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Sargon breathed heavily as his muscles strained beneath the load of his plated armor. The terrain on the island of Seandar could be very difficult to traverse and the rain pouring down only added to the misery. The trail had long since washed out and he watched as his guide climbed and slipped down the muddy path.
"Just a little bit farther" he thought to himself.
Tasked with the job of lizard patrol, Sargon, had been chosen by his captain to slay the beast to increase his battle experience. Usually this "job" fell to the rejects or the troublemakers since very few ever returned.

It was by sheer mistake that he found himself relegated to such a situation. A mistake that would become the final straw of a long list of misdeeds done to him by the Empire he served. He had pleaded his case but the Superiors would not be swayed. He was cannon fodder to them anyway.

A roar broke the silence of the night. A beast of massive proportion charged into view. Scaly and black, the lizard stood with anger in it's eyes and teeth bared. With a sweep of it's tail it sent the lieutenant and Sargon sprawling over a muddy embankment and down into a valley before vanishing into the forest. "We camp here tonight and you'll follow it in the morning, grunt" sneered the Lieutenant of the Imperial Guard.

Young Sargon gritted his teeth and began to prepare the campsite. His plan would soon be put into action.
"Perhaps you should take your rest sir, you are weary and wounded from the attack. I will keep first watch."
With a grunt the lieutenant nodded and rolled into his bedroll.

The rain had stopped and the night had calmed. A gentle breeze rustled the leaves as the bright moon shown into the forest. A glint of steel shown in it's yellow light and then quickly vanished into the black form wrapped in the bedroll. There was a strange sound and then suddenly all was silent again.