Victory in Far Madding!

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Victory in Far Madding!

Post by Magius » Sun Aug 21, 2022 4:42 pm

Captain Uren Gazar,

The First Council's intelligence turned out to be true. On this day the 26th of Tammaz year 1469 there was an attack on Far Madding by a group of heavily tainted, males wielding the one power lead by Salan Mondoran! In the midst of the attack, the bandit Murgoz Karnia attempted to take advantage of the situation and hole up in a cave east of the city. Fortunately, the Wall Guard had reinforced the southern gates and we were able to push back the invasion of mad men and foil the bandit's plans in a decisive Victory for Far Madding! A full debriefing of the events is as follow:

The attempted invasion by the mad men began in the fields southeast of the city outside the Tear Gate, Lord Tolveor lead a contingent of our soldiers out to repel them. The initial skirmish went well, up until the tainted men started lashing out with the one power and severely injuring several of the guardsmen and forcing the group to fall back into the gate. We requested the aid from the other nations after we got our injured safely back behind the city wall. Our defense stood strong with the Wall Guard's men and women holding the Teargate. After bandaging our wounds, we were joined by Accepted Faith of the White Tower, Gretchen, and Cera Merimon. After receiving these reinforcements an assault was made against the madman's forces cutting deep into the enemy lines. Fire was in the very air we breathed, lighting flashed down from the sky striking wildly, and the earth erupted in waves! Still the invaders were routed and most of the male channelers died in a large meadow near the lake. We then pursued Salan south to finish the battle not knowing that he had laid a trap for us. Some type of explosive had been hidden along the road and we did not see it till it was too late. The explosion scattered our forces and seizing the moment of confusion Salan was able to get a few channelers inside the city. We were able to recover quickly, dealing with the men inside the city we dispatched them and returned to the main threat. Salan had moved further South than we had expected and taken up a defended position inside the home of an elderly woman. We raced in to try and save her life, but the madman had butchered her inside her own home. The fighting was fierce inside the small house with little to no room to maneuver and Salan lashing out with the power. Several were blinded and several soldiers were burned severely, but Salan was slain!

At this time Eran E'Garen of the Thiefbane arrived with word that Murgoz had been located in a cave just east of the city. Apparently, she had been hunting the well-known bandit for some time. It was obvious that Murgoz was planning an attack of his own. We regrouped and struck off for the cave. Little did we know that Murgoz had been able to harden the cave against attack with doors and booby traps! The Rockcrack as the cave is locally know was already a formidable location and a key for an old safety door is needed to get in. After the key was recovered from a group of bandits, we were able to make entry. It was apparent that Murgoz had been busy planning this for some time possibly even conspiring with Salan. Secret tunnels and trap doors leading to pits full of beast were found in multiple spots. Only through the combined knowledge of the group we were able to overcome the labyrinth he had set up. In the end we found him and a group of his followers at a dead end in the cave. The fighting was hard as they were fresh, and we were weary from our battle with Salan. In the end Murgoz died as all bandits do by the sword at the hand of good soldiers.

No survivors of the invading forces have been located for questioning, so it is still unknown what goal Salan or Murgoz had hoped to achieve here. Scouting reports have been coming in all morning from outside the city telling of the wreckage after the attack. It looks like the male channelers were causing earthquakes that flooded Daigan and caused some of the lakes to drain south. There may be potential for a swap in the area now due to these flood waters not having any where to run off to. The devastation is widespread a new highway may have to be constructed to Murandy after the earth was upheaved so violently there. As further information comes in it will be reported.

Respectfully submitted from Magius Tollen Wall Guard to Captain Uren Gaza

.......a wind blew North over the freshly created swap across a group of battle-weary warriors. Lord Tolveor Captain of the Wall had led the city’s defense along with Wall Guards Nia, Droman, Kiltwich, and Magius, But the Wall Guard and Far Madding did not stand-alone Faith an Accepted of the White Tower, Cera Merimon, Gretchen everyone’s favorite cat lady, and Eran E’Garen of the Thiefbane also defended the island city bravely. North the wind blew across a bridge and over a large gate with two heads staked above it one with a mad smile still on its face. Still the wind blew on to the north......