Roleplay Competition winners

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Roleplay Competition winners

Post by Elysia » Sat Jan 08, 2022 8:23 pm

With Siro being so very helpful awarding stuff on Roleplay Forum, I asked him for his opinion and we decided on these winners together.

I loved reading all the entries, it kept me entertained for a solid few hours. I wish there had been more involvement from other clans than Tower, although I suppose this shows that the Tower houses some of the stronger roleplayers in the game and these players are actually playing. There was a time when roleplay was a barren wasteland and it warms my heart to see that is not currently so! Well done everyone!

Now, onto the competition results!
There will be two competitions:

Best roleplay log. This is just a log of people roleplaying, however, it will have to be a freshly minted, new log. The best one will win a rare of their choice.
Best book OR show re-creation log of the Eye of the World. The best re-creation will win a craftable rare of their choice.
For example, in chapter 1 from the Eye of the World, Rand, Tam and Bela are on Quarry Road. Using the ingame rooms and existing mobs, or made up 'mobs', you re-create that scene from the books, with some dialogue and 'socials'.
For the best roleplay log, I had this shortlist:
  • Ylsa, Davee - Who Watches the watchmen
  • Jenda, Mariel, Nevirha, Alvana, Jocelyn - Ambush
  • Catisune, Everesta, Morella - Gray and Brown makes Brown
  • Callesa, Kitiara - Tales of a Brown part 15 (Gevarha Trial Preparation)
While I really liked Catisune's use of emotes in Gray and Brown makes Brown, as well as Morella's comments. Everesta seemed very good at saying a lot while saying... nothing? :P

The thing that swung it for both Siro and myself though is the difficulty and adrenaline of dealing with multiple people talking, the natural occurrence and the potential for consequences of Jenda's, Mariel's, Nevirha's, Alvana's and Jocelyn's log called Ambush. As an imm during events we are peppered with questions and sentences and that stuff is hard. Really well done to Jenda to remain upright vs 4 Aes Sedai. As Jenda posted the log, Jenda wins the Best Roleplay Log competition!

Which leaves the best re-creation log. There were two contestants: Razhak's show re-creation log as well as Bela's pov of The Quarry Road chapter of the Eye of the World. Razhak's entry pretty hilarious, the inclusion of rat reports is a neat touch, not to mention the self awareness of him yelling to pee in a jar. Nylen's had the unique pov of the Creato... I mean Bela and Rand muttering about crummy bows hehe. It wasn't quite finished unfortunately, otherwise it would've been a closer call. Razhak wins the Best Scene Re-creation competition!

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