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The winds howled as it skinned the tops of the lifeless plains near Chachin. In the distance, tiny lights littered the Kandori barricade below. The sound of fire crackling and the shifting of burning logs underneath the make shift stake roared on, defying the darkness that coalesced over the last bit of sunlight.

Trails of crimson liquid now coagulated and drying under the blaze trailed into the burning embers and tall flames. The fire danced around what was left of the woman apprehended just earlier that afternoon. An untrained channeler disguised as a peddler under the Kandori's merchant guild, reduced to the smell of burning hair and charred flesh. Bound to the stake and burned alive for all to see in Chachin that evening, a reminder to the Kandori's that harboring channelers will only result in blood on their hands and one can only assume would hurt business. The fire roared on as the last of the firewood was tossed in, purposefully building the flames higher and higher as if to make the statement even more clear to those watching onwards from the barricade below.

A man approached on foot from the east, his dirty face and meager clothes illuminated under the glow of the burning fire. Loret turned to him as her inquisitive eyes give way to a wicked smile as the flames danced behind her. Pausing for a moment Loret extended a felt purse as dark as the night itself towards the man's direction and beckoned him to take it.

"Go on, you've earned it"

The man nervously took the bag and hurriedly loosened the drawstring. Several beautiful golden crowns spilled forth into the mans dirty palms while others slipped through his nervous fingers and sent scattering on the plains below.

"Your information led me straight to her. She was unaware of our presence when we arrived. Thank you, citizen."

A nervous grin split across the man's face as he thanked Loret while he busied himself scrounging the fallen coins in the tall grass before scampering back towards the Kandori barricade.


Informants and their information will remain discreet. Cooperation is encouraged. Together we will rid the earth of all those who channel, and serve the dark. I will personally reward others for particularly great information shared with the Hand of the Light.

If you know of any person of interests, their whereabouts, suspicious activity, or other - do not hesitate to reach out.

- Loret the Revealer of the Shadow [Hand of Light]