Children of LIght recruitment

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Children of LIght recruitment

Post by halfhand » Tue Nov 23, 2021 7:35 pm

Darkness smolders in the heart of men, creatures of the shadow creep into every hearth, while nations dance helpless on the strings of Tar Valon witches.

Will you stand by and let the world burn and watch as this Age decay into despair and rot?
Or will you take sword against the encroaching Darkness in corrupted men and spawn of the shadow?
Will you stand for the weak and the helpless, crying out for salvation.
Will you fight against the worst odds in a cruel world for the truth and the last defense of the Light?

The world has gotten so dark. But it takes one spark to grow a firestorm, one candle to banish the shadow, one light to raise a revolution.
Will you be the one?

The Children of Light

Level 30
Contact or mail any Child of Light with your intent to join
No warrants except for Tar Valon