For the Glee!

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For the Glee!

Post by Bragar » Tue May 03, 2022 6:31 pm

To all those of you that seek to learn the craft of the Gleeman - To amaze Aes Sedai, weird-out warders, dazzle Defenders, and otherwise spread epic tales of your extraordinary yet doubtlessly fabricated heroism... look no further!

Here might be more flowery text written by Bragar but which I am too lazy to transcribe again, and my hand is already beginning to cramp. Anyway, the Gleemen wish you, the likely talentless public, to know that we are going to hold a CONTEST through which you can compete to prove us wrong!

Why should you wish to undertake such a futile venture, you may ask? Of course, but for the dubious prize of becoming one of our esteemed yet severely depleted number!

Please send us a letter on why you must not quite have sobered up from last night's binge, and how for some unfathomable reason you now wish to be a Gleeman. Also, for our amusement, please include a story or description of a performance of your greatest deed or a deed of a justice clan. The amount of applications we receive will determine how many of you poor souls will be chosen to join us. The primary focus once you are selected will be to tell stories of legendary warriors or deeds of clans that need not be forgotten.

And now some administrative pablum from Bragar:
- The application process will be open for 1 week.
- Please mail the Gleeman clan with your letter.
- Whatever you do, Master Nylen requests not to be mailed directly. He may not see your mail right away, as it will likely be buried in a pile of letters from his lovers, even more plentiful detractors, and possibly a few lawyers.