Heading Home ---&RPaward

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Heading Home ---&RPaward

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Ely edit 9 June 2022:

1-6 qps, depending on length and quality.

Potential +1 qp: if part of a series: x

Total: 1 qps, since it was short, but part of the series, so that bonus counts.


Reception of the Woman of Tanchico
Here, many chairs and tables are arranged in a waiting area. People
going to and from their rooms can be seen passing by. Far off, others
stream down along the several hallways of the inn. Room doors line
the hallways while stairs lead back down to the common room.

A ledger lies on a small stand.
[ obvious exits: D ]
The innkeeper bustles about, helping guests into rooms.

She spent a few moments thinking over the situation but quickly reached a conclusion. She was never going to be taught here. Even the helpful Aes Sedai only offered her promises of lessons and did not actually help her with her ability. She had been blinded by the opportunity to advance to see that those could just turn out to be empty promises and as a way to keep her trapped here as their servant. She quickly gathered her things. She was not going to leave by a gate, one of the guards would report her. This room would give her enough privacy, she just hoped she remembered the area well enough to reach it. She embraced the source and prepared to leave Tar valon.

channel 'travel' qulrtifmuolpjovr
You begin to weave the appropriate flows...

A flash of bright white light appears, and suddenly envelopes you.
Grassy Field Bordering the Road
The field you stand on is covered with small stones and rocks. A few patches of
dry, yellow grass try to survive in these surroundings. To your east you see a
road, leading from the south to the north. A cart with a broken wheel is
resting here on its side.
[ obvious exits: N S W ]
A crow is visible flying high in the sky.
A wild stallion bucks madly.
A gray palfrey prances skittishly nearby.

She quickly mounted the stallion and began riding up the road.

On the Long Road
The road runs north and south here, steadily moving through the
hills of Shienar. Occasionally a twisted tree can be spotted amongst
the other trees, a victim of the ever-advancing Blight.
[ obvious exits: N E S W ]
A wild stallion bucks madly, being ridden by you.

She was almost home, she quickly turned her horse toward Fal Dara and smiled.