Captains don't like refunds-a log with Everesta ---&RPaward

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Captains don't like refunds-a log with Everesta ---&RPaward

Post by Ylsa » Thu Nov 25, 2021 9:25 am

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Earlier that day, Ylsa fell asleep (voided) on the boat from Bandar Eban to the Tremalking. The irresponsible captain didn't wake her at the island, but took her back to Bandar Eban instead, making her waste time and money. Ylsa complained publicly about this behaviour that delayed her mission for a customer, and Accepted Everesta offered to mediate for her and file a petition for a refund and apology. This is the follow up.

Point of view: Ylsa
Main character: Everesta
Main character: Ylsa
Everesta has arrived from the west.

Everesta smiles at you.

You smile at her.

You say 'My journey was really eventful'

Everesta says 'Seemed like you got stuck on Tremalking more than once'

Everesta says 'and always in different ways.'

You say 'Do you need one of the glass tigers too? I have some for another Accepted'

You nod in agreement.

You say 'Of all places, Tremalking'

You mutter in disgust.

Everesta shakes her head.

You say 'It is nice, for the first hour'

Everesta says 'Thanks for offering, I purchased one through a merchant a long time ago.'

Everesta chuckles politely.

Everesta says 'A pretty island often shows itself, after time, to be just an island.'

You nod in agreement.

Everesta says 'But, I wanted to close the loop on your request for reparations from the captain.'

Everesta stops using a small purse.

You nod in agreement.

You say 'Indeed'

Everesta says 'While, like all sailors, they refused to budge. Suggesting it was bad business to pay people to use your services.'

Everesta says 'Completely ignoring the importance of service and quality.'

Everesta says 'They did give me an alternative to follow along and track down the end of the smuggler ring in Bandar Eban.'

Everesta gives you a small purse.

You say 'They didn't provide me with a service, the service was getting on Tremalking. I didn't set foot on it during that journey'

Everesta says 'They argued that you could have just as easily counted it as two free journeys and that you owe them money.'

You get a sheet of paper from a small purse.

There is something written upon it:
Dear Ylsa,
On behalf of the suggestions offered by the cargomaster and the guild captains of Bandar Eban, I offer you this boon of smugglers' as an act of reparations.
In the future, I would suggest sleeping on coaches that ride across the land. They wake you and leave you where your destination is. Since this is not always the case for merchants, I suggest you invest heavily in kaf and drink it.
In hopes that I can provide future assistance, feel free to reach out. The mission of merchants is imperative to the success of the Light.
/the scrawl elongates itself by double the length of an index-digit and curls out from the final a to an inkblot/

Everesta says 'At that point I just assumed there was no real means of discourse.'

You say 'Thank you. You did the maximum of what was possible.'

You say 'Captains can really be stubborn as mules sometimes'

Everesta nods in agreement.

Everesta says 'Can't make any headway brute forcing the wind.'

You say 'Indeed. I think I will rely on them as little as possible in the future, I got myself a nice new captain's hat.'

show hat everesta
You show a brightly-plumed captain's hat to Everesta.

Everesta says 'It's something though. Hope it helps relieve the sting of wasted time. '

Everesta smiles happily.

Everesta says 'Brilliant. That will get you moving much faster.'

Everesta says 'And on your own terms.'

Everesta says 'Little did the captains know they created competition.'

Everesta falls down laughing.

You say 'No need to make them earn money from me. Not more than necessary.'

You nod at her.

You say 'That happens a lot with certain kinds of men.'

Everesta nods in agreement.

Everesta says 'Brutes are brutes.'

You nod in agreement.

Everesta says 'Glad to see you've found your own resolution as well too. Look forward to seeing the expansion of your wares.'

Everesta says 'I must continue with my studies, but let me know if I can ever help.'

Everesta smiles at you.

You say 'Thank you, Everesta. Let me know, if I can ever assist you with anything'

Everesta says 'I will. '

Everesta thanks you heartily.

Everesta waves.