The Testing begins again - Damane clan applications open

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The Testing begins again - Damane clan applications open

Post by Ahri » Mon Feb 28, 2022 10:21 pm

Ahri kneels quietly in a corner of the War Room, silent and waiting.

Hours pass and the Der'Suldam enter and leave. The Deathwatch guards silently rotate, watching everything, ever vigilant. At a silent signal Ahri is gathered and meekly follows an entourage through the hallways into a large stone building. Upon kneeling she is nudged back to her feet, and knows to watch what comes, as the testing commences.

A Sul'dam began to speak to the crowd of women already gathered within in slow and thick accents, " It is time for this years testing. Those of you who are capable of controlling the damane will have the chance to enter training to be one of the Sul'dam."

Two of the gathered women were already to the side of the room, silver a'dam around their necks. Ahri can feel their presence from across the room. One weeps, and the other is smiling faintly.

"Now let us continue, the Empress, May she live forever, has need of more damane."
One by one each young woman is led forward, and Ahri senses for a spark within, but no further damane are ready to be leashed.
Some of them are able to train as Sul'dam, and leave, the others wait, hoping.

All present drop to their knees, and Ahri hears whisper quiet treads as the High Lord approaches.

A soft voices intones stonily "a Pity, you will need to increase your efforts", as the Voice of the blood inscribes the new names into the register.

After the High Lord has left Ahri's a'dam is retrieved, and she jumps to her feet.

The Sul'dam gather before the Der'Suldam and receive their instructions - to ride out and find new damane. Quiet instructions are issued and scouts begin to move, rewards posters are printed and letters dispatched.

The Sul'dam are once again hunting for new Damane. If you have heard reports of a marath'damane in your village send word to the Sul'dam and we will come find her.

If you wish to become one of the damane send Ahri or the damane an in character letter of some form stating the presence of a marath'damane needing leashing.

Any letters lacking quality will be returned with requests for improvement.

Copy/Paste will count against you, and some level of originality or personal roleplay is encouraged. IC interactions with damane and other memebers of the EVA are encouraged.

In this case clanning will proceed with an uncapped number of applicants; there will be instructions issued to the applicants upon application proceeding; The clanning process should take between 2 and 4 weeks, and will close at the end of the month, barring unforeseen circumstances, and it is requested to maintain a level of activity during this time; or to email the Damane clan or Ahri if a break is needed for real life reasons. You should receive a response within 3 days of any application.

Please be aware that latter stages of the clanning process can result in warrants, and that receiving these or any other interaction during the application process does not guarantee you a spot within the Damane clan.

Please be aware that our highest focus is roleplay; damane are a clan where you can and will be declanned for certain transgressions, at any stage. Damane are da'cavole, and Damane serve. There is joy to be found in service, and the appreciation of members of the Ever Victorious Army and those involved in the Corenne, and of the Empire, is reward.

As a part of this process there will not be a requirement for a high level of combat skill in the application process, however if this isn't shown there will need to be shown a level of adaptability and growth to show possibility of progress here. i.e. if you can show some level of learning and following instruction along in this (as well as in RP) you should be fine. This will be accessible to newer players.

The process will be shifting; with a hunted stage preceding a sworn stage; and it is recommended to develop roleplay and bonds with those involved during this time. There will be a requisite number (or quality) of interactions to proceed through each stage. This should also help allow for people to avoid warrants initially.