A meeting among Sisters --- &RPaward

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A meeting among Sisters --- &RPaward

Post by Sarinda » Thu May 19, 2022 9:44 pm

In this meeting, Sarinda, a newly raised Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah, checks in with members of the Brown Ajah to discuss several matters pertaining to their mutual interests. The three Aes Sedai discuss news about recent events and some rumors that may have significance for the White Tower as a whole.

Point of view: Sarinda
Main character: Erulisse
Participant: Tolza


Study of the Brown Ajah
Tall, arched windows in the northern wall open to a balcony, providing a
choice view of the Erinin as it flows south from the Borderlands. Half the
seating in the room is drawn up around the windows, showing that the
occupants appreciate the panorama. The remaining seats are drawn up in
circles of six to eight, allowing Brown Sisters to discuss the furtherance
of knowledge, or new theories in an informal atmosphere. Colorful wall
hangings depicting still lifes decorate the pale white walls.
[ obvious exits: S ]
A large desk made of fine, thick wood stands across the room from here.
A young Tower Guard is on duty here.
Erulisse Avehelm, The Brown Recluse is standing here.
A silver-haired Aes Sedai sits here, reading.
A Brown Sister is here, frowning pensively.
Danelle Sedai, sitter for the Brown Ajah stands here deep in thought.

Sarinda smiles happily.

Erulisse smiles at Sarinda.

Erulisse greets Sarinda with a light kiss on the cheek.

Sarinda greets Erulisse with a light kiss on her cheek.

Sarinda says 'Good evening, sister.'

Erulisse says 'A pleasure to see you sister'

Erulisse says 'and a pleasure to call you sister'

Erulisse says 'My congratulations'

Sarinda says 'If it pleases the Light, I wished to say hello, now that the Shadowspawn threat is more distant.'

Sarinda smiles warmly.

Erulisse smiles happily.

Sarinda says 'Thank you!'

Tolza has arrived from the south.

Sarinda smiles at Tolza.

Erulisse greets Tolza with a light kiss on her cheek.

Tolza greets Erulisse with a light kiss on her cheek.

Sarinda says 'It's good to see you in these halls again, Erulisse.'

Tolza sits down and rests.

Sarinda says 'Although I suppose I'll have to compete with you for male channeler heads.'

Erulisse says 'There was a deal of disappointment that you didnt petition the Brown in fact '

Sarinda smirks.

Erulisse grins evilly.

Erulisse says 'Im not hard to compete with'

Erulisse says 'Well'

Erulisse says 'Not in a non systemic way'

Sarinda says 'I am flattered, but if it pleases the Light, the Red Ajah was my calling.'

Erulisse nods in agreement.

Erulisse says 'They are fortunate to have you'

Erulisse smiles happily.

Tolza nods sagely.

Sarinda says 'I must admit, I know little of the politics among those who wear the shawl. But I respect both of you and your Ajah's mission.'

Erulisse says 'It is good to see you too Tolza'

Erulisse smiles proudly.

Tolza gives Erulisse a faint smile as her eyes dart to her book.

Tolza says 'I have missed you Erulisse Sedai.'

Tolza says '...sister.'

Sarinda flashes a playful grin.

Tolza says 'Old habits.'

Erulisse claps a hand on Tolza's shoulder.

Sarinda says 'Indeed.'

Erulisse says 'I am proud of you sister'

Erulisse says 'My young apprentice'

Sarinda chuckles politely.

Sarinda says 'You were her mentor?'

Tolza gives Sarinda a toothy grin.

Erulisse looks at Tolza.

Sarinda says 'I forgot that.'

Erulisse nods in agreement.

Sarinda smiles warmly.

Erulisse says 'A brave choice by her'

Erulisse says 'Politically at least'

Erulisse snickers softly.

Erulisse says 'Luckily she was able to win over those who had problems with me'

Sarinda nods in agreement.

Tolza says 'We share a similar spirit'

Erulisse grins evilly.

Sarinda nods in agreement.

Sarinda smiles warmly.

Tolza yawns.

Sarinda says 'If it pleases the Light, I did have a question that I thought one of you might know the answer to.'

Tolza says 'my quarters are calling.'

Tolza nods at Sarinda.

Erulisse says 'Of course'

Sarinda says 'Have either of you discovered the location of the meteorite that Mother is seeking?'

Tolza shakes her head.

Erulisse says 'I have been away so long I didn't even know she was seeking it'

Tolza says 'I found a chunk of the stuff that looks like flint, but that was the the right object.'

Erulisse says 'What does the so called Siuan Sanche want with a metiorite'

Erulisse boggles at the thought.

Sarinda shrugs.

Tolza stops resting, and clambers on her feet.

Sarinda says 'She simply said that she wished to investigate it.'

Tolza says 'Off to bed with me'

Tolza hugs Erulisse.

Erulisse frowns.

Erulisse hugs Tolza.

Tolza opens the carveddoor.

Tolza leaves south.

The carveddoor closes quietly.

Sarinda says 'She seeks one of three items, which you can do daily for a small reward: the scalp of the Shadow Knight, the scalp of a darkfriend or Imperial leader (CTF patrol), or a meteorite.'

Erulisse nods in agreement.

Erulisse says 'That is good information to have'

Erulisse says 'I shall have to see if I can find this meteorite '

Erulisse says 'You hand it in to Mother?'

Sarinda nods in agreement.

Erulisse says 'Or Siuan in any case'

Sarinda says 'You can ISSUE an AES SEDAI QUEST and she will review with you. Giving her the item will result in the reward.'

Sarinda pauses.

Erulisse nods in agreement.

Sarinda says 'You've several times mentioned a possible distinction between the Amyrlin Seat and the woman named Siuan Sanche.'

Sarinda draws down her thin eyebrows into a frown.

Erulisse says 'I have some uncertainty on the topic'

Sarinda says 'Uncertainty?'

Sarinda peers closely at Erulisse trying to figure her out.

Sarinda says 'She holds the staff and stole. If it pleases the Light, what do you suspect?'

Erulisse says 'Is she our Siuan, or is she Siuan from the mirror world?'

Erulisse says 'Which one is worse?'

Sarinda tilts her head curiously.

Sarinda says 'I have heard several times now of this 'mirror world.' Do you mean that she may be from another reality? A distortion in the Pattern?'

Erulisse says 'A reflection of the pattern yes'

Sarinda says 'Odd.'

Erulisse says 'The Siuan Sanche who originated in Santigo Torres' mirror world led the faction of the White Tower who knelt to him.'

Erulisse sneers.

Sarinda's face darkens.

Sarinda says 'I was deep in my studies when the events that you reference transpired.'

Sarinda says 'I have heard this name, this Santiago Torres.'

Erulisse nods in agreement.

Erulisse says 'He was the Dragon in a portal world connected to ours. He had the ambition to unite all the portal worlds'

Erulisse says 'Under his leadership naturally'

Sarinda says 'A False Dragon.'

Sarinda scowls.

Erulisse says 'A debatable issue, I am of the opinion he was a real Dragon'

Erulisse says 'Twice was he marked and all that'

Erulisse says 'But he wasn't the dragon of this pattern'

Sarinda offers a skeptical expression.

Erulisse says 'Time is slightly dilated across the portal worlds'

Erulisse says 'like a bundle of strings with same start and end point but with each string slightly different in length'

Erulisse says 'Torres' world was, and I presume is, slightly further along the wheel than ours'

Erulisse says 'Though that divergence should be narrowing'

Sarinda rubs her forehead. 'If it pleases the Light, I must admit that although I am a hard worker, I lack the quick wit and intellect of some of my peers, especially those in the Whites. The theoretical implications of such an alternate reality...'

Erulisse smiles ruefully.

Erulisse says 'Its something of an expert on the subject'

Sarinda says 'I read through some of the Red Ajah's notes on this matter, and on you, specifically.'

Erulisse grins mirthlessly.

Erulisse says 'Rather interesting reading I'm sure'

Erulisse says 'Its only thanks to the Reds and Grays that I avoided possible stilling'

Sarinda says 'I read that the Red Ajah would not stand in favor of disciplining you for taking action that Cadsuane should have a long time ago.'

Erulisse's eyes sweep the Brown Quarters, momentarily hard as flint.

Erulisse nods in agreement.

Sarinda says 'But I can see how there may have been some...disagreements...about the matter.'

Erulisse says 'I am pleased that I was eventually able to move us in a saner direction'

Erulisse says 'Though I admit at the time it was somewhat harrowing'

Sarinda says 'I will not pretend to know the heart of the women who served then, both the Amyrlin Seat and the sisters involved. But if it pleases the Light, I will strive to help the White Tower stand strong against any future threats from those who would unite the Dragonsworn or threaten the integrity of the Tower itself.'

Erulisse nods in agreement.

Erulisse says 'We must contend with the fact that a Dragon will one day appear'

Sarinda nods slowly, a momentary look of unease crossing her face.

Erulisse says 'And on that day the White Tower must be on hand to guide him to his destiny'

Sarinda intones, 'If it pleases the Light, all will be well. All will be well, and all manner of things will be well, if it pleases the Light.'

Sarinda nods decisively.

Erulisse says 'That will be more easily accomplished if he dosen't have an army of tainted foolsdrooling over him'

Sarinda's face darkens.

Erulisse says 'Even assuming they don't go mad and break the world first'

Sarinda says 'I will not sit by and allow that to happen.'

Sarinda stands up straight, fire in her eyes.

Erulisse says 'Nor I'

Erulisse says 'Watching it happen once was more than enough for me'

Erulisse grins evilly.

Sarinda says 'The Dragonsworn appear to be in hiding, or broken, if it pleases the Light.'

Sarinda says 'I've seen little more than a glimpse of one or two in months.'

Erulisse nods in agreement.

Erulisse says 'I wonder if it ever occured to anyone that I might be the Mirror Erulisse'

Erulisse snickers softly.

Sarinda looks at Erulisse archly.

Sarinda says 'I suppose that is a matter of reference to the realm you consider your 'home.''

Erulisse says 'More difficult questions'

Sarinda says 'I'm sure there is some Theorem of Pattern Relativity or some such the Whites spout on about.'

Erulisse snickers softly.

Erulisse says 'No doubt'

Sarinda says 'Did you hear about Master Plando and his interactions in a similar mirror world?'

Sarinda says 'I was not there, myself, but I read about the reports.'

Erulisse says 'Light above'

Erulisse says 'I'm out of it for a while and the whole world shifts'

Sarinda nods slowly.

Erulisse says 'I have not read the accounts as yet'

Erulisse says 'Too much to hope that he brought back any stone samples I suppose'

Sarinda says 'He was giving a personal showing as an Illuminator in Caemlyn Central Square, and somehow the Forsaken Rahvin opened up a tangible portal into Tel'aran'rhiod, forcing Queen Morgase and her personal retinue into an alternate reality. One of these mirror worlds.'

Erulisse says 'Stars above'

Sarinda says 'One of our newer Accepted, Robinn Sena, was actually there before she donned novice whites and assisted in defeating him.'

Sarinda says 'Rahvin fell in combat, but I doubt the Father of Storms will let him off his leash before Tarmon Gai'don.'

Sarinda's face darkens.

Erulisse says 'I shall have to speak with her'

Erulisse nods in agreement.

Erulisse says 'The Forsaken are not to be trifled with something as trival as death apparently'

Sarinda says 'Indeed.'

Sarinda says 'Well. I do not see that this changes my direction, or that of the White Tower. We will hold strong and stand tall together, hopefully reforged stronger after this division.'

Erulisse nods in agreement.

Erulisse says 'Time heals wounds it seems'

Erulisse says 'We must be the beacon in the storm I fear'

Sarinda nods in agreement.

Sarinda says 'Anyone who knows me is aware that I do not fear the storms or the winds.'

Sarinda flashes a playful grin.

Erulisse smiles at Sarinda.

Erulisse says 'I don't doubt it Aes Sedai'

Erulisse speaks the title with formal respect.

Sarinda pauses and smiles. 'Aes Sedai. Light, but it does feel good to hear that.'

Sarinda says 'If it pleases the Light, I feel I must retire soon. This has been a long and eventful day for me.'

Erulisse nods in agreement.

Erulisse says 'I too am headed to my manor'

Sarinda smiles warmly.

Erulisse says 'Light shine on you sister'

Sarinda says 'Rest well, Erulisse.'

Sarinda says 'May the Light illumine you, and see you safe to your journey's end.'

Erulisse says 'And you sister'

Sarinda waves.

Erulisse waves.

Sarinda nods in agreement.

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Re: A meeting among Sisters

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