Abs adjustments (tweaked down a couple percent)

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Abs adjustments (tweaked down a couple percent)

Post by Aureus » Tue Sep 13, 2022 9:46 pm


We've tweaked abs down a couple of %, as it's crept up over the years. We like roughly how offensively powerful abs is right now, but it is a little on the strong side. We want to keep it feeling very strong, but are going to make a couple tweaks, especially as we've had some time to get a feel for the nerf in master postures (as a reminder, we baked the 5 OB that was shifted off master postures into weapons by default, but didn't adjust any PB number for the lost PB from postures). So, some changes:

We have shaved a bit of survivability off abs, since we're noticing a lot of tickling going on even from relatively strong weapons:
Base "full" abs set: 85% -> 82%
Murgoz abs set: 87% -> 85%

A few changes yet to come: We're going to look at the OB numbers of some weapons, and we will also be making some upcoming changes to the effects of the armor weave, and base dodge, to reduce reliance on that weave especially for non-channelers.

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Re: Abs adjustments (tweaked down a couple percent)

Post by Feneon » Mon Sep 19, 2022 5:34 pm

We're starting with the class outliers (axes and long blades) and reducing 3 ob from each.

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