Cows, oxen, colts, and horse load limits

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Cows, oxen, colts, and horse load limits

Post by Aureus » Fri Jan 14, 2022 7:14 pm

Hi all,

Feneon and I are taking a look at horse loads, and you will notice some changes:
  • Cows, oxen and colts are again placid animals and not battle-trained mounts. They were made mounts in the era of 200+ player lists due to a dearth of available mounts around cities. We have more modest numbers and mounts are plentiful. We'll pour one out for the humor of riding into battle on a war-cow or a friendly cow-jousting tournament. The cows seem much happier, though.
  • We're taking a look at some of the warhorse and bloodstock loads, and reducing a few of them in their % to load.
  • We're taking a look at some of the horse loads generally and adding in some zone limits. This will prevent stacking infinite horses one room away from the load itself. These zone limits will be comfortably higher than what loads in the room so that you can continue horse stacking -- just not infinitely.
  • I added a horse shop to Tarendrelle's Seanchan outpost, while the prices in Falme went up to match Fal Dara and Tar Valon. (We may take a look at any other very-cheaply-priced horse shops.)
  • Feneon added a shop to Outer Caemlyn's stables, so it now sells horses.
The gist is we want people to have plenty of mounts available, though not necessarily infinitely so.

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