Tales of a Brown-part 7- a log with Ciara ---&RPaward

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Tales of a Brown-part 7- a log with Ciara ---&RPaward

Post by Callesa » Sat Nov 20, 2021 9:50 pm

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A log in which Callesa tries to gain information about status weaves used by the male channelers and ways to undo them. Directly from a specialist.

point of view:Callesa
Main: Ciara and Callesa


Den of the Red Ajah
[ obvious exits: E ]
A chair made of red oak rests next to the table. [2]
A large desk made of fine, thick wood stands across the room from here.
Ciara Ocalin is standing here.
A silver-haired Aes Sedai sits here, reading.
A Red Sister stares down here nose here.
Galina Casban completely ignores you.

Ciara sits down on a stout oaken chair.

Ciara says 'Good evening, Sister.'

You nod at Galina.

You sit down on a stout oaken chair.

Ciara says 'What brings you to us? I seldom receive visitors from other Ajahs.'

You say 'I've encountered an interesting problem, when studying some properties of the One Power.'

Ciara says 'I am always interested in interesting problems.'

You say 'I wonder, since we cannot sense Saidin,do we have any way to detect tied weaves? '

Ciara says 'We Reds at least, do not. But perhaps through Delving? Healing is no talent of mine.'

You say 'Let's imagine we'd find a warded object, or a frozen villager. Could we in any waydeal with the weave created with Saidin?'

You nod at her.

Ciara strokes her chin thoughtfully.

Ciara says 'The only instance I can think of is the rent left by a person travelling, and that is not specific to saidar or saidin.'

Ciara strokes her chin thoughtfully.

You say 'With a living and channeling Madman, we sort of hope for the best, guided by experience and instinct, but what to do with something stable.'

You nod at her.

You say 'Oh, the residue, you are absolutely right, Sister.'

Ciara says 'Weaves such as armor, I cannot say. I know that recently attempting to ward others against damage is not possible..'

Ciara says 'So that at least is a certainty if seen.'

You ponder life, the universe, and everything.

You say 'Well, for the purpose of experimenting, we can use warding vs evil, the principle of a weave tied around a person is the same in spite of the very different effect'

You say 'But I've been giving it some thought, given my recent studies and the increased amount of male channelers in the world.'

Callesa frowns.

Ciara says 'It does bear consideration. Perhaps the flows dissipate once a weave is tied, so that it's origin is not possible to discern.'

You say 'An armor or ward are beautiful examples and models to experiment on. But when we find for example someone affected by Freeze or Sleep, a life could be in danger.'

Ciara nods in agreement.

Ciara says 'I have not made a study of it, but I haven't noticed a visible difference in the effect of a weave, in terms of it's origin.'

Ciara says 'A block of ice is a block of ice, after all.'

You ponder life, the universe, and everything.

You say 'Perhaps. But the old resources do not really agree. So much has been lost, from the times Saidin and Saidar were used side by side. Some of those remnants suggest, that even a tied weave of both would not be visible in its entirety'

You say 'Your experience is very useful Sister, I really hope your observations are universally true. For now, the discussion is fortunately mostly academic'

Ciara nods in agreement.

Ciara says 'Regards a frozen person, given the limited access to the weave, I would be concerned to find anyone frozen.'

Ciara says 'I have heard rumours that the madman that sometimes resides in the Braem Wood freezes his victims instead of killing them.'

You say 'Breaking the block of ice is the same, true. But what if one would want to untie the weave? After all, Sleep cannot be just broken like ice.'

You nod in agreement.

Ciara says 'A solid kick is often the only choice, in that situation.'

Ciara says 'But to unfreeze someone...an interesting problem.'

Callesa nods

You say I'm afraid your efficient methods of curing people may concern the Yellows a bit.

Callesa laughs quietly

Ciara says 'I don't immediately recall a way to interact with someone else's flows or weaves in a practical sense.'

Ciara says 'Other than slicing them apart as they are weaved.'

You say 'Well, I think some situations may require a bit gentler methods than a kick, even though
sometimes we just choose the smaller damage.'

—interruption by connection problem on my side-

Ciara says 'I went on to say, I don't immediately know of any ways to interact with another person's
completed weaves.'

You nod in agreement.

Ciara says 'Aside from curing ailments inflicted by weaves.'

Ciara says 'Though that starts another discussion..'

You say 'Well, remove warding is a nice example too. We basically counter the weave, they negate
each other's effects and dissipate'

Ciara says 'Overall, we sadly cannot discern the origin of a weave at present, unless you see it

You nod in agreement.

Ciara says 'It may be worth asking the Yellows how their Delving works, I do suspect advances have
been made there.'

You say 'Yes, but some weaves have a sort of variants, or personal touches. The Mirror of Mists may
not be used in the original form anymore, but various Sisters use "tricks" based on it.'

Ciara says 'I am perhaps a little too practically minded to notice.'

You say 'I will surely ask about the Delving.'

You say 'Well, your approach to the problem makes absolute sense. I wouldn't have the luxury to
think about such questions in a battle either.'

Ciara says 'The ultimate clue is context. Few Sisters would ever use Sleep or Freeze.'

Ciara says 'I would immediately suspect saidin should I see a victim of either.'

You nod in agreement.

You say 'It's important to compare the ancient notes with the experience. While I've recently had
more of it than I had ever asked for, it doesn't really answer the questions about how does it work.

Ciara nods in agreement.

You say 'I've heard there are a few ter'angreal, capable of at least detecting Saiding being
channeled, Cadsuane is said to have one.'

Ciara says 'Cadsuane*'

Ciara frowns.

You say 'Yes. That's why I ask whether someone else has ever held the tool and could verify.'

Ciara says 'With her liking for the Dragonsworn, I would not be surprised that she knew a thing or

You say 'It's strange that no such a ter'angreal is left in our storage. At least not a confirmed
one, ready to be used.'

Ciara says 'A ter'angreal of that sort would be extremely valuable, indeed.'

Ciara says 'Alas, even we of the Red are forced to rely on hearsay, and information.'

You say 'Yes, while we may suspect a few items, we don't really have any reasonably safe way to test

Ciara says 'I could only assume that that same lack of a way to test, would previously attribute
uselessness to such an item.'

You nod in agreement.

You say 'We need any tool we can find. And with the knowledge of creating ter'angreal lost, our
missions are even harder.'

Ciara says 'I shall have to depart for now, Sister. I was hoping to provide feedback to an Accepted,
and teach some practical lessons.'

Ciara nods in agreement.

You say 'Would you happen to have any recent hearsay about such items?'

You nod in agreement.

Ciara says 'I shall consider our discussion, though. And no, sadly not.'

Ciara clambers to her feet.

You say 'Oh, I won't keep you anymore, thank you for sharing your experience.'

Ciara opens the door.

You stand up.

Ciara says 'Thank you for visiting.'

Ciara smiles at you.