUD is a 24/7 game and there are those in other time zones, some events will be static and will have time-bound components. Others will be dynamic with ways to change the playing field. We’ll also have some live events. We'll be aiming for around two live events per month at a minimum. If you do not like live events then do not participate.

Sometimes you will discover things and then have to coordinate a conversation to determine what your character does / can do. Sometimes it will be laid out in front of you. The restrictions of mobol, though, and the desire to not overinvest on polishing a turd, and instead focus on the experience, will mean that sometimes we’ll have to coordinate through more than the game to propel the narrative for you.
Side note on live events: the number one thing I dislike about live events is when someone same side loots. If you do this then you will be named and shamed publicly during the event and the equipment will be forcibly taken from you. It does not make the experience more fun. My investments in this community are around the idea that we can tell stories together in a world that is somewhat like the Wheel of Time, but it is our world.

Want to infringe on the territory of another clan? Sure, we’ll add a patrol into zones that are these and there will be two weeks to roleplay or figure out a solution to that while global events are taking place. There are a lot of ways that we can use manipulation of in-game commands to prompt roleplay opportunities for two-week intervals that do not end up in wars. Want to have a war? Great. Let’s have consequences.
Unfortunately, that gets us to a hard topic which is metagaming. It’s very hard, with a small player base full of players with characters in a lot of clans, to provide meaningful and collaborative storytelling when we all have some context around both characters and the players that we engage with. This includes our characters on each side.

So, at the top of this, we want to remind you that the primary goal with this form of collaborative gameplay is not to win the game. The primary goal is to enrich the world and tell great stories together!

This means that for the duration of these two-week intervals you’ll be bound to make choices that impact the world on a character that you choose. This won’t restrict your gameplay on other alts, but it does restrict their storytelling. It means that on your other alts you will default to a pawn in the machinations of other players.

Did someone in your clan try to invade another territory to take advantage of the chaos in the world? You’re all for this because you’ve chosen to progress one of your other character’s narratives at the expense of being a supporting character in the story someone else wants to explore. Here it is important, though, to consider the consequences of actions.

Roleplaying and player-killing are exciting but they should not come at the expense of spoiling the experience for others. You can play the way you want while being cooperative with both your team and your opponents.

A few basic questions related to creating value around roleplay are as follows:

Does your character often choose to separate from the group?
Do your character’s actions get in the way of what the group is trying to accomplish?
Do your character’s actions often draw the spotlight away from others and onto yourself?
Does your group have to bail your character out as a result of your actions?
Do you often have to justify your character’s actions to the other group members?
Overall, does your character contribute to or detract from the group’s mission?

If you are given the option to make a choice as a character and you plan to involve another character then get consent from that player before you contact me. This means making sure everyone is on board. While we can write stories together, we shouldn't mess with each other's characters without knowledge and approval.

This brings us to some notes:

Not every character can be Moiraine or Lan all of the time. Support characters are needed to tell a good and compelling story. Consider this when it comes to playing out these experiences or questing with other players. The most important aspect of this will be to encourage everyone to participate in the story and to share the spotlight. I cannot stress that if you are interested in this being successful, it is important that you play nice and consider the experience outside of yourself.

If you have behavior-related conflicts then handle that conflict outsight of the game. The only conflicts you should be solving and resolving in-game should be fictional ones. For the duration of these events, we will focus and be harsh about silencing behavior-related conflicts and giving roleplay opportunities around fictional ones.

All other conflicts require real talk with real human beings. As hard as it can be to have an open, honest conversation, it is important to remember that we are telling stories together in this world.

If you are currently having issues with other players on the game here are some ways to approach that conversation:

Give yourself plenty of time to talk (not five minutes before the session starts)
Outline what you’d like to communicate
Stick to facts rather than subjective opinions
Use “I” statements (people have a hard time arguing with feelings)
Assume the player isn’t trying to upset others on purpose
Ask questions and seek to understand
Consider solutions and work together to find one that works

The houseguest rule means that we are prepared to ask the player to leave the game if the behavior is bad enough and they are unwilling to fix it. I cannot stress enough, WoTMUD is not a game you beat. There is no winning without collaborative storytelling. We do not win this game in score or stat, we tell stories together and win it through memories.

These events will focus on returning to the core of the character experience: roleplaying, narrative construction through action, and hopefully some dynamic PVE events that lead to more opportunities for PK.
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Re: A Sandstorm on the Aryth Desert

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Sun Sep 18, 2022 7:31 pm

As a sand raker broke over a dune on the Aryth desert, the Mistress of the Ships looked out through worn goggles, the blown sand whipping past her face mask. They had expected their first scouts to return weeks before and now had abandoned hope. Their makeshift home a corral of rakers, black ooze holding it tightly to the desert floor, the tendrils of blight holding tightly.

She whipped the camp into action and a group of sailmistresses boarded the raker looking out on the coming ship. The strength of the sandstorm died against their efforts as they brought the raker to an easy landing—a line of hardened hands reeling in the ship, where a wavemistress waved frantically.

“If this is not it then we will have a new clan today, Drey.” The rare oak hilted dagger in her hand sizzled. Drey din Dune showed her teeth. She had been the favorite for some time, but the Mistress of the Ships always found a way to cull the herd. She did not speak; she would not offer her water before it was taken. The Mistress scowled. “If we don’t find the way to the Land of Eternal Return then we leave behind our triumphs in this sand.” As she gestured the bracelet came into view and the Swordmaster, eyes missing, reached out and a swirl of sand painted the pictures of that triumph; the Creator and the Great Lord burned from the pattern. The birth of the Wasteland.

As it always did while the Mistress toyed with her powers, the blight pulled back from the sand and started to crawl to her. A light through the swordmaster seemed to hum with righteousness, though the life of it was as absent as the vessel; the robe covered everything, only the broken jaw, the head staring up, and the burnt-out sockets. The nubs sticking out of the sleeves were burnt and mangled, the tattoos indistinguishable. The Mistress gasped in pleasure and let go. Ahead, the wavemistress from the raker sprinted toward her across the deck and in her hand was a long thin rod and she could see the small set of wings near the top. It was vibrating.

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Re: A Sandstorm on the Aryth Desert

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Sun Sep 18, 2022 7:32 pm

Elenia Ni’Shaera worked another falcon carefully. She followed the lip of the gully along just to test it. The bird was new to this sort of freedom, and she didn’t plan to push it aggressively. Then she felt it. She had lived with it hidden for years, knowing full well the consequences of what might happen if the Hand of Light came upon her with this out. The Age of Legends come to life, but only for a second, then her purse sat like a purse on her belt. She called back in the falcon and pulled the rod out and held it. She’d follow the sign if she felt it again.

The raven master yelled casually another location, another name. He brought in a flock, sent out a flock. Route. When the dreadlord blasted the obsidiandoor to smithereens he did not flinch because he knew it could not be real, too far from what was expected. He only reacted as the dreadlord blasted him against the wall demanding respect. He howled, but the dreadlord only pointed at the rod. “If it moves, worm, you follow it. You do not wait.” He had not registered that it had been pulsing in his hands, but he had held it for far too long. It could not have pulsed in his hands.

Hurin had made his way out a couple of times in the last few months. When Korvak the bandit was reported moving further south from his pointless stronghold in the Blight to the Dark Fortress, he was there, watching as they passed the Rancid Cave. No one else must have looked much, but it was there he found it in the bloated and partially decayed corpse of something humanoid. Likely no one else smelled it. He held it high now as it pulsed. It was pushing somewhere, pulling him. He paused. Someone else would chase it.

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Re: A Sandstorm on the Aryth Desert

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Fri Sep 23, 2022 2:08 pm

When a player entered the right room, holding the Rod of the Skies, they were notified and knew that no one else would be notified. They also knew that this changed something somewhere else that they could stumble upon, but someone else could too—without knowing what they found—if they held the Rod of the Skies. Once the paired room is found then no one else can find the rooms.

3 rooms are currently active to be discovered based on the previous post. More rooms will be added for a total of 10 locations to be discovered. For these posts, if you discover one of these locations, you lock in that character. If that isn't clear, reference the first post.

More clues will come, but if you like to explore then here is your head start. Once you find a room you will see a message in game. Then you will know that the adjacent room is in that zone.

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