Tales of a Brown -part 8 -log with Dominic ---&RPaward

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Tales of a Brown -part 8 -log with Dominic ---&RPaward

Post by Callesa » Thu Nov 25, 2021 6:56 am

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A log, in which Callesa Sedai finds herself an associate for a burglary into Gevarha's mansion.

Point of view: Callesa
Main characters: Dominic and Callesa

The Knave's Inn
The stone walls of the inn are stained with old, yellow tabac residue, the
color deepening to a dark brown towards the ceiling. The floor is strewn
with moist, sticky sawdust, the air redolent with the scent of spilled ale
and sweat. The counter is scuffed and splintered, varnish peeling and
cracking. Blackened beams cross the ceiling, an endless array of horse
brasses secured with rusted nails. A single cartwheel peppered with small
holes leans against the southern wall. Three large kegs sit on trestles
behind the bar. A silver tray of throwing knives rests on the counter.
[ obvious exits: W ]
A long wooden bench marked with rings of spilled ale sits here.
A master of the Blade unfolds into a cat-like stance here.
Weary and coated in dust, a merchant stands here.
The postmaster stands here, ready to deliver the mail.
A merchant guard eyes you warily, intent on keeping order.
A merchant guard eyes you warily, intent on keeping order.
A bartender serves customers with a greedy smile.

Dominic has arrived from the west.

Callesa takes a seat at the table in the corner

Dominic looks around slowly, as if something is hidden in the room.

buy goblet
A bartender tells you 'Enjoy it!'
You now have a wooden goblet.
A bartender puts some coins in a small purse.

Dominic takes a seat across from you.

sip goblet
It tastes like mulled wine.

Callesa studies you for a moment.

You say 'So, you are Master Dominic.'

Dominic says 'I don't like being out in the open for too long.'

Dominic adjusts the hood over his head.

You say 'I see. You were recommended to me by a common friend.'

Dominic says 'I am. Pleased to meet you, Lady Callesa.'

Dominic nods in agreement.

Dominic says 'If you know my name, then my services at your disposal.'

Dominic says 'I do enjoy doing work for Tower folk. Powerful friends are good to keep, I find.'

You nod in agreement.

You say 'With powerful enemies at times.'

Dominic strokes his chin thoughtfully.

Dominic says 'Comes with the territory.'

Dominic says 'Though I've not yet met one that looks closely at every shadow.'

You say 'Yet, any shadow may be closely looking at us.'

Dominic nods in agreement.

You say 'I need to enter a certain mansion. It will be guarded, but not too heavily. I do not have
exact information or a reliable source of it, and we may be running out of time soon.'

Dominic says 'I will need to know where the mansion is.'

Dominic says 'Any details you may have.'

You say 'The place I am talking about may be dangerous. As you've worked for some of us before, are
you afraid of the One Power?'

You peer closely at him, trying to figure him out.

Dominic says 'The One Power is but a means to an end. I am unafraid.'

You nod at him.

Dominic says 'I do not fear danger. But I expect to be adequately rewarded.'

You say 'The mansion is in Cairhien, at the countryside. Relatively big, a rich minor noblewoman
uses it to get out of the city, throw parties, and also store various interesting things. Some of
which should be safely in our care.'

You nod at him.

Dominic says 'Cairhien, then. That will be suitable.'

You say 'The lady is probably preparing a trap for me there. I intend to get there before she
expects me.'

You say 'And with help she doesn't prepare for.'

Dominic glares around him.

Dominic says 'You intend to be there as well?'

Dominic says 'This will be unusual. Burglaries don't work well with non-roguish types.'

Callesa answers with a question: "Are you capable of recognising items of the One Power and important
documents I need?"

Dominic says 'That I cannot do.'

Dominic nods in agreement.

Dominic says 'It would seem your presence will be necessary in that case.'

You say 'That is the issue. I don't care for her money or jewelry, even though I'd prefer her not to
have such means at disposal. My interests are different.'

Dominic says 'But I must warn you, Lady Callesa.'

Dominic says 'If there is danger, you must follow my direction. And if either of us are caught, we
must claim to have no knowledge of the other.'

You nod at him.

You say 'That I can do.'

You say 'We won't get caught, I intend to help with that.'

You say 'I am incapable of picking locks or finding good strategies to entry or leave a place. But I
am well versed in blinding or silencing a target, so that they are no danger to us.'

Dominic says 'Picking locks, and entering and leaving places... this is where I come in. You may
leave that to me.'

Dominic says 'Our interests differ in that regard, Lady Callesa. I do care very much for wealth.
Would you take exception if I helped myself to what I find?'

You say 'You may help yourself to her riches, as long as you don't have too full hands to do your
job for me.'

You nod in agreement.

Dominic says 'and I do expect you will use the One Power to do what it takes to ensure the success
of the job.'

You say 'Yes, but only within the limits of my Oaths.'

Dominic says 'I know not of your oaths, nor do I expect I will want to know of them.'

You say 'Making sure neither we, nor innocent servants or guards are harmed, that alignes with them

Dominic says 'But ensure the success of the mission, Lady Callesa, and I will be happy.'

Dominic says 'And I will hope we can continue to do business again in the future.'

You nod in agreement.

You say 'Now, let's talk about your price.'

Dominic takes another swig from a silver flask.

You say 'I cannot guarantee what you'll find in the mansion. So, how much do I pay for your

Dominic says 'I hold my services in high regard, and I will charge accordingly.'

You nod in agreement.

Dominic says 'For a burglary in Cairhien, I expect one hundred gold crowns. Half in advance, and
half when the job is finished.'

Dominic takes another swig from a silver flask.

Dominic says 'Will this be acceptable, Lady Callesa?'

Dominic peers closely at you. Guard your secrets carefully...

You say 'That is an acceptable price.'

Dominic nods in agreement.

You give him 50 crowns.

Dominic lifts the pouch of gold in his hand, seemingly weighing it.

Dominic strokes his chin thoughtfully.

Dominic hides the pouch of gold in his cloak.

You say 'Then it is settled. The other half after.'

Dominic says 'This will do. Consider the job accepted.'

Dominic says 'The other half after.'

Dominic grins evilly.

Dominic says 'When do you want this job to take place?'

You say 'In a week from now.'

You say 'It cannot be later. Will you be ready by then?'

Dominic says 'I will be in Cairhien in a week.'

You say 'Where will I find you?'

Dominic says 'Keep your hood on and that Aes Sedai ring off.'

Dominic says 'Sit at the tavern. I will find you.'

Dominic says 'Do not attract attention.'

Dominic says 'It is best we come and go without being noticed.'

You nod in agreement.

You say 'I'll be traveling under the name of Mistress Maeve’

Dominic nods in agreement.

Dominic says 'That will be enough for me to find you.'

You nod in agreement.

You say 'In one week.'

Dominic says 'Pleasure doing business with you, Aes Sedai.'

Dominic says 'One week.'

You nod at him.

Dominic stands up and dusts his cloak.

Dominic nods at you.

Callesa stands up and walks through the crowd to the door