[RP log] Vhalerie heals a grayman wound ---&RPaward

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[RP log] Vhalerie heals a grayman wound ---&RPaward

Post by vhalerie » Mon Nov 22, 2021 5:29 pm

Ely edit 27 Nov 2021:

1-6 qps, depending on length and quality.

Rplizer +1 qps : x
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Total: 3 qps


Point of view: Vhalerie
Participant: Ylsa

Vhalerie says 'ack you poor thing'

Vhalerie says 'theres trollocs around hun'

Ylsa shivers uncomfortably.

Vhalerie says 'we are going to have to get you to a better spot'

Vhalerie lifts you in her big strong arms, and takes you somewhere safer to treat this as best she can.

***walks to throne room***

Ylsa slowly says: "grr...graymen...

Ylsa shivers uncomfortably.

Ylsa bleeds profusely.

Vhalerie says 'a grayman!!! i thought those were only stories'

Ylsa shakes her head.
Vhalerie says 'here lass let me tend to your wounds'

Ylsa says 'No, not just stories'

Ylsa bursts into tears.

Vhalerie says 'i may have just started, and not really know what im doing, but ill manage the best I can'

Ylsa shivers but doesn't move away from Vhalerie

Ylsa nods in agreement.

Ylsa whispers: "It was awful. He looked just like a normal guy"

Vhalerie pulls out a bag of bandages and poultices out of her backpack

Ylsa says 'But if felt weird when he was near, I noticed too late'

Ylsa bursts into tears.

Vhalerie says 'how could you tell?'

Vhalerie comforts her.

Ylsa bleeds profusely.

Vhalerie pulls the largest bandage from the bag.

Vhalerie checks over your body to see what is wrong.

Ylsa says 'The dagger was one hint. Who would just kill me like that? I have no enemies, I am a
minor trader.'

Vhalerie says 'did he stab you here?'

Ylsa says 'But really, just it was so difficult to keep looking at him'

Ylsa nods in agreement.

Ylsa says 'Yes, here he stabbed me.'

Ylsa says 'And the rest... Those are scratches as I crawled naked here, when he left and took

Ylsa says 'He... probably thought I was dead'

Ylsa shivers uncomfortably.

Ylsa says 'Or didn't care how I'd die'

Ylsa says 'It was as if I couldn't remember his face, almost while still looking at him!'

A maid leaves south. vv

Vhalerie opens up a jar of something and starts spreading it on a cloth

Ylsa calms down a bit, but tears still run down her cheeks

Vhalerie says 'this may hurt a bit'

Ylsa hesitates but nods

Ylsa says 'Please, I am so scared. And I need this to heal, what will be of my trades...'

Vhalerie places the cloth with a poultice on wound, inexpertly trying to clean whats underneath.

Black silk runners shift ominously in a slight breeze.

Ylsa says 'I need to travel to Tremalking tomorrow, but hard to do so, if it will still hurt as

Ylsa sniffs sadly.

A lesser lady leaves south. vv

Vhalerie says 'I have something for the pain, but I am not sure you should be walking tomorrow'

Ylsa says 'Thank you, I am lucky you were near.'

Vhalerie says 'perhaps if you have someone help you get to the boat, then you can rest up on your journey

Ylsa says 'I can endure pain. Even merchants are no soft people. After all, I serve Kandor. I cannot
just lie around.'

Ylsa nods at Vhalerie.

A lesser lady has arrived from the south.

Vhalerie starts wrapping a bandage around the wound now that she has finished cleaning it out

Ylsa says 'Yes, a boat should be comfortable enough. And coaches to help me get closer to it.'

Ylsa looks at the bandage.

Ylsa says 'When will it need a new bandage?'

Vhalerie says 'if only i was more skilled, i could treat this better, but I have not actually started my
studies yet'

Ylsa says 'Well, you are here, and the older wisdoms are not. That counts.'

Vhalerie says 'and this is just what I have seen the village folk use, I only started my apprenticeship

Ylsa's eyes finally seem to dry a bit

Ylsa says 'Thank you, I feel better. But not much safer.'

Vhalerie says 'I'm not even sure how badly that wound will soil the bandage, but when it stats to itch or
stink at all you should really put a new one on.'

Ylsa says 'I am not sure even all these soldiers would help.'

Vhalerie says 'here take these that you can reapply'

Ylsa nods at Vhalerie.

Ylsa says 'It will stink?'

Ylsa gasps in astonishment.

Vhalerie says 'and some willowbark for the pain, easiest to steep it in some hot water, or chew on it if
you have the stomach for it'

Ylsa bursts into tears.

Vhalerie says 'it shouldnt stink, if it does than you have gone too long'

Vhalerie says 'now wrap yourself up dear and stay warm'

Vhalerie stops using a dark, hooded cloak.

Vhalerie gives a dark, hooded cloak to Ylsa.

Ylsa says 'Thank you.'

A lesser lady leaves south. vv
Ylsa wears a dark, hooded cloak about her body.

Ylsa stops shivering

Ylsa says 'I feel better, thank you.'

Ylsa says 'I should continue on my way. Slowly.'

Vhalerie says 'a traumatic experience that, so you cannot remember his face at all?'

Ylsa says 'and carefully.'

Ylsa says 'Barely. The hardest part is keeping your attention on him during the situation.'

Vhalerie shivers uncomfortably.

Ylsa says 'It's as if your eyes wanted to look anywhere else, as if he was the most boring part of
the world.'

Vhalerie says 'thought clearly thats not the case'

Vhalerie comforts her.

Ylsa says 'Thank you. I should really go. The closer I'll be to Kandor tonight, the safer I'll feel.
With the Graymen and other such around, I no longer see much of a difference between the borderlands
just by the Blight, and the rest of the continent.'

Vhalerie says 'best of luck! and go easy! that wound can still easily reopen'

Ylsa nods in agreement.

Ylsa says 'I will be careful, wisdom apprentice.'

Vhalerie says 'Light shine on you dear.'

Vhalerie bows deeply.

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Re: [RP log] Vhalerie heals a grayman wound

Post by Asandra » Tue Nov 23, 2021 2:50 am

Came to see someone heal Meren on mistake. Read this instead, not bad! :D

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