A Touch of Madness ---& RPaward

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A Touch of Madness ---& RPaward

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After receiving a report from a novice that a man who could once channel saidin was loitering near Tar Valon and seeking a meeting with an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah, Sarinda seeks out this man to evaluate the state of his taint and determine how much of a threat he may pose for the city. Sarinda feels pity for him and debates whether his life is better off having lost his ability to channel the One Power.

Point of view: Sarinda
Main character: Ormus


A Path on Sloping Ground
[ obvious exits: N E S ]
The corpse of a wilted tree is lying here. [2]
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently, being ridden by you.
Ormus Taan is standing here, riding a Domani razor.
Ormus tries to smile, but fails.

Sarinda says 'If it pleases the Light, I wish to speak with you.'

Ormus says 'Hello Aes Sedai'

Ormus looks around nervously.

Ormus says 'You now speak to Ormus, what can he help you with?'

Sarinda says 'A novice told me that you were in Tar Valon seeking aid.'

Ormus raises his arm, showing off mottled and rotting flesh.

Sarinda says 'I am not Talented at Healing, but if it pleases the Light, I am familiar with the taint and how it affects men.'

Sarinda looks at the open wound without any outward sign of repulsion.

Ormus lowers his eyes, and thinks for a moment.

Ormus nods in agreement.

Ormus says 'Ormus does not know much, he would like to speak with you about it.'

Sarinda nods in agreement.

Sarinda says 'Will you come into the city?'

Ormus nods in agreement.

Sarinda beckons Ormus to follow her.

Ormus starts following Sarinda.


In the Guest Room
[ obvious exits: S ]
A young girl in a plain white dress stands here.
A warder stands nearby, calm yet poised to leap into battle.
A calm woman bathed in serenity seems to attract your attention.
An Illian Companion soldier keeps a vigilant watch here.
An Illian Companion soldier keeps a vigilant watch here.
An attentive ambassador stands here.
A warhorse has arrived from the south.
Ormus has arrived from the south.
A Domani razor has arrived from the south.

Sarinda says 'Do you require any food or water?'

Ormus looks around the room, the furnishings do not raise his spirit.

Ormus says 'No Aes Sedai'

Sarinda nods in agreement.

Sarinda says softly, 'If it pleases the Light, I would look at your wounds again.'

Ormus stares at the red shawl hanging from Sarinda's shoulders, a blank stare on his face.

Ormus nods in agreement.

Ormus says 'It does'

Ormus removes his cloak, showing dark stains across his chest and back.

Sarinda says 'By virtue of the Third Oath, I will not harm you so long as you do not threaten my life.'

Ormus chuckles politely.

Sarinda says 'Although, any Healing I attempt may still cause discomfort.'

Ormus says 'Ormus thinks there is not much left you can take'

Ormus nods in agreement.

Sarinda says 'I have studied the basics of Healing, at least.'

Ormus shivers uncomfortably.

Sarinda raises Ormus' arm, looking at the wound again, and then turns her attention to the gashes on his chest and back.

Sarinda tsks in vexation.

Ormus says 'Have you seen these before?'

Sarinda nods slowly.

Ormus says 'Ormus knows there must have been others'

Ormus nods in agreement.

Sarinda says 'There is an island, in the Aryth Ocean.'

Ormus tilts his head slightly, like a curious puppy.

Ormus says 'Is that where you send the men, after you take their gifts from them?'

Sarinda says 'My people, the Atha'an Miere...Our tainted men who do not elect to welcome the storm's embrace and sink to the bottom of the ocean, they will instead go to a barren island without rations or equipment.'

Ormus gasps in astonishment.

Ormus looks at Sarinda.

Sarinda says 'The brave ones, the honorable ones, choose their own path and opt for a kinder, swifter death.'

Sarinda says 'We do not force it upon them.'

Sarinda says 'But if it pleases the Light, if they do not choose that, then they are forced into exile on an island.'

Ormus says 'Ormus is surprised the Tower lets this tradition continue, what a mercy'

Sarinda says 'It is not a tradition of the White Tower.'

Ormus nods in agreement.

Sarinda says 'Unfortunately, I have learned and seen for myself that many of these men do in fact survive.'

Sarinda says 'I say it is unfortunate that these men survive because many of them will eventually develop the wounds, and the insanity, like you have, or like you would have.'

Ormus chuckles politely.

Ormus says 'A price Ormus would have gladly continued to pay'

Sarinda says 'On this isle, the men form groups and wreak havoc with the Power on any who come there.'

Ormus tries to smile, but fails.

Sarinda draws down her thin eyebrows into a frown.

Ormus says 'Ormus understands the impulse'

Ormus grins evilly.

Sarinda says 'When I was a youth, a man on my mother's raker fancied me. He later developed the signs of the curse, although I pretended to ignore them.'

Ormus coughs loudly.

Ormus says 'Apologies'

Sarinda says flatly, 'He became so paranoid that he ended up striking out and killing another on the ship, nearly setting the ship aflame and threatening to kill us all.'

Ormus says 'Ormus knows that must have been dangerous on the ship. It was dangerous enough on land'

Ormus nods in agreement.

Ormus sighs loudly.

Ormus sits down.

Ormus says 'Sorry, Ormus must rest'

Ormus says 'Was he dropped off on the island, too?'

Sarinda nods in agreement.

Sarinda says 'He chose the less honorable path.'

Sarinda says 'I assume he has long since met his demise, but I cannot be sure.'

Sarinda draws down her thin eyebrows into a frown.

Sarinda turns her gaze back to Ormus' wounds.

Ormus chuckles politely.

Sarinda says 'I am sorry, but these are beyond my ability with Healing. That which has been Healed cannot be Healed again. If I attempt, it may cost you what is left of your life, or prevent one of our greater Healers from helping you.'

Ormus says 'These wounds are odd, but they have not spread since Ormus burned himself out. They do not heal on their own.'

Ormus nods in agreement.

Ormus says 'To be honest, they trouble me less than other things.'

Ormus says 'What of the mind?'

Sarinda nods, then pauses.

Sarinda says 'You see things, don't you?'

Ormus chuckles politely.

Sarinda says 'At first, perhaps it was a shade out of the corner of your eye. A whisper you swear you could have missed, had it not been quiet.'

Ormus says 'Occasionally, but that does not trouble Ormus. They are visions of a previous life. A glorious life. Have you ever imagined life without the source?'

Sarinda admits, 'If it pleases the Light, I am fortunate that I have not needed to.'

Ormus says 'Ormus has no purpose, anymore.'

Ormus says 'If the Tower knows how to restore his ability to channel, Ormus would gladly sail with the Sea Folk to their island paradise.'

Ormus says 'Please tell Ormus this is possible.'

Sarinda's face hardens.

Sarinda says 'You would be a selfish coward, then.'

Sarinda says 'You would jeopardize those around you, cause chaos and destruction in your wake.'

Ormus says 'Ask a Red sister to shield you, for just a moment, then talk to Ormus about cowardice.'

Ormus sighs loudly.

Sarinda says 'I am trained in the skill of Shielding, and I have felt one slide between me and the Source.'

Ormus nods in agreement.

Ormus says 'Perhaps Ormus is not strong of mind anymore.'

Sarinda stands tall. 'If it pleases the Light, my mentor, and my Sitters, have taught me to face my fears and overcome them.'

Ormus says 'It must have been a privilege, Ormus only ever had help being run out of towns.'

Ormus sighs loudly.

Ormus glances around the room slowly.

Sarinda says 'You were born in the wrong Age, it seems.'

Sarinda says 'Or perhaps this Age has not treated you as kindly as the last one might have.'

Ormus says 'What does the Tower do with novices, who sever themselves?'

Ormus says 'Are they not offered some kindness that can be extended to us men?'

Ormus says 'Some trick of the mind... to forget?'

Sarinda says 'The women who burn themselves out find meaning in other ways. Those who survive do so by forging their own purpose, finding their own path towards a life of fulfillment.'

Ormus stares at the sky.

Ormus says 'What could possibly fill this void, Aes Sedai?'

Sarinda says 'Many form families, and give to their children and loved ones, and in doing so, they find peace.'

Ormus throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Sarinda says 'Others take to the Borderlands, and fight back against the Shadow until their dying breath.'

Ormus says 'Ormus supposes he should get these wounds tended to, if he chooses the familial life.'

Ormus grins evilly.

Sarinda says 'It is -his- fault, the Father of Storms, that you are like this.'

Sarinda motions to your wounds and your head.

Ormus tries to smile, but fails.

Sarinda says 'If it pleases the Light, there is a saying among the Aiel of the Endless Waste.'

Sarinda quotes, 'Til shade is gone, 'til water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder's eye on the Last Day. By my honor and the Light, my life will be a dagger for Sightblinder's heart. Until the Last Day, To Shayol Ghul itself.'

Ormus shivers uncomfortably.

Ormus says 'Ormus supposes that is one way to live, having a purpose in death.'

Ormus sighs loudly.

Sarinda replies dryly, 'If you fight well, perhaps it doesn't have to end in your death.'

Sarinda says 'But to spend your life, fighting back against the Shadow, devoting your energy to service of the Light. Perhaps that can provide you a modicum of purpose.'

Ormus nods in agreement.

Ormus says 'It may.'

Ormus smiles weakly.

Ormus says 'Do the Yellows frequent Fal Dara? Or should Ormus await them here to have his wounds tended to?'

Sarinda shrugs indifferently.

Ormus nods in agreement.

Sarinda says 'I cannot speak for the Yellows. They will meet you here, or they might meet you elsewhere. They have been informed of your request.'

Ormus thanks Sarinda heartily.

Sarinda says 'Many of the Aes Sedai return here between travels.'

Sarinda says 'A number of them have the ability to travel great distances through gateways, and can seek you out when they are available.'

Ormus says 'Thank you for your advice, Ormus has many decisions to make.'

Sarinda nods in agreement.

Ormus clambers to his feet.

Sarinda holds up a finger. 'A word of caution.'

Ormus chuckles politely.

Ormus nods in agreement.

Sarinda says 'You may have lost your connection to the Source, but I know that your mind is unwell.'

Sarinda says 'If I see a hint of danger, a risk you might pose to the well-being of the members of the White Tower, especially the initiates.'

Sarinda says 'I will not hesitate to subdue you.'

Ormus flashes a mischievous grin.

Sarinda says 'Do I make myself clear, Ormus?'

Ormus says 'Aes Sedai, the Tower has struck fear in Ormus' heart for many years now. He has nothing to fear from you now, and you have nothing to fear from him.'

Ormus says 'But it is understood.'

Ormus says 'May he take his leave?'

Sarinda nods in agreement.

Ormus kneels solemnly before Sarinda.

Sarinda gives a plate of roast pheasant with green beans to Ormus.

Ormus stops following Sarinda.

Ormus thanks Sarinda heartily.

Ormus waves.

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Re: A Touch of Madness

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