[SEANCHAN RP] War and Politics ---&RPaward

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[SEANCHAN RP] War and Politics ---&RPaward

Post by Shinji » Tue Apr 05, 2022 11:19 pm

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass leaving memories that become legend, then fade to myth, and are long forgot when that Age comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose in the Lesser Blight. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning.

Born in desolate lands where unknown terrors lurked, the wind blew south, swirling up the slopes of the western Mountains of Dhoom and down its blighted valleys towards the city of Imfaral. It whistled through the black marble fortresses of the Towers of Midnight, long unoccupied since the days of Luthair Paendrag Mondwin. The wind blew eastwards, past the Imperial Capital of Seandar, wafting smoke and stench towards the Aryth Ocean, towards a solitary greatship entering the harbour.

The wind whipped at Banner-General Shinji Moraed's cloak as he stood at the stern of the ship, deep in thought. After almost a month's trip from Falme on board the fastest vessel available, he had finally arrived to report on the progress of the Hailene.

"Honored One, we will be disembarking soon. I have asked your so'jhin to move your armaments back to the manor - your household awaits your return." As equerry, Felix Madil's duties and influence extended far beyond caring for the torm which were bred and trained by his lord.

"This voyage has taken us far too long. I will delay no further. Send word to the Deathwatch - we will enter the Court of the Nine Moons at once and attend to the Empress, may she live forever." Shinji flexed his windbitten fingers, slipping them into his black studded riding gauntlets. Turning away, he marched across the ship deck, ignoring the prostrated sailors and servants in his path.


Radhanan Paendrag, High Seat of House Paendrag, She Whose Eyes Look Upwards, Empress of Seanchan and absolute ruler of the Empire frowned at the sheaf of papers in front of her.

The mood in the small immaculate sitting room, deep in the heart of the Imperial Palace, immediately chilled. Some of the High Blood in attendance, including several hardened veterans of the Muyami Uprising, fell to their knees. Only Sume, her Soe'feia and Voice of the Empress, remained completely unfazed.

"Do not be the fool which you are not, Empress." Barely restrained gasps came from those present, both Blood and da'covale. Radhanan herself barely blinked as she continued reading the report before her and the accompanying note drafted by her Hand. "The omens I have seen in these past weeks portend both great fortune and great disaster for the Crystal Throne in the year ahead. Bold action must be taken in this instance."

Omens. Her second daughter Tuon believed them so much. Radhanan herself was far more pragmatic - omens, whilst important, were a useful tool to guide the Court of the Nine Moons and the High Blood to her desired course of action.

Sume forged on, “The High Lady Suroth must be commended of course. She has done more with the Forerunners than you had dreamt possible. But success on such a scale often breeds ambitions to match. Best to ensure that such ambitions do not go further than they need to - safeguards need to be put in place, Empress."

Radhanan decided there and then that she would have Sume whipped this evening for speaking to her in such a manner. Nevertheless, there were truth in her words, as always, and a wave of shame washed over her at having the thought of punishing her Truthspeaker.

Radhanan raised her hand and the room immediately fell into absolute silence and stillness. "General Galgan. Aside from the matter spoken by my Soe'feia, does the recommendation remains as it is here?"

Captain-General Lunal Galgan wore armor this day, the breastplate painted a deep blue, nearly dark enough to be black. His powdery white hair ran in a crest with the sides of his head shaven, and was plaited to his shoulders, for he was of the High Blood.

"Indeed, Greatest One. His lineage runs through the Consolidation and can be traced back to one of the advisors' of the High King himself. The line fell out of Imperial favor several generations ago - however, the man's recent military accomplishments during the Hailene have gained much sei'taer for himself. More importantly. his loyalty to the Crystal Throne and you, Greatest One, is beyond question. It is the steadfast recommendation of the High Command of the Ever-Victorious Army that he be elevated."

Lunal continued, "High Command has summoned him back to Seandar to report on the status of the Hailene in person and he awaits your pleasure. “

Radhanan drummed all five of her lacquered fingers thoughtfully against the wooden Avendesora desk and made a decision.


The Crystal Throne. This was not the first time he had been in the throne room but the sense of awe and loyalty to the figure sitting on it was as overwhelming as before.

"In summary, the Ever-Victorious Army continues to maintain absolute control on Falme and Almoth. We have established a foothold on Tarabon with our capture of the western part of Tanchico. Arad Doman remains resistant and we are thus increasing the weight of our forces in that area to ensure the capture of Bandar Eban by the end of this summer." Shinji completed his report and kneeled before the Crystal Throne.

Radhnan took in his concluding remarks and signed to Sume. Sume Voiced, "It pleases us that the Hailene has progressed well. High Lady Suroth and the Ever-Victorious Army are to be honored for such accomplishments. "

Shinji bowed his head until it reached the floor. "We thank you, Greatest One. We live to serve the Crystal Throne."

Sume was about to respond when Radhanan wagged her fingers at her. Sume lifted her brows but remained silent.

To the complete surprise of those in the room, Radanan spoke, “As for you, Banner-General, word of your own achievements has reached Seandar and the Crystal Throne itself. Your honorable actions during the Marendalar rebellion where you and your legion stood unflinchingly against the rebel damane. Your recent expedition into the Blight to recover Justice, the sword of the High King himself. And many others. The High Command has shared all of these with us."

It was practically unheard for the Empress to be speaking directly to one of the Low Blood, an honor beyond measure. Thoughtful, jealous glances by almost all members of the Blood present, High and Low, were directed at each other and the man kneeling face down on the ground - plots and schemes thickening by the second.

Shaken but still finding his voice, Shinji responded, "This one is humbled that the Greatest One recognizes him."

There was a long pregnant pause that stretched forever as Radhanan stared hard at the man kneeling before her and thought about omens. Thought about the future of the Corenne, of Suroth and of Tuon.

And she rose from the Crystal Throne.

Everyone present prostrated themselves to the ground. The Empress standing to proclaim meant an act of the Crystal Throne.

“For your unyielding will in bringing the Empire's enemies to heel, we proclaim that Shinji is to be given the rank of Captain-General in our armies. Let it be published as my will.”

"Rise, Shinji. You will return immediately to the Westlands with advance elements of the Corenne to capture Tarabon and Altara."

Shinji remained prostrated on the ground, "I obey and serve, Greatest One. Your will shall be done".


As the Empress departed and the throne room cleared, Shinji walked through the immense doors into the Court of the Nine Moons, surrounded by his entourage, head spinning. The burdens that had laid upon him felt much heavier but the Empress, may she live forever, had given him strength.

Amidst his swirling thoughts, a huge form emerged from the shadow of a doorway, a figure he immediately recognized as one of the Empress' personal Deathwatch Guard.

The Ogier Gardener rumbled, "Captain-General. The Empress, may she live forever, summons you. Come."

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Re: [SEANCHAN RP] War and Politics

Post by Shinji » Tue Apr 05, 2022 11:26 pm

My ever-first writing / fanfic experience and the goal was to show the richness of the Seanchan subculture and tying into ingame events.

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Re: [SEANCHAN RP] War and Politics

Post by kakashi » Fri Apr 08, 2022 4:45 am

Colourful world, engaging read, pls write more! Don't wait till rank 9.

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Re: [SEANCHAN RP] War and Politics

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