[Rp Log] A new assisstant... Err... Wisdom Apprentice: Part 2 ---&RPaward

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[Rp Log] A new assisstant... Err... Wisdom Apprentice: Part 2 ---&RPaward

Post by Racquel » Sun Nov 21, 2021 5:45 am

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The second in a series of logs with Vhalerie seeking to apprentice to the Wisdoms.

Point of view: Racquel
Participant: Vhalerie

In the Private Quarters
This is a very tidy room, lined with neatly made bunks and sparkling clean.
Jurien the Innkeeper must clean this area constantly. The floor is scrubbed
clean and the wood shines with a glowing patina from years of travel and
care. A few pieces of furniture stand in the center of the room to be used
by Wisdoms and students alike.

A crumpled note lies on the floor.
[ obvious exits: N E S ]
A small, somewhat rickety table wobbles on unsteady legs.
A chair made of red oak rests next to the table. [2]
Jurien the Innkeeper stands here inspecting the quarters.

Someone knocks on the Woodendoor from the other side.

Racquel says 'invite Vhalerie

Jurien the Innkeeper nods.

Jurien the Innkeeper opens the door.

Vhalerie enters the chambers.

nod vhalerie
You nod at her.

Vhalerie bows her head in respect.

Racquel says 'Hello again, girl.

Vhalerie says 'hello, a pleasure to see you again'

Vhalerie says 'i brought a little gift'

Vhalerie gets a cask of red dye from a backpack.

Racquel raises an eyebrow.

Vhalerie shows you a very bright scarlett red cask of dye

Racquel says 'Well, that is an improvement on what they were.

Vhalerie says 'i i figured if i left this here, id be able to touch up any of your garments easier.'

Racquel says 'How pro-active of you.

Vhalerie says 'mind if i leave this in the corner?'

Racquel says 'I do appreciate the initiative.

Racquel gestures towards the corner.

Racquel says 'Of course.

Vhalerie sets the cask down carefully, and tucks it away from view.

Vhalerie drops a cask of red dye.

Racquel says 'I received a short letter from you.

Vhalerie smiles happily.

Racquel says 'Tell me. How did you feel you did?

Vhalerie says 'writing has never been my strong suit.... i worry it was not enough, but i was not sure what more i should do'

You nod in agreement.

Racquel says 'If you do your best, I'm sure I will find it as such.

Racquel purses her lips.

Racquel says 'So let me re-phrase.

Racquel pauses.

Racquel says 'Was the report you sent to me, your best?

Vhalerie says 'it was with my best efforts, but it did not come out the best. I did spend hours on it, but mostly driving myself in circles'

You nod in agreement.

Racquel says 'Well, perhaps recognising that will help you do better next time.

Racquel bites her lip.

Racquel says 'Tell me of yourself.

Racquel nods towards the chair.

Racquel says 'Sit if you wish.

Vhalerie sits down on a stout oaken chair.

Vhalerie thanks you heartily.

Vhalerie says 'i was born in a small town in Murandy, the daughter of the Mayor Barlden. Growing up I always had high expectations on me to achieve SOMETHING but was left to my own devices of what'

Racquel nods.

Racquel says 'And to what did you devote your devices to then?

Vhalerie says 'I spent much of my time with the farmers growing up, helping them them with sick animals and helping the midwifes deliver babies, or helping whoever visited the town'

Vhalerie says 'as the mayors daughter i was always nearby when things happened in town and didnt have any daily responsibilities but there was always something going on or some crisis that needed fixing'

Racquel says flatly 'Why did you help people.'

Vhalerie appears puzzled by the question.

Racquel absently fingers her chain necklace.

Racquel says 'You appear puzzled by my statement.

Vhalerie says 'its mostly been something that has expected of me my entire life, i never really considered NOT helping others. It does make me feel good to see people taken care of'

You arch an eyebrow.

Racquel says 'So you feel good about meeting expectations then.

You nod in agreement.

Racquel says 'Continue.

Vhalerie says 'but its more than that as well, when you see someone that was in pain or that was sorely lacking something, and then you helped to flip it around, there is a feeling, more than pride, but im not sure how to explain it'

Racquel says 'Well, when you become sure, let me know.

Racquel purses her lips.

Racquel says 'However. You like helping people, for some reason.

Racquel says 'For a similar reason, you like to do what others think you ought to.

Racquel pauses.

Racquel says 'You're obviously here because you wish to train as a Wisdom - Unless Wisdom Nya is looking for a cook again.

Racquel says 'Nya isn't looking for another cook, is she?

Racquel tilts her head.

Racquel says 'If she is, don't feed her what the last woman did.

Vhalerie says 'yes sorry, so as i was saying, its even more so when able to heal someone who is injured or sick, where they became better because of a healers efforts, it has always facinated me but....'

Racquel says 'But?

Vhalerie says 'none of the wisdoms or aes sedai or any other visitors have ever spent much time there'

Vhalerie says 'some even promised they would help teach me things and show me things beyond just helping them, but then in the morning they are always gone'

You arch an eyebrow.

Vhalerie says 'that and i am a bit... clumsy as well'

Racquel says 'Sounds a bit rude.

What's bothering you?

Racquel counts off on her fingers.

Vhalerie says 'my father insisted that if i am to continue i need proper training'

Racquel says 'You're clumsy.

Racquel raises a second finger.

Racquel says 'You have rude friends.

Racquel raises a third finger.

Racquel says 'You were put out of your home town by your own father.

Vhalerie gasps in astonishment.

Racquel raises a fourth finger.

Vhalerie says 'not put out'

Racquel says 'You interrupt me when I'm speaking.

What's bothering you?

Vhalerie winces.

Racquel raises a thumb.

Racquel says 'And a Wisdom does not simply do as she is told because it is expected of her.

Racquel gives a steely look.

Racquel says 'Why should I waste my time training you, girl?

Vhalerie says 'i... i want to do good things in the world, and to help my village. There really isnt any reason for your own self-intrest to help me, only if you want to enable me to help others better. either way i will be doing what i can but with you help i can do much more'

Racquel narrows her eyes at you.

Racquel raises her other hand.

Racquel counts off on her fingers once more.

Racquel says 'You have a spine.

Racquel mutters 'Maybe.'

Racquel raises a second finger.

Racquel says 'An Apprentice of mine will do exactly as she is told, when she is told.

Racquel raises a third finger.

Racquel says '-And- she will feel good about it.

Racquel raises a fourth finger.

Racquel says 'She will be pro-active and show initiative.

Racquel raises her thumb.

Racquel raises an eyebrow at it.

Racquel says 'And she will bring me exactly the colour dye I need, when I need it.

Vhalerie starts to look hopeful for the first time.

Racquel frowns at her nails.

Racquel holds up her ten fingers.

Racquel says 'It seems, girl, we have a tie here.

Racquel taps her lip.

Racquel says 'What would you have me do then?

Vhalerie says 'does chaste clothing count for or against? you seemed to disapprove last time of my state of undress'

l vhalerie
Vhalerie is in excellent condition.

Vhalerie is using:
<used as light a lantern
<held an oilstone
<worn on head a full metal helmet and visor
<worn around neck an opal choker of fiery blue and pink beauty
<worn around neck a torc of gleaming steel
<worn about body a dark, hooded cloak
<slung on back a backpack
<worn on hands a pair of heavy metal gauntlets
<worn around wrist a sungwood bracelet
<worn around wrist a sungwood bracelet
<wielded two-handed a two-handed binnol
<worn on legs a pair of ebony-steel plate greaves
<worn on feet a pair of thick metal boots

Racquel says 'Well.

Racquel says 'It is an improvement.

Vhalerie smiles happily.

Racquel says 'You will need to be prepared to work hard. It has been some time since I had an Apprentice.

What's bothering you?

Racquel says 'And even longer since a girl become a full Wisdom.

Racquel says 'But most of the current Wisdoms we have today all learned under me at some point.

Vhalerie smiles happily.

Vhalerie says 'i can work hard, im much better at that than writing letters'

Racquel says 'We shall see. I suppose.

Racquel takes a breath.

Racquel says 'You may advertise that you are my Apprentice to those who ask.

Racquel says 'And I have an additional two tasks for you.

Vhalerie smiles happily.

Vhalerie nods eagerly.

Racquel flexes her fingers, before raising the first.

Racquel says 'Number one.

Racquel says 'I want you to speak to a soldier who has a conflict.

Racquel says 'It could be a man in conflict with a woman. A soldier in conflict with another soldier.

Vhalerie thinks hard.

Racquel says 'An example would be speaking to a Defender about their conflicts with Mayene and Illian.

Racquel says 'But there are many examples.

Racquel says 'You task is to learn about their conflict and to provide me with the details of it.

Racquel says 'This time, send me a log of your interview - not just a report.

Racquel raises a second finger.

Racquel says 'Secondly.

Vhalerie nods in agreement.

Racquel says 'You would do well to speak to as many of my sisters as you can.

Racquel says 'Many of them need a lot of beauty sleep.

Vhalerie grins evilly.

Racquel flips her hair behind her shoulder.

Racquel says 'As you can see, I can afford to naturally sleep less.

Racquel gestures towards herself.

Racquel says 'Which is why I can stand before you and still look as such.

Vhalerie says 'already the epidimy of beauty'

Vhalerie nods in agreement.

Racquel says 'However. If you contact them and let them know of your interest, they may be able to drag their sorry sacks of bones from their beds.

Racquel says 'Do you have any questions?

Vhalerie says 'the conflict can be of a personal nature or globally political?'

Racquel says 'Whatever you think most appropriate will be fine.

Vhalerie nods in agreement.

Racquel says 'When we speak next, we will discuss what you have learned.

Racquel says 'And perhaps you can tell me more of your childhood as well.

Racquel says 'But. For now. I have other matters to attend.

You smile happily.

Vhalerie says 'and did you want me to log any of the meetings with the other wisdoms?'

You nod in agreement.

Racquel says 'That would be prudent.

Vhalerie nods in agreement.

Racquel says 'At some stage, we will have to decide whether you are capable of joining us officially.

Racquel says 'And you would do well to remember that the more we have to decide on, the better it will be for you.

Vhalerie nods in agreement.

Racquel says 'Goodluck with your next task. I look forward to speaking to you next time.

nod jurien
You nod at her.

Vhalerie says 'thank you, i look forwards to it as well'

Racquel says 'Vhalerie has work to get to.

Racquel claps her hands together quickly.

Racquel says 'Open the door now, Jurien.

Jurien the Innkeeper produces a set of keys from somewhere beneath her apron.

Vhalerie bows her head in respect.

Jurien the Innkeeper unlocks the woodendoor.
Jurien the Innkeeper opens the Woodendoor.

Vhalerie clambers to her feet.

Vhalerie leaves south.

Jurien the Innkeeper closes and locks the door.