The SMOB Project

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The SMOB Project

Post by Korsik » Thu May 12, 2022 4:18 pm

Smobbing is about to undergo a significant overhaul. There are over 100 smobs in wotmud so this will be a lengthy process with changes being rolled out in phases.

Phase 1 will see each mob assigned a specific equipment type; abs, dodge, parry, or combo. Each smob will have the potential to load a full set of the equipment type assigned. As an example, the base abs set is full helmet with visor, ebony greaves, ebony vambraces, shining plate, thick boots, and heavy gauntlets. With this change, the percentage chance of loading this equipment is being adjusted from a previous level of 30-35% to 44% per item slot. Weapon loads will also be adjusted to be a true random roll as compared to a cascading series of checks that occurs now. For those lucky adventures, some may even find a rare weapon on a very small percentage(1%).

Please be patient as we start rolling this out. A running list will be posted on this thread as mobs are updated. Any issues you find should be reported to Korsik or Feneon.

Later phases will include a full review of trinket loads, potions, and herbs as well as mobs that fall into “special” categories like mini-chains or Murgoz. Each phase will be declared as it continues and information will be provided at the end of the project to give the playerbase some knowledge about #s and load %s. We won't reveal everything, but we want to provide enough that at a glance and a few hits you could update the wiki with good information.

Posts: 175
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Re: The SMOB Project

Post by Korsik » Thu May 12, 2022 5:32 pm

Phase 1 Completed Smobs:

Altaran Kingpin
armored sentry
Beast Master
Bryn Plambo
Burly Dragonsworn
Captain Layten D'hael(DWC)
Captain Tariq Ibrahim
cold eyed
darkfriend ogier
Demented Dreadlord
Deranged Wolfbrother Hermit
Disgraced Arafellin Officer
Disgraced Darkfriend
Elorachim the Pirate
Escaped Damane
Filthy Man
Forest Brigand Leader
High Lord Meneril
Hulking Mercenary Commander
Imrysa Doberak
Kennel Keeper
Lady Mirnavaere
Lizard King
Master torturer
Mos Teranz, rogue Illuminator
Obscured Woman
Raerdan Magi'i, the Tainted
Renegade Aielman
Renegade Cargomaster
Renegade Comamnder
Renegade Tribal Leader
Shadow Master
Smitty d'Shays
swarthy pirate captain
Underground Mistress
wicked myrddraal

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