Upswept Hare

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Upswept Hare

Post by elmer » Fri Aug 05, 2022 2:41 pm

He rode quietly out of the main gates, his head slightly downcast. A shake of his nearly bald head given as he pondered what had happened.
He had grown up in this city, lived here all of his life. He had spent years training, preparing himself to join the ranks of they whose purpose was the defense of the Light. Another shake of his head was given as he recalled the memory of being rejected. Rejected by those who claimed to serve and defend the Light. Rejected for his name, and for the way in which he spoke.

"Childwen of the Light, bah!"

A thought occurred to him then, and with it a new light of determination filled his eyes. He touched his heels to the horses flank and rode on, not looking back at Amador. He gave the neck of his horse a gentle pat.

" vewy, vewy quiet. We have wascally wabbits and pesky ducks to hunt. Heh eh eh eh."