Seeking new apprentices for the Morat'torm

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Seeking new apprentices for the Morat'torm

Post by Shinji » Thu Mar 31, 2022 11:12 pm

A simple, bronze-fringed poster has been put up in Seandar and Falme town squares by a harried recruit in morat'torm browns. Copies have been found in circulation across the Westlands through those who have Sworn the Oaths.

The Ever-Victorious Army continues to seek new apprentices, rider and trainers for the torm:
  • As scouts, riders are expected to be well capable of acting alone, deep behind enemy lines.
  • As battlefield commanders, riders are cavalrymen by training and are expected to be capable of competently leading mounted units of Imperial soldiers into combat.
Potential applicants are expected to fulfill the following requirements:
  1. An oathsworn freeman (Seanchan-born or Sworn)
  2. Sufficient combat skill demonstrated. (level 30+)
  3. Familiarity with the woodlands of the Seanchan continent.
  4. Familiarity with the Westlands, chiefly in the Ever-Victorious Army's main battlespace, spanning from the Aryth Ocean to Andor.
  5. Desire and willingness to learn and fight
Application Procedure:
  1. Submission of application letter (on the official forums to the Morat'torm group). Torm, being the most intelligent of the exotic beasts, are highly selective about who they will let ride them. Your letter should include details on potential affinity with the torm and prior woodlands & combat experience.
  2. Potential riders will be put through a series of tests by existing morat'torm, lasting up to a month to determine their suitability to be trained as a rider.
  3. Existing members of the Ever-Victorious Army may submit for testing as well. If selected as part of the process, they will undergo initial training no different from other riders. Once the initial training is over, past service records and honors will be recognized.

By order of Der'morat'torm Shinji Moraed
Banner-General of the Ever-Victorious Army
Captain of the Lance of the Hailene
Imperial Councilor