Justice is returned

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Justice is returned

Post by Shinji » Tue Jan 25, 2022 3:22 am

Town criers in Seandar, Falme, Kirendad and all cities across Seanchan spread the word.

Today, the Ever-Victorious Army, together with a contingent of Deathwatch Guards and ably supported by sul'dam and damane, struck deep at the heart of the Shadow. The force successfully reclaimed the Imperial artifact, once belonging to the High King Artur Hawkwing, the greatsword Justice.

In her infinite wisdom, the Empress, may she live forever, has proclaimed that the weapon is to be used against enemies of the Empire and Shadowspawn alike.

Banner-General Shinji Moraed
Captain of the Lance of the Hailene

An honor roll hangs proudly at the city square, marked simply by a seal of a golden hawk in flight

Banner-General Shinji Moraed, Commanding General, Der'morat'torm, the Ever-Victorious Army
Banner-General Wodn, Warden of Jafar, Deathwatch Guard
A der'sul'dam to damane Ahri, the Ever-Victorious Army
A sul'dam to damane Barb, the Ever-Victorious Army
Sergeant Ladar, the Ever-Victorious Army
Applicant Tetsuo Umezawa, Deathwatch Guard
Applicant Yoshimo Kovacs, Deathwatch Guard
Recruit Felix Madil, Morat'torm, the Ever-Victorious Army
Sworn [redacted]